Story: Vanilla Skies (chapter 2)

Authors: KuroiNamida

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Chapter 2

Title: Abnormal Thoughts

[Author's notes:

[♥][ Oh, I just couldn't help myself!  I'm sorry if chapter two seems to be coming too soon, seeing as I just finished chapter one...but here goes randomness!

This is a different day, after Christmas break, of course.

WARNING!  This chapter contains a bit of sexual content...right at the beginning, too!  Oh, and this chapter's going to be really lame. ): ][♥]


  Thump, THUMP, thump, THUMPTHUMP.   She didn't care if this was wrong.  Her parents weren't home, anyway, and since she was an only child, it was just her.  Sheesh, she was old enough to live away from them, but they thought it wouldn't be good.  But just to be safe, she had carried a bunch of blankets and laid them down on her large bathroom floor, and locked the door.  If anyone asked about, it would be because she felt as though she ate something she shouldn't have and she was cold.  It certainly seemed strange that someone would plan like that for something as...well, animal as this.  She could hear her own gasps, and she knew she'd feel a little guilty for doing this afterwards.  But right now, she only felt lust, and she was more than happy to feed it.  Her finger lifted a bit, then pressed down on her wet flower.  Beautiful.  Absolutely beautiful.  Her heartbeat was clear and encouraging, and so was the lovely pulsing feeling down there.  Oh, how she wanted someone to share this with!

  'What a pervert I'm being,' she almost laughed at that thought.  She'd been kind of perverted for a while.  For some reason, though, she only liked watching lesbian porn.  Other types didn't interest her.

  The doorbell rang.  Great.  Now she'd feel guilty earlier than usual.  She didn't even know why she bothered if she knew she'd feel guilty and unclean.  Sighing, she dressed herself in better-looking clothes and put away the blankets.  Staring for a while at them, she frowned.  This seemed kind of really lame.  Shrug.

  "Coming," she called, trudging down the stairs relunctantly, and slowly opening the door in a tired-seeming way, "Who is---" she stared, "Why are you here?"

  Ashlyn blinked at her, tilting her head a little, curiously, "...Yesterday, you told me to come here to see something...?"

  Guah!  Angel could've kicked herself.  How could she have forgotten?!  "Oh, oops, be right back."  She began to run up the stairs again, but paused, "Actually, it would be easier if you come with me.  And sorry if I sounded rude before," she offered an apologetic smile, "I didn't mean it; I felt tired."

  "Oh, if I'm bothering you, I can leave," she returned the apologetic smile.

  Angel scanned her words for any sarcasm.  Nope, no sarcasm.  Just kind and sweet as always.  'Speaking of sweet...I wonder if...'  She immediately knocked that thought out of her mind.  That wasn't something she should be thinking.  "No, it's okay.  It'll be better if you stay. I was probably tired because I was bored."

  Ashlyn took a hesitant step forward, taking off her shoes, "If you say so."

  The hostess ran up the remaining steps, then stopped, smiling and gesturing for the guest to follow, "C'mon, hurry up."

  She nodded, "Sorry."  Her 'running' up the stairs seemed more like a hopping-jog, most likely because she didn't want to be impolite.  Ashlyn was always someone who didn't want to be too impolite.

  "You don't have to apologize," Angel replied, watching Ashlyn ascend the somewhat long flight of stairs.  'Watching Ashlyn' as in watching those two things in her shirt go up and down slightly with each step.  Hot.  Even after she was in front of her, she was still staring.

  "...Is everything alright?" the brown eyes stared into hers strangely.

'Dammit, I have to stop with those thoughts.'  She would've loved to kick herself.  "Oh, everything's fine.  Thought I saw a food stain on your shirt.  ...Why aren't you wearing a jacket, anyway?"

"Not cold."  Simple answer, straight to the point.  Angel didn't really want to question those two words.

  "'Kay.  Come here," she grabbed her arm, pulling her to her room, "Sit."

  Ashlyn sat, waiting and looking strangely at the other girl, curious, "...Mhm..."

  A few things went flying as Angel dug through a pile of stuff, "Got it," she sat down next to Ashlyn, grinning, "Look."

  Pictures.  All the way from elementary school, "Can you scan and send these to me via email, please?  If it's not too much trouble, that is..."

  "These ARE for you," she placed them and something else in Ashlyn's hand, "And the CD, too.  Just in case you ever lose them."  She was beaming with strange pride, now, "And don't worry," she added, seeing Ashlyn's quizzical look, "I have them, myself."  She just wanted to HUG her.

  Luckily for her, Ashlyn had already made her move, "Thank you so much!"

  Angel's gaze immediately darted down to the flesh pressing against her.  'Wear more revealing clothes, dammit!'  Today was definitely an out-of-character day for Angel.  Maybe after her guilt trip she'd feel more normal...


[End notes: [♥][ A stupid chapter, just as I promised.  ):  Bored and tired right now. ][♥]]

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