Story: A Howl in The Night/Twilight


     A girl seeks revenge on an evil corporation and the whereabouts of her brother and sister, as well as their MIA father. The search is on. Just how far will she go...and how much will she discover?

Notes:       My first story...hope it's ok...If it sucks tell me! I'll probably cry though...Except not really. Maybe... Uh?...

Authors: ikotsuke

Tags: Action/Adventure (genre), Original (category), Strong Sexual Content (warning), A Howl in the Night: Saga of Elements (series)


Ch# Title
1 Chapter 1: Sleepless nights/Shared dreams
2 Chapter 2: Submissive?
3 Chapter 3: Withheld info
4 Chapter 4: Sleep is good for you
5 Chapter 5: Blondes...
6 Chapter 6: So it Begins
7 Haven't we already discussed your sleep problem?
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