Story: Lost Girls


When Mai has suffer a loss in the past, now she have contend with rival vampire factions, her past and certain vampire catgirl.

Crossover into Mai-Hime, Mai-Otome, Mai-Hime Destiny

Notes: This is my first vampire fic and I did some editing of my story I may have some mistakes.

Authors: angelronin

Tags: Action/Adventure (genre), Crossover (genre), Horror (genre), Supernatural (genre), Adult Language (warning), Violence (warning), Out of Character (warning), Lemon (warning), Character Death (warning), Lime (warning), Alternate Universe (warning), Lost Girls (series), Mai Hime (category), Mai-Otome (category), Minagi, Mikoto (character), Kuga, Natsuki (character), Fujino, Shizuru (character), Greer, Miyu (character), Harada, Chie (character), Senoh, Aoi (character), Kikukawa, Yukino (character), Suzushiro, Haruka (character), Munakata, Shiho (character), Yuuki, Nao (character), Searrs, Alyssa (character), Himeno, Fumi (character), Sanada, Yukariko (character), Sagisawa, Yohko (character), Sugiura, Midori (character), Kazahana, Mashiro (character), Tokiha, Mai (character), Yumemiya, Arika (character), Nina Wang (character), Erstin Ho (character), Sara Gallagher (character), Mayha Blythe (character), Hinaugi Tomoe (character), Kagura Mayo (character), Tennoujo Shion (character)


Ch# Title
1 The Gathering
2 Evil Eye
3 Enter the Crow Queen
4 Love/Lust
5 Living Dangerously
6 Uninvited Guest
7 Embrace the Darkness
8 My Fears
9 Preparations
10 Wiping All Out
11 Bittersweet Memories
12 Beauty of Destiny
13 Hellbound
14 Hope
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