Story: Scars That Bind


Curious about Quistis' whip, Selphie learns that being carefree can be painful. At least Quistis is there to ease her pain and show her how to hold the whip. Quistis/Selphie

Notes: This was suppose to be a drabble for the ff_fortnightly community over at Livejournal, but I took a little long getting around to starting it and by the time I did, the prompt was closed. I had already started writing this, and I figured I would just continue, as it was turning out to be an intriguing little ficlet. Before long, I had this written up! ^-^ Hope you like~

Authors: BatchSan

Tags: Romance (genre), Fluff (warning), Mild Violence (warning), Final Fantasy VIII (category), Quistis (character), Selphie (character)


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