Story: Blood for Blood


As Seras begins to embark on her own adventures, leaving the Hellsing Organisation behind, she encounters a mysterious new vampire, possibly responsible for the dissapearence of several young girls; deciding to investigate, Seras unwillingly becomes the prey of a far more powerful vampire than herself...

Notes: This is an experimental fanfiction of the Hellsing and BloodRayne series.

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

Tags: Crossover (genre), Romance (genre), Supernatural (genre), Adult Language (warning), Hellsing (category), Violence (warning), Strong Sexual Content (warning), Out of Character (warning), Humor (genre), Harem (warning), Harem (genre), Seras Victoria (character)


Ch# Title
1 Enter the Blonde
2 Creative Investigations
3 The Obvious Clue
4 Intimate Interigations
5 Duty Calls
6 Dramatic Entrance
7 On Your Guard
8 Enter the Red Lady
9 The Huntress\' Price
10 No Escape
11 What Happened in the Dark?
12 Control Freak?
13 Enter the White Lady
14 Temptation From An Angel
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