Story: A Song and a Sketch (chapter 8)

Authors: bleeding.blade

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Chapter 8

They woke up the next morning, with nothing but Tsubomi's sketches covering their bodies. Tsubomi began peeling the drawings off Yaya's body - with her teeth. Looking down at the older woman lying trapped between her legs, Tsubomi grinned.

"You know something? Undressing you is so much more fun that dressing you."

Yaya had shut her up then by sitting up and nuzzling her breasts. Tsubomi gasped, reflexively locking her legs around the older woman's waist. Eventually, Yaya's wandering hands found themselves between's Tsubomi's thighs, followed quickly by the older woman's mouth. The pink-haired girl moaned and rocked in time with Yaya's thrusts, before arching and shuddering a final time. Tsubomi allowed her heartbeat to settle into a more life-sustaining pace, before using a judo move to flip a pleasantly surprised Yaya onto her back.

"And just what do you think you're doing?" The black-haired beauty asked Tsubomi, a smile on her slightly swollen lips.

"Showing you that my mouth's good for other things besides talking."

They passed the next several hours indulging in Tsubomi's demonstrations.


"I got a Valentine's Day letter from Hikari-senpai."

Yaya looked up distractedly from her music sheet.

"What's it say?"

"Lots of things..." Tsubomi skimmed rapidly through the page. After that first full day of lovemaking, both she and Yaya had suddenly remembered Hikari and had rushed back to Yaya's apartment. But the blonde woman had left without leaving a note. The letter was the first time Tsubomi had heard from her since.

"It says that she and Amane-sama patched things up when she got back. It was a misunderstanding after all. The other woman had attacked Amane-sama, so it wasn't a consensual kiss. There's a bunch of other stuff about her life at school and all." Tsubomi paused. "Oh, here, she told me to give you a message. ‘Tell Yaya-chan that I'm sorry...and that I'm happy for her. She's very lucky to have you.'"

Yaya looked faintly annoyed. "Lucky? Why am I the one who's lucky?"

Tsubomi laughed wickedly before insinuating herself into Yaya's lap. "Well, for starters," she whispered, while nibbling Yaya's ear, "I can't think of any other up-and-coming jazz band lead singers who'd have their own personal fashion consultant and sex slave."

Yaya began to unbutton Tsubomi's shirt. "Lest you get too sassy, let me remind you that there's a queue for that last post; and that you've already met five of the applicants."

Tsubomi gasped as a slender hand cupped her right breast. "Tell you what," the younger woman breathed into Yaya's ear, "Why don't I show you again what else I can do with my sassy tongue and then maybe you'll make mine a permanent position."

They spent the rest of the day (weeks, months, years?) agreeably arguing.

[End notes: I know, I know, the sex in the last chapter was gratuitous. But seeing as to how everyone else in the series had had their fun long before, I thought the two in this story deserved it. Anyway, thanks for reading this and hope you enjoyed it. And, of course, if you can spare the time and energy, reviews and feedback would be greatly appreciated.]

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