Story: Between Truths and Realities


What if Asuka has difficulty telling what's real and what's just in her mind? Rei/Asuka. Please read and review

Notes: Finally, a Rei/Asuka fic I've made that wasn't a one-shot

Authors: [ Biohazard . Kitty ]

Tags: Angst (genre), Drama (genre), Romance (genre), N G Evangelion (category), Suspense (genre), Adult Language (warning), Mild Sexual Content (warning), Lime (warning), Asuka Soryu Langley (character), Ayanami Rei (character), Alternate Universe (warning), Fluff (warning), Mild Violence (warning), Mild Language (warning)


Ch# Title
1 My What!?
2 The Sweet Taste of WTF
3 Where The Colors Don't Go
4 Little Demon
5 A Speck of Silver
6 Reality and Fantasies
7 Trouble In Paradise
8 Crush Crush Crush
9 Can You Feel The Pressure?
10 All We Know Is Falling
11 Melting
12 Friday Nights
13 Going Back without the Forth
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