Story: Madness


Bella awakens to find that she is not at home, tucked away in her warm, cozy bed. At first, she fears that Victoria has found her and has taken her hostage..............She soon learns to fear other things.(hopefully better than it sounds!...)

Notes: Ha....welll.If you haven't read Twilight (that's what this fanfiction is for btw...) then some of this won't make much sense.I'll explain some things...:Edward, is more or less Bella's boyfriend. He also happens to be a vampire. He and Bella love each other totally and completely (in the book)James, is an "evil" vampire that was once out to kill Bella. You don't really need to know why, but he locked her in a ballet studio and tried to kill her but Edward and his family saved her in the nick of time.Victoria, is James' mate/lover/person. She swore to get revenege when he was killed, and vowed to kill Bella one day. She's a creepy kind of lady.Rosalie, is Edward's "sister" for all intents and purposes. Legally, she is his sister, but she is not in reality. She too is a vampire. She's quite vain and mean. And seems to hate Bella most of the time.....I just had to mess with that...bwhahaha..Emmett, is Rosalie's....well husband/boyfriend/lover....thing...In the book they love each other and what's just not fun enough!And the reason it burns when Rose bites Bella is because vampires have a sort of "venom" that, well, burns. lol not that great an explaination....but hey.Anyway, I hope that's enough? haha.

Authors: julimacrackerz

Tags: Misc (category), Adult Language (warning), Lemon (warning), Rape (warning), BDSM (warning)


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