Story: In Her Burning Eyes (V2)


As Rei pursues a glimmer of hope for the future she dreams of she discovers the ups and downs of living that dream may be more difficult then she ever imagined.

Notes: Disclaimer:  Own nothing, end of story, disclaimers are stupid. "blah blah blah" = Speakingbleh bleh bleh = Thought/Monologue -- = Minor breakAs always, the story is best viewed in Open Office with a black background and red text at 15 point font.

Authors: YuriFanGirl

Tags: Comedy (genre), Drama (genre), Romance (genre), Mild Sexual Content (warning), Sailormoon (category), Mild Language (warning), WAFF (warning), Rei (character), Usagi (character)


Ch# Title
1 Hope Against Hope
2 Destiny Revealed
3 Living The Dream
4 The Gift of Comfort
5 Bittersweet Fairytale Part One
6 Bittersweet Fairytale Part Two
7 The Cycle of Life and Death
8 Epilogue
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