Story: Here and Nao: Natsuki's Predicament


Things become interesting for Natsuki when Nao develops a crush on her! Not quite a love triangle. ShizNatNao

Notes: This is another “spur of the moment inspiration” stories! I was reading a Nao/Natsuki tale when this idea popped up!I dedicate this to my sis, Chloe-chan, who’s really been wanting to see this pairing from me.Warning! There’s going to be some suggestiveness at a couple of places! But it’s humorous for the most part.Note 2: I'd also like to apologize to darkwoofe for taking so long to post this here! Apparently, it was my school's internet that was the problem!Disclaimer: I don’t own Mai-Hime! (or My-Hime, in America) Perhaps it is a reference to Natsuki being Shizuru’s princess? Shizuru: “Natsuki's my princess!”As UsualTalking “…”Thoughts ‘…”Comments/etc (…)

Authors: writer jm

Tags: Romance (genre), Fluff (warning), Mild Language (warning), Humor (genre), Mai Hime (category)


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