Story: 30 Kisses For Cam


A compilation of 30 separate drabble/fics involving Carly/Sam. Each chapter stands alone so feel free to browse through whichever one you want. Every chapter/fic contains a kiss.

Mostly drabbles so far, but longer chapters are becoming more rampant. ^-^ Don't be afraid to come and read!

Update! Chapter 10 is up! Lime and fluff! :D

Notes: I'm in the process of working my way through a 30 prompt challenge for the 30_kisses community on Livejournal. :D I chose to do this challenge with Carly/Sam, because I wanted a good excuse to write obsessively about them! Originally, I was going to hold off until I completed the whole prompt list to start posting, but that'll probably take a while and I was too eagered to wait, so I figured I'll just go ahead and start posting what I complete as I go along.I compiled these stories into a single, multi-chaptered fic for the sole purpose of posting here. On my account, I've posted each of these separate, but some are a little short to repeatedly do that here... o.O I guess. Besides, this makes it more easier to find the stories. ^-^ Enjoy everyone!

Authors: BatchSan

Tags: General (genre), Romance (genre), Mild Sexual Content (warning), Lemon (warning), Lime (warning), Fluff (warning), WAFF (warning), Humor (genre), Slice of Life (genre), iCarly (category), Carly Shay (character), Sam Puckett (character)


Ch# Title
1 Silent Words
2 Sweet Lips
3 Blue Eyes
4 Chocolate Covered Peanuts
5 Intruder at the Gate
6 Yes, You Do
7 Incredibly Awesome
8 Japanese Lessons for Furiikus
9 A Blanket of Snow
10 Spoiled Milk
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