Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night"


A vampiric girl, an isolated manor, dozens of young, attractive maids ready for the taking...The scene is set for the yuri party of the century!

Notes: Ruling Nightwind Manor is...well, not too boring, to say the least.As mistress of the manor, Narrisha is quite the lover, proven by her maids' adoring dedication to her well as the hope of a little rustle under the bed sheets or in the dungeons.To a Nightwind maid, bringing food, cleaning the manor and doing dishes seems all the more worthwhile when surrounded by fellow, frisky and lustful maids...and having a seductive mistress, as well as her staff of fiesty dominatrices, horny elven blondes and willing nurses, to name but a few, never really hurt, either...

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

Tags: Comedy (genre), Fantasy (genre), Sci-Fi (genre), Supernatural (genre), Adult Language (warning), Strong Sexual Content (warning), Rape (warning), BDSM (warning), Alternate Universe (warning), WAFF (warning), Humor (genre), Harem (warning), Novels (category)


Ch# Title
1 Chapter I - The Maiden of the Night
2 Chapter II - The Art of Seduction
3 Chapter III - Good Things comes to Those Who Wait
4 Chapter IV - The Draconoid Appears
5 Chapter V - The Guests Arrives
6 Chapter VI - The Renegade Lady-Knight
7 Chapter VII - The 'Fall' of the Lady-Knight
8 Chapter VIII - The Dark Damsel in Distress
9 Chapter IX - A Match of Minds
10 Chapter X - The Retribution
11 Chapter XII - The Virgin's Last Stand
12 Chapter XIII - Visit from Old Friends
13 Chapter XIV - The Warrior Reborn
14 Chapter XV - The Path of Freedom
15 Chapter XV - Lust Incarnate
16 Chapter XVI - When Angels Sleeps
17 Chapter XVII - A Gift from a Goddess?!
18 Chapter XVIII - Nightwind's Dreamers
19 Chapter XIX - Who needs 'Virtual' Reality?
20 Chapter XXI - The Night without an End
21 Chapter XXII - Appeal and Attraction
22 Chapter XXIII - The Pit Fight
23 Chapter XXIV - New Arrivals
24 Chapter XXV - Welcome to the Manor
25 Chapter XXVI - A Proud Bastion of Lesbism
26 Chapter XXVI - Reporting for Duties
27 Chapter XXVII - Visit from a Dead Friend
28 Chapter XXVIII - Blondes have the Most Fun
29 Chapter XXIX - New Looks = New Appeal
30 Chapter XXX - Wisdom is a Pleasent Mistress
31 Chapter XXXI - Size Matters Not
32 Chapter XXXII - Shin'saras Superstar
33 Chapter XXXIII - Experience Speaks for Itself
34 Chapter XXXIV - Mischievious Kitties
35 Chapter XXXV - Arrival of a Superstar
36 Chapter XXXVI - Old Stories becomes Interesting
37 Chapter XXXVII - Love Thine Fellow Elf
38 Chapter XXXVIII - Strange Requests
39 Chapter XXXIX - Things Gets Draconic...
40 Chapter XL - Loving is Golden...and sometimes scaly...
41 Chapter XLI - Love VS Lust
42 Chapter XLII - Roles are Reversed
43 Chapter XLIII - The Night is Always Young #1
44 Chapter XLIV - The Night is Always Young #2
45 Chapter XLV - Newcomers: The Babe and the Bookworm
46 Chapter XLVI - Romping Under the Moonlight
47 Chapter XLVII - An Amazon Loses Her Virginity
48 Chapter XLVIII - No-One Underestimates a Geeky Girl
49 Chapter XLIX - A Few Changes for the Better
50 Chapter L - Catgirls and Embarrasing Secrets
51 Chapter LI - The Magical Girl Chinyi-Chan
52 Chapter LIII - Shirli & Sharla: The Irresistable Catgirls
53 Chapter LIII - Allisia\'s New Armour (Part 1)
54 Chapter LIV - Allisia\'s New Armour (Part 2)
55 Chapter LV - Magical (Mis)Fortune
56 Chapter LVI - Allisia Changes
57 Chapter LVII - Draconic Passions
58 Chapter LVIII - Domination, Seductions and Confessions
59 Chapter LIX - Narrisha does NOT sparkle!
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