Story: A Birthday Nenene Will Never Forget


It’s Nenene’s birthday and Maggie went through a lot of trouble planning for her birthday but unfortunately for her everything goes wrong.

Notes: Chapter six is up. Only one more chapter.

Authors: mandygirl78

Tags: Comedy (genre), General (genre), Romance (genre), Mild Sexual Content (warning), Read or Die (category), Fluff (warning), Mild Language (warning), Humor (genre), Anita King (character), Maggie Mui (character), Michelle Cheung (character), Nenene Sumiregawa (character), Hisami (character)


Ch# Title
1 Happy Birthday Nenene!
2 Breakfast and Lunch Any Time of the Day!
3 You Bet Your Sanity!
4 Maggie Comes to the Rescue
5 As the Day Folds
6 The Finish Line?
7 Chapter 7
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