Story: Innocence Again


Dollhouse - Adelle … Echo … a bar … and expensive wine.

Notes: Adelle’s kind of fucked up mindset here comes from her line in the trailer about how the Doll’s are “truest souls among us”. To me she didn’t seem to be bullshitting there, it sounded and looked like she meant it, and my first thought was, “Wow, how fucked up is she?” Classy, and sexy and British as she is, I think that’s a clue that she is one very unhappy lady, who covets the Doll’s ability to forget everything (forgetting, ignoring, or glossing over the fact that life is change; that it is taking what we’ve experienced and growing from it, and that if you cannot change, cannot remember and grow, that you’re not really living life at all).Disclaimer: I don’t own them.

Authors: Janine

Tags: Angst (genre), Romance (genre), Angst (warning), Dollhouse (category)


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