Story: Moses Doy!


Dr. Drakken was suddenly lost in the wild when he tried to make an ass of himself to prove to Shego that he can do things without him. After two years of Drakken's disappearance and boredom almost took Shego's insanity, the ex-evil doctor sent Shego a gift...right at her doorstep. Kim was desperately in need of some Shego-time and her wish was granted but not in the way she was hoping for

Notes: The story has no editor and grammar sucks...but I did do some personal editing...the best that I can though!

Authors: Handj

Tags: Comedy (genre), Romance (genre), Adult Language (warning), Out of Character (warning), Fluff (warning), Kim Possible (category), Kim (character), Shego (character)


Ch# Title
1 Chapter 1
2 Chapter 2
3 Chapter 3
4 Chapter 4
5 Chapter 5
6 Chapter 6
7 Chapter 7
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