Story: Lulu Sutra


Lulu gives Rikku some hands-on tips in the arts of Venus, after getting annoyed at the way Rikku's boyfriend is treating her. If FFX-2 was girl power, this story is woman power.

Notes: Originally giftfic for a consummate writer of Rikku fanfiction, since she usually wrote Rikku and I wrote Lulu stories. The age difference of the characters made things a little difficult, but I had a particular model in mind: in ancient Greece, girls were married young and had the terrifying experience of going directly from childhood into the bed of a stranger (marriages were arranged), and apparently Sappho's school for marriage-ready teens provided them with a "safe space" to explore their bodies and sexuality to ease the transition.

Authors: helluin

Tags: General (genre), Lemon (warning), WAFF (warning), Final Fantasy X (category)


Ch# Title
1 Tea and Cookies or Tea and Nookie?
2 Women's Mysteries
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