Story: Give Me One Reason


Formerly "Green Suede Boots." This has been expanded from a short story into series of short acts. Now playing: Act 2, Learning to Fly. Betty faces an uphill battle with recovery, how does she cope with weakness and will she have to face it alone?

Notes: This started as a short story and has been expanded into a series of at least three acts. The first act is complete and titled "Green Suede Boots." The second is complete and is titled "Learning to FLy." The third act has been roughed and will most likely be titled "The Ballad of Bet and Elly."

Authors: A Markov

Tags: Drama (genre), Romance (genre), Adult Language (warning), Kim Possible (category), Shego (character)


Ch# Title
1 Green Suede Boots, One: For the Money
2 Green Suede Boots, Two: For the show
3 Green Suede Boots, Three: For the Show
4 Green Suede Boots, Four: Let's Go!
5 Learning to Fly, One: Tongue Tied
6 Learning to Fly, Two: Twisted
7 Learning to Fly, Three: Earthbound
8 Learning to Fly, Four: Reaching Out
9 Learning to FLy, five: Friends Like These
10 Learning to Fly, Six: Lift Off
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