Story: Hesitation


Yukino and Haruka are a whole. They complete one another, balance one another, build each other up. But humans alone are frail beings, with fragile bodies and even more fragile minds, and they can't always be counted on to make decisions in their own, or other's, best interests. Haruka's has her foolhardy pride, and Yukino has her heart-wrenching hesitation. I love a happy ending, but what might happen if that hesitation were to win in Yukino's heart? What might happen if she were to always stop herself, to never allow herself to be that person that Haruka needs, and therefore never allow Haruka to be that person that she needs?

Notes: Mai-HiME belongs to Sunrise, not myself, and I only borrow their creations for the pure and completely nonprofit purpsoe of entertaining myself and others.

Authors: Love-is-god

Tags: Angst (genre), Romance (genre), Mai Hime (category)


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