Story: A Song for the Empress


(Based on "The Emperor & The Nightingale") - A lonely Empress becomes enchanted by a young, free-spirited singer, but what happens when the singer's love is betrayed?

Notes: This is but yet another tale in the "Shoujo-ai Ever After" series.  It's an open series, please feel free to add your own fairy tale adaptation...or even an original one!

Authors: MadPanda

Tags: Drama (genre), Fantasy (genre), Misc (category), Romance (genre), Shoujo-ai Ever After: The Faerie Tale Project (series)


Ch# Title
1 1. Seek and Ye Shall Find
2 Sister Song
3 Killing Me Softly
4 The Caged Bird
5 The Best Gift
6 If Not for You
7 Death's Song
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