Story: Crossing Paths (chapter 5)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 5


Chie Harada entered the student council room shortly before the meeting started, settling down with a confident smile. Her dark hair fell down over her glasses as she laid out the papers, then looked around the room as she waited for everyone to arrive.

Reito Kansaki, student council president, sat at the head of the table, the black haired man’s expression calm and mild. Beside him vice president Alyssa Searss studied some documents, the blonde girl’s expression cool but intense. Next came the head of the executive committee Yukino Kikukawa, the reddish brown haired woman who was now Chie’s boss. And finally Erstin Ho, the busty blonde who had taken up the task of being the council’s secretary and Occasionally general assistant.

“Welcome, everyone,” Reito addressed the room with a cool smile, “I believe we’ll start off with the executive committee’s report.”

Yukino rose from her seat, her glasses gleaming. “We’ve made some discoveries regarding the harassment case.” She gestured, “Chie?”

Chie nodded, “I’m sorry to report that the individual leaving threatening notes with Miss Ho is Takeda Masashi.”

“Who?” Erstin blinked.

“My old classmate?” Reito also blinked before frowning. “How did you determine this?” he asked them.

“Members of the executive took turns warching Erstin’s locker, and we observed Takeda covertly placing a note there,” Chie explained calmly. “After that we followed him to confirm that he wasn’t leaving the notes on someone else’s behalf.”

“Still, are we sure he’s the note writer?” Alyssa asked.

“Here’s one of the notes left to Erstin,” Chie passed over two sheets of paper, “the other is a sample of Takeda’s handwriting we acquired.” She smiled slightly, “Yukino asked Miyu to compare them, she’s certain they were written by the same man.”

“Ah,” Alyssa gave Yukino a respectful look. Only three people in this room knew Miyu was a android, but they all respected the young lady’s skills.

Reito looked pained as he sat back in his chair. “It makes a certain kind of sense that it was Takeda,” he conceded.

Erstin looked puzzled, “I don’t understand, what did I do?”

Yukino reached out and gently squeezed Erstin’s shoulder. “It’s not your fault,” she said gently, “though it’s a bit complicated to explain.”

“I’m rather curious myself,” Alyssa admitted.

“Takeda had the bad luck to fall in love with Natsuki Kuga,” Chie took it on herself to explain, “who he pined over for several months. In the end Natsuki turned him down because she fell in love with someone else... Shizuru Fujino.”

Erstin’s eyes widened, “The former president.”

“And a woman,” Alyssa nodded in understanding.

“Apparently Takeda hasn’t gotten over it,” Yukino looked thoughtful, “and has decided to take his frustrations out on Erstin.”

Reito nodded grimly. “All right then,” he said to the room at large, “how do we want to handle this?”

“We could call him before the council and demand a explaination,” Alyssa offered, “then bring it to the school...”

“I’d rather keep this quiet,” Erstin sighed. She smiled weakly, “The infamy of my coming out is fading, I don’t want any wore attention.”

Chie winced slightly, reminded of her own role in this mess.

Reito nodded chivelrously to Erstin, “Yukino, would your executive committee be able to handle this quietly?”

Yukino nodded, “Leave it to me.”

Alyssa leaned forward, “Just don’t do anything we’ll regret later.”

“Of course,” Yukino smiled.

The meeting ended not long after, and Yukino and Chie headed out together. “So,” Chie asked quietly, “what’s the plan?”

“We get some assistence first,” Yukino said as she drew out her phone and dialed. She flashed Chie a smile, “Nice work, by the way.”

Chie grinned, “Thank you.” Looking up she added Yukino quietly, “Could you excuse me for a moment?”

“Of course,” Yukino said as she saw Erstin hesitate nearby.

Chie walked over to Erstin, feeling more nervous than she usually did. She was used to chasing stories and could normally ask the most intrusive things, but knowing the pain she had unthinkingly unleashed on Erstin made her weak. “Erstin,” she started quietly.

Erstin looked up, the blonde smiling as she said, “Thank you.”

“Considering it’s my fault your in this mess,” Chie said, “you don’t need to thank me. In fact, I’m just hoping you can forgive my stupidity eventually...”

“Maybe,” Erstin agreed after a moment, “eventually.”

Yukino dialed the number, reaching her target in a moment. “I hate to impose,” she said after exchanging greetings, “but I have a kendo related matter I may need help dealing with.”


Takeda knelt in the kendo hall, seeking peace through meditation as he ballanced his practice sword across his legs. Peace was elusive, this time, as his recent actions weighed heavily on the young man’s mind.

‘I need to stop this,’ Takeda sighed, his black hair a spiky mess as usual. He thought of Natsuki and winced, ‘If I want revenge, I should have the courage to face her, not take it out on a substitute.’

With a bang the doors to the practice hall were slammed open, and three figures strode inside. At the lead was Yukino, her expression hard and cold as iron. Behind her Tate Yuuichi followed, along with Miyu Greer.

“What are you...?” Takeda demanded, grabbing his weapon.

With surprising speed Tate struck, his own wooden sword swiftly slapping Takeda’s away. “We’d like to talk to you,” there was sarcasm in his voice as he added, “sir.”

Yukino pushed up her glasses with a finger as she gave Takeda a disgusted look. “We know that you’re the source of the insulting letters to Erstin Ho,” she said flatly.

‘How did...’ Takeda thought, then quickly got himself under control. “I did not!” he said forcefully.

“Voice stress indicates he’s lying,” Miyu reported to Yukino softly.

“Thanks,” Yukino murmured back, glad she had asked Alyssa if she could borrow Miyu.

“What are you planing to do?” Takeda asked them, feeling just a bit unnerved by Miyu’s emotionless gaze.

Yukino met his eyes, “If I could, I’d haul you in front of the student body and denounce you for the coward that you are.”

“I didn’t do...” Takeda tried to protest.

“Oh shut up,” Tate snapped at him. “I’ve seen the notes, it’s your handwriting. And picking on a kid...!”

Once more Takeda felt a stab of guilt, and had to look away.

“Here’s what we’re going to do,” Yukino faced him down with eyes that glittered with repressed anger, “you are going to stop writing notes and stay the hell away from Erstin, and we won’t turn you in to the school authorities.”

“All right,” Takeda said quietly.

“And if you don’t,” Tate said to him quietly, “I will personally take great pleasure in thrashing you before turning you in.”

Takeda nodded, turning away from all three people’s gazes.

“Do you think it’ll work?” Tate wondered as they walked away together.

“My voice stress meters indicate that he’s sincere,” Miyu said calmly, “however that does not guarenttee he won’t change his mind.”

“Well, unless Erstin decides to go after him officially this is the best we can do,” Yukino sighed softly. She looked at Tate and smiled, “Thank you for your help, Tate.”

Tate smiled shyly, “No, I was glad to help.”

“And you, Miyu,” Yukino turned to her, “thanks.”

“I merely obeyed Miss Alyssa’s request that I help you,” Miyu answered calmly. A slight smile teased her lips, “However, I will confess some satisfaction in making him squirm in there.”

“Me too,” Tate agreed. He checked his watch and sighed, “I’d better get going... but call if you need any more help.”

“Will do,” Yukino agreed.

To be continued...

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