Story: To Catch A Killer


This is a sequel to "A Million Reasons" and starts out somewhat dark. A killer is targeting prostitutes. Elisa and Matt are taken off the case when an even more dangerous threat arises. 6 and & added. Chp 7 rewritten and revised 08-11-07

Notes: This is a sequel to "A Million Reasons," sorry for the long delay. I've written several different versions of the story but this is the one I'm posting. It deals with a dark subject matter but doesn't go into graphic detail. This is a WIP so that may or may not change at some point. I'd like to thank my beta elizabethrex1 for her patience and willingness to let me bounce ideas off of her. Enjoy the story.

Authors: Ororo

Tags: Action/Adventure (genre), Angst (genre), Drama (genre), Mystery (genre), Romance (genre), Suspense (genre), Violence (warning), A Million Reasons (series), Strong Sexual Content (warning), Dark (warning), GARGOYLES (challenge), Rape (warning), Mild Language (warning), Gargoyles (category)


Ch# Title
1 To Catch A Killer
2 Broken Heart
3 Tempers Flare
4 Till Death Do Us Part
5 National Security
6 Red Fox
7 Chapter 7
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