Story: Wolf Devil Woman


AU Shiznat. Natsuki is the sole heir to the Kuga Corporation, she is a spoiled brat with a motto “What Natsuki wants, Natsuki gets” and her favorite past time is hunting along with her rich friends Chie Harada, Yuuki Nao and Tokiha Mai.

Shizuru is the great white wolf’s ‘daughter’ and a friend of Mikoto who is an outsider to the Hime tribe. Mikoto acts as Shizuru’s mentor in almost everything, they would go out of the wild to hunt or just to play.

Both world will collide when Natsuki’s friends captured two wild ‘beasts’ and presented it as a gift to the spoiled heir.

Notes: Words and sentences in bold letters are said in a different language supposed to be, but since I do not want to use my own language (as I am sure I have to translate it into English and that will make my work twice as hard), so I’ll just do it like this

Authors: Handj

Tags: Comedy (genre), Crossover (genre), Romance (genre), Adult Language (warning), Mild Sexual Content (warning), Out of Character (warning), Lemon (warning), Alternate Universe (warning), Fluff (warning), Humor (genre), Mai Hime (category), Mai-Otome (category)


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2 Chapter 2
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4 Chapter 4
5 Chapter 5
6 Chapter 6
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10 Chapter 10
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12 Chapter 12
13 Chapter 13
14 Chapter 14
15 Chapter 15
16 Chapter 16
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