Story: Ebony Starlight


It’s the year 5000 and the world we once knew has been turned upside down, back in the 2000’s just when the planet was at its darkest hour facing extinction the humans received a communication from supreme intergalactic beings. Aliens came to the planet called Earth and showed the humans how to fix their problems, the issues of the past like pollution and global warming were totally eliminated and the world entered a new age of prosperity, but the joy wouldn’t last forever. In the year 3000 a military faction that calls themselves The Eye took over the galaxy, they seek total control of the universe and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. They have been in power for 2000 years now but there are still some people who choose to fight back against the people they feel are oppressing them, these people collectively are called The Rebels but the small individual bands make up different names for themselves. Niakra Cyan is a bounty hunter trying to make it in this new world.

Notes: this is alot different that what I usually write but I hope you like it

Authors: Skavo

Tags: Sci-Fi (genre), Novels (category)


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