Story: Crossing Paths (chapter 1)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters from Mai Hime or Mai Otome, I’m just borrowing them for awhile. This story also has spoilers for the end of Mai Hime.

Crossing Paths

Yukino Kikukawa’s Private Journal

Day One

After much deliberation and conversation with Haruka, I’ve decided to accept the role of the head of the Executive team. With Haruka graduating to Fuka university the position will be coming open, and she wants me to take it. Knowing that someone I respect so much thinks I can do this helps a great deal, and in truth I have difficulty denying her anything. Tho sadly Haruka has not taken advantage of that fact.

Day Three

Just finished a rather disturbing conversation with the former council president, Fujino. I didn’t want to see her... I still remember the implacable coldness in her eyes when she destroyed Diana, the horror at Haruka’s disappearance. She contacted me by phone yesterday, claiming it was urgent, and after much talking she convinced me of her sincerity.

We met up at the university, borrowing the tea club rooms, where Shizuru formally served us both before speaking. It seems that the former Obsidian Prince, Reito Kanzaki, will be running for president and is likely a shoo-in to win. Shizuru urged me to accept the Executive position in order to keep an eye on Reito, to make sure there is no relapse to his previous behaviors. We feel reasonably confident that the Obsidian Prince was destroyed after the destruction of the Hime Star, but she pointed out that the Obsidian Prince had in the past possessed Reito without any visible sign.

It was the next part of our talk that chilled my bones, however. Calmly drinking her tea Shizuru had explained that if Reito was the Obsidian Prince once more, I could count on her assistance to deal with him. She didn’t say it explicitly but I suspect she would deal with Reito in a very lethal manner.

I wonder if Natsui knows what sort of tiger she has by the tail?

The only highlight of the day was taking a moment to visit Haruka. She seems happy at university, though she’s already back to competing with Fujino. Still, I’m glad that Haruka has someone she knows here, even if I do wish she was still in high school with me. Haruka fiercely hugged me when I confirmed with her that I was planning to run the executive, and I could almost feel my heart skip a beat with the pleasure of it. I didn’t let her see how I felt of course, but I must confess to squeezing her a bit long, too.

Day Seven

The first meeting of the temporary student council, pre election. Reito remains both charming and enigmatic, a smooth but difficult to read figure. The remainder of the council are all new to me, including a blonde young lady taking my old job as secretary. While a bit disorganized to start, we got the meeting going and read through Fumi’s greeting letter. Very inspiring. We’ll be meeting weekly from now on, it seems.

Day Ten

One of the things I’ve become aware of is how many of the members of the Executive are graduating with Haruka. Over a third of the members are going, and I’m unsure how many will stay on with Haruka leaving. On the plus side I’ve gotten assurances from several members I’ve worked with that they’ll follow me.

After some debate I intend to set up a booth on club day, manned by myself and a few others to bring in members. In the past we’ve relied on Haruka’s personal magnetism to pull people in, but I’d rather attempt a more standard method. Wish me luck, I may need it.

Day Twelve

The question of recruiting the former Hime came up while I was talking to Reito today. He confirmed, in his charming way, that he was running for President and asked about my supporting him, as well as my plans for the executive. He jokingly suggested I create a "Hime Soldier" core for the executive, tasked with defending the campus from evil.

Wonder if we could get surplus costumes for the group? And would Midori insist on our learning action team poses?

After assuring him of my support I left, but the idea nudged at me gently. Obviously certain Hime were out of consideration. Fumi and Midori are both adults, though one could argue about how adult Midori really is. Also, however much I may respect Natsuki Kuga, the idea of such a rebel like her in the Executive gives me chills. For similar reasons I wouldn’t want someone like Nao Yuuki in the executive, too. Still, it’s something to consider.

Day Twenty

Miyu Greer has begun working at the Linden Baum diner. It’s a remarkably surreal experience, being served by the former killer android who’s fought both against and for us. I wonder if Alyssa Searrs actually needs the money Miyu will be making, or if Miyu is doing it for her own reasons?

Day Twenty three

I’m still uncertain about admitting a gossip like Chie Harada into the executive, but I must confess she would be an invaluable source of information. Aoi Senou, on the other hand, has been a remarkable morale booster since the club recruitment day fiasco. We are gradually gaining members, which is a comfort as student council requests for executive assistance have begun to come in.

As I expected Miyu, Natsuki, Akira and Nao have all turned down requests to join the Executive. I’m of mixed feelings about that, thought both Natsuki and Miyu have promised to offer temporary assistance if anything unusual does come up. On a more pleasant note Mai Tokhia and Mikoto Minagi have both agreed to join, with Mai finding special amusement in the whole situation. Understandable, considering her sun ins with Haruka previously.

Day Twenty four

Note: Have a long talk with Mikoto over when not to use her wooden practice sword on student council business. May need Mai’s help in explaining it, too.

Day Twenty seven

My meeting with Fumi Himeno was an enlightening experience. On first talking with her you get the impression that she’s sweet, good natured and hasn’t a original thought in her pretty little head, but clearly that isn’t the case. According to records I’ve accessed Fuka is doing much better under Fumi’s reign than Mashiro’s. Admittedly this is partially due to no more Hime disasters, but it also owes much to Fumi’s managerial skills.

Fumi has also made it clear that she’s well aware of my fears regarding Reito. However, she seems much more confident than I that the Obsidian Price is DEAD, but also understands our concerns. She not-so-subtly encouraged me to keep an eye on him, just in case.

On another note, I really need to thank Chie for the report she gave me on Fumi. I have no idea where she got that level of information, but she was incredibly in depth. I doubt I could have done as well even using my Element and Diana.

Day Thirty

Met with the new secretary of the Student Council earlier today. Erstin Ho is a surprisingly pleasant girl, and approaches the job with much energy and enthusiasm. Amusingly, one of the main things this blonde haired girl is noted for is the size of her breasts, which nearly rival Mai’s generous set.

She’s quite new to student politics, and I’ve found myself taking Erstin under my wing, so to speak. When I mentioned this to Haruka in one of our regular phone conversations she warned me not to get too distracted in helping Erstin, and I jokingly reminded her that I was just following in her footsteps.

Day Thirty three

Student council elections officially took place. Reito beat Alyssa SEarrs for president handily, putting him in power with Alyssa becoming his vice-president. Erstin as Secretary and I head of Executive round out the core of the group, with representatives of the other grades assisting as well.

Day Forty

I’m finally beginning to understand more why Haruka would lose her temper while dealing with Reito. It’s really quite frustrating to have spent hours researching a problem, sorting data then present it only to receive a "Now now" from Reito.

Erstin looked quite concerned, I assume she was worried I was going to follow in Haruka’s footsteps and blow my top, but I managed to keep my composure. In fact he seemed very pleased with my reaction, so much so that I suspect he was trying to provoke me to see what I would do.

Remind me to do something unpleasant to him later.

Reito’s primary skill as the council president is in diplomacy, in my opinion. He’s very good at helping fighting parties find some common ground to end their conflict, and often saving the faces of both combatants at the same time. Yet he’s also quite decisive, making good snap decisions when needed.

Day Forty three

Midori has showed up, working once again at the Linden Baum to Mai and the other’s shock. Last we heard we was off living the daring archeological lifestyle but Mai promises to try to find out what’s going on. I’m also putting Chie on the case, so either way I should know more about Midori soon.

Erstin asked me out to lunch to discuss student council business, so maybe we’ll go there. I find I like talking to Erstin even away from the job, and I think she’s getting used to talking with a senpai such as myself. She’s quite smart and not too athletic, and at times I almost feel like I’m talking to a younger version of myself. Unlike me, however, she’s much more outgoing and seems unaware of her circle of admirers.

Day Forty eight

It seems that Shiho Munakata and Yuuichi Tate have officially become involved, despite how close Mai and Yuuichi had become at the end of the Festival. Mai seems to be deeply hurt, though she’s trying her best to hide it and carry on at work or in class. I wish there was something I could do, but it’s out of my hands. Mikoto came to me for advise and I suggested she just continue to be near to Mai and help where she can.

In a remarkable show of restraint Chie sat on the rumors about Mai’s distress, and she and Aoi have even squelched a few of the nastier stories. As I told Erstin earlier, my opinion of Chie has actually gone up a bit.

Day Fifty

Mai has reluctantly pulled out from the executive. I gave her my blessing, as I can understand nursing a broken heart, work and school would be difficult. She has also assured me if anything apocalyptic happens, she’ll help out.

I hope the ‘apocalyptic’ comment was a joke.

Day Fifty six

Midori’s ‘Mai cheer up’ kareoke party went pretty well, I think. I’m still more than a bit hung over, so my impressions aren’t all that clear, but I do recall Mai and Mikoto cuddling a lot. Wonder if that means what I think it means?

On another note I was glad they all accepted Erstin coming along with us. With Chie and Aoi there I would have felt bad leaving Erstin out, and apparently she and Mai do know each other somewhat. Erstin has a remarkably pretty singing voice, and she blushed very cutely in the costume Midori insisted she wear.

Day sixty

Reito was very public about comforting Mai, tho I suspect he’s doing it more to jab at Yuuichi than anything else. He seems to respect Mikoto’s interest in Mai like a good big brother, and it looks like his one public display with Mai was to imply that she dumped Yuuichi for Reito rather than being dumped. Chie promised to help spread rumors to that effect too.

Day Sixty two

I’m going to kill Chie. Lingeringly.

Day Sixty three

All right, I’ve calmed down. Chie has confessed that yes, she was the one who spread the rumor about Erstin romantic interest in her friend, Miss Nina Wang. Apparently Erstin drunkenly confessed during the kareoke party and Chie, giving in to a old habit, put the rumor out without thinking about it. Erstin was devastated, as you can imagine. Nina was apparently unaware of Erstin’s interest and has since snubbed the girl, adding to her pain. Erstin is trying to keep a stiff upper lip in classes, but I suspect it’s wearing on her.

I feel so much sympathy for her it hurts, to be honest. It could so easily have been me in Erstin’s shoes, snubbed by the one I love because of some foolish words. I’m offering her all the emotional support I can, and I’ve also suggested to the Executive that if they see any harassment of Erstin to step on the offenders hard.

Chie is doing everything she can to squelch the story, which may be the only thing that saves her from Aoi’s wrath. Before this I wasn’t aware of the kind of influence Aoi has over her, but tough, outgoing Chie seems to wither when Aoi’s truly annoyed.

To be continued....

Notes: I think Reito actually graduated with Haruka and Shizuru, but I’m fudging that for the sake of the story. :) Also, some of the content is based on information from the ‘Director’s cut’ of episode twenty six.

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