Story: Babydoll


This is Non-Beta-d so... you know just a warning although I did go through it with spellcheck so - Actually if someone wants to become my beta?I have the general story decided on but I'm still almost writing it as I go so the warnings are likely to change even if I have to delete and repost this story... actually I don't know what alot of the warnings are - MST? PWP? UBER? WAFF? What do they mean?This is my first story (and possibly last depending on if I can think up another one or not) so please R&R so I can hopefully improove.I'll probably put up a real summary when I'm done writing or if someone else has one to suggest... I'm lazy... well can't really use that sort of language here but if your old enough you can probably guess.

Notes: Sappy as it is I'd like to dedicate this story and give thanks to all the authors on this site and to those who set this site up and who keep it running. *Glomps them and gives cookies to all sneeking in a few gropes for all the women who wouldn't slap me or worse as a reply*Special mention to:JDWheels who writes many lovely stories although I've been meaning to mention that I think his sex scenes are a little too... repedative. If your a new comer or you haven't read any of his stories yet do so after you finnish this.Crimsonlotus has written a story called The Wondering Bladesinger and some side chapters under seperate titles. I strongly feel (s)he should do a continuation where TWB left off 'cause it's truely an awesome fantasy story and sorta didn't have an ending the story jus' sorta... stopped. I'd really love'ta make a character to play a part in his/her story.I think it was Brave Quill? Anyways (s)he had this story about this lioness/human shapeshifter and a snake/human shapeshifter... it was pretty interesting even though it felt like we had only began - unfortunately it appears to have dissappeared from the library... Sigh.Shinigami shimai: I haven't actually read her big books which I've forgotten the name of but I'll have to get around to that - I saw it on another site and... man it looked like everyone was romancing everyone else at the very least. I'll have to see what sexual content it has if any. I'm really not gonna complain if everyone really is sleeping with everyone - after all guys aren't the only ones who can appreciate lotsa sex in these.Sneekie and thedarkworld ect (I'm only listing them 'cause I can't think of anything to say they're no less worth praise - even the authors left unmentioned are no less worth praise)There are ofcourse other but at the moment I can't think of their names... I'll have to mention them in later chapters. Hopefully this won't be as long as it is when written here.

Authors: Requiem

Tags: Original (category), Drama (genre), Romance (genre), Adult Language (warning), Strong Sexual Content (warning), Angst (warning), Incest (warning), Rape (warning), Alternate Universe (warning)


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1 Chapter I - Sunrise
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