Story: Attached


Samus and Zelda both feel alienated from the rest of the world, but for very different reasons. They find in each other a counter to their feelings of isolation, and so much more.

Notes: A note about continuity: The Zelda in this story is not from any particular Zelda game. Since each one is different somehow, I made her how I wanted and her world how I wanted. It loosely resembles OOT but doesn't really follow it. With Samus and the Metroid-verse I was a lot stricter, adhering to many details of the games and even the official metroid e-Manga. Though I may have bent things here and there. This story is intended to take place sometime after the events in Super Metroid, yet before Metroid Fusion.

Authors: Grain

Tags: Action/Adventure (genre), Drama (genre), Fantasy (genre), Romance (genre), Sci-Fi (genre), Adult Language (warning), Violence (warning), Strong Sexual Content (warning), Lemon (warning), Zelda (category), Metroid (category), Super Smash Bros (category)


Ch# Title
1 Amazing
2 First Impressions
3 Match
4 Lunch
5 Reminiscing
6 Training
7 Intimacy
8 Taken
9 Rescue
10 Confession
11 Reconcile
12 Harbingers
13 Enchantment
14 Attached
15 A Game of Chess
16 Suitor
17 Scorned
18 Absolution
19 Remembrance
20 Revelation
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