Story: Not Quite Cinderella


A girl who's never been noticed gets the shock of her life on her 18th birthday. But can magic stand up to a fearsome stepmother?

Notes: You could say this is more or less an adaptation of Cinderella placed in modern times with lesbians. But the story is more or less in the public domain (Disney has its own version), so I'm sure no one'll sue me.This is another addition to the "Shoujo-Ai Ever After" series. It's apparently open, so I'm following the words of the MadPanda and adding my own take on a fairy tale.

Authors: AdventFalls

Tags: Comedy (genre), Original (category), Drama (genre), Romance (genre), Adult Language (warning), Mild Sexual Content (warning), Shoujo-ai Ever After: The Faerie Tale Project (series)


Ch# Title
1 Once Upon... You Get the Idea
3 Call Back
4 Meredith's Master Plan
5 Ominous Calendar
6 Oh, It'll Be a Party Alright...
7 ...Some Party, Eh?
8 Know Now What We Knew Then
9 Countdown
10 Answers, Answers Everywhere
11 Hey, Is That the Ending?
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