Story: Diamonds, Dames, and Deception


Emma/Betsy. Psylocke's back just in time to stumble into a world of hurt. As always with the X-Men, Emma gets dragged along for the ride.

Authors: Yimmy

Tags: Action/Adventure (genre), Drama (genre), Romance (genre), Adult Language (warning), Violence (warning), X-Men (category)


Ch# Title
1 The Teaser
2 Hank's Got a Problem
3 More Than You Can Handle
4 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Otherworld
5 Of Babes and Bullies
6 What Would You Do With a Drunken Sailor
7 When In Doubt, Run
8 Kung-Fu Fighting
9 Dinner, Dance, and Show
10 Straight, No Chaser
11 The Grinch
12 A Simple Matter of Trust
13 I Got What You Need
14 The Prologue
15 So We Have a Problem
16 The Life and Times of Harry’s
17 Ride ‘em Cowgirl
18 Danger Zone
19 The Diary
20 Dropped Calls, Bad Service
21 The Wrong Stuff
22 The World is a Vampire
23 Extreme Violence
24 Hitting the Fan
25 The Darkness
26 The Problem with the Dead
27 Teacher's Edition
28 The Loneliest Number
29 Toil and Trouble
30 Consequences
31 Twisting the Dagger
32 Who Needs Rescuing?
33 The Real McCoy
34 From Worst to Worstest
35 Soapboxes Big and Small
36 New Life
37 Secondary Characters, Part 1
38 Crazy Talk
39 The Explosion
40 That Fishy Smell
41 Secondary Characters, Part 2
42 Wrath
43 High Strung with TiVo
44 Cold Logic
45 Boom, Boom, Boom
46 Here She Goes Again
47 Boom, Boom, Boom Redux
48 An Ode to Tessa
49 Loose n' Low
50 Writing on the Wall
51 Diamonds
52 The Trick is to Keep Breathing
53 Chameleon
54 Hopping and Skipping
55 Love is a Wonderful Thing
56 The Endsong
57 The Last Gasp
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