Story: Opal Shire Landing


Kaylee and River are stranded on a planet named Opal Shire. Kaylee, once more than a little apprehensive of River, starts to see her friend in a new light. Can she help River, still haunted and hurt by what's happened to her in her past, start to really live again?

Notes: Disclaimers: Firefly isn't my copyright. This is a not-for-prophet story, no money's being made from it and access to it shouldn't be bought or sold. Pairing: Kaylee Frye / River Tam Spoilers: Some for the 10th episode "War Stories" Backstory: Takes place sometime after the 11th episode "Trash". You don't really need to have watched the TV series or the movie to be able to read this story, but it wouldn't hurt at all if you had.Key: "speaking" ~ [thoughts] ~*emphasis* ~ accent on the wordLanguages: In the show, the story goes that humanity has kind of gotten itself down to using 2 main languages, English and Chinese. Chinese words are mostly used as expletives or when cursing by the people in the show though, and they never tell you what it means. So, as I sadly do not speak Chinese, or know how to translate it into phonetic English alphabet characters, whenever one of the people in my story speaks in Chinese, I'm just going to put [Chinese Phrase] and never tell you what what they're saying means either. It's as close an approximation as I can think of to giving you a similar experience as you'd have watching the show. Well, unless you happen to know Chinese, in which case, I apologize u_u

Authors: Jessica Knight

Tags: Firefly (category)


Ch# Title
1 Log 1: No Power In The \'Verse...
2 Log 2: River\'s Way
3 Log 3: Quiet Moments
4 Log 4: Fighting The Hollows
5 Log 5: A Voice Calling From The Dark
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