Story: Locked Up


Twenty-eight year old Riza Alister is sentenced to five years in prison for something she didn't even do. Her first few days go great and she realizes that life in prison isn't so bad if you're in the good behavior ward, but soon Riza finds that the group her cellmate hangs with isn't as great she thought. Riza is forced into a prison gang war, which is a lot more dangerous than you'd think. Now she must defend herself and her friends, all whilie making sure not to be seen by the watchfull eye of the prison guards who are rather fond of beating their inmates.

Notes: First story

Authors: Blood_Covered_Pheonix

Tags: Original (category), Romance (genre), Adult Language (warning), Strong Sexual Content (warning), Character Death (warning), Rape (warning), Slice of Life (genre), Novels (category)


Ch# Title
1 Chapter I: It begins
2 Chapter II:My first day
3 Chapter III: The Mourning After
4 Chapter IV:The Truth
5 Chapter V: The war begins
6 Chapter VI: The army gathers
7 Chapter VII:Night Time
8 Chapter VIII: The First Attack
9 Chapter IX: More?!
10 Chapter X: The Plan
11 Chapter XI: Seeing Another Side
12 Chapter XII:Fear
13 Chapter Xlll: Dealing with it
14 Chapter XlV: Going back
15 Chapter XV: Getting Closer
16 Chapter XVI: Fight
17 Chapter XVII: Killing in the name of
18 Chapter XVIII: Soldier on
19 Chapter XIX: Dust in the Wind
20 Chapter XX: Happy Ending?
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