Story: Sunflower Mama (chapter 8)

Authors: StarCross

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Chapter 8

Title: Fertilization

Sunflower Mama
Petal 08 - Fertilization
by StarCross

"My father married my stepmother a few years after my real mother died," began Rei. "At first I thought she was a sweet woman who could rival my mother's kindness, but shortly after my father died she revealed her true colors.

"She took over the Sunflower Group and ran it against my father's principles as if she was spitting on it. She purposely incited conflict between gangs, the youths, and the police, creating an unprecedented wave of violence, drug trafficking, people trafficking, and racketeering of almost half of the city. She whored herself to her own subordinates and rival groups for the sole purpose of gaining favor and power, and what's worse she whored me to others.

"I was treated like a plaything to both men and women, and it was fortunate that I didn't suffer permanent injuries since my stepmother wanted to keep my body pure for herself. I suffered the worst under her, and she had staged accidents that killed anyone who I had a remote romantic interest in.

"I realized I had enough when I gave birth to you. My boyfriend at the time, your father, had decided to runaway with me from all the shit our families put us through. But he chickened out at the last minute under the influence of your grandfather. Separated from you, I spent your fifteen years wandering around, scheming, planning, and seeking to reunite with you. Through some of my contacts, I ended up here much to your father and grandfather's surprise. I just wanted to see you at least once, and perhaps hold you. Now look at me. I ended up doing the same thing my stepmother did to me by making love with her own daughter. This time, it's my own flesh and blood."

"We certainly crossed the line," said Ichiko.


"But after hearing this, I must ask you... am I related to my father?"

"No. You're a stranger living with strangers."

"Then why would he allow me to check our relation at the clinic when he knows he's not related to me?"

"He wanted you to find out and face the truth. If you did, you would have immediately lived with me as your only blood relative. But I think he knew you wouldn't check because you wouldn't immediately leave the safety of your current home."

"At that time, did he think he was my father?"

"Initially, but he soon found out. Even if he already did, he and your grandfather would have took you in anyway, possibly as a sign of penance for what their relatives did to the Sunflower Group. As it so happens, my stepmother was once your grand-uncle's mistress, and I have a feeling that my father dying of a heart attack was no coincidence.

"Your grandfather is a good man. It's his brother who is the true instigator of all this."

"His behavior really did show back at the flower shop."

"Minoru knows that you have no relation him and his brother. He has always hated the Sunflower Group, but I think that hatred stems from the fact that he wanted to please his father since he focused on Yoshiro."

"I am not in danger, am I?"

"Not at the moment though. As I said before, my group is destroyed or in permanent hiding."

"But your influence still lingers."

"Because I'm the Sunflower Princess."

Rei stirred and stroked Ichiko's cheek. "I didn't mean for all this happen."

"It's all right. I should have found out."

"No, I meant..."

"Oh. The sex thing."

Ichiko kissed the tip of Rei's nose. "I have been prepared for it, haven't I?"

"Can't tell if you are."

"I am still here pressing my body against yours."

Playfully they brushed their faces and especially their lips with one another until they locked once more for another kiss.

"Ichiko," said Rei. "I have to tell you something."


"I hear a gurgling sound."

"The pot!"

Throwing her own personal robe over her body, Ichiko bolted off into the kitchen and was saddened to see the overflowing broth of gravy spilling from the pot and onto the poor. The oven was turned off, and Ichiko faced a whiff of steam and burning to see her cooking ruined in the name of sex.

"Ruined," lamented Ichiko.

"Take out then?" said Rei, who emerged from the bedroom in her silk robe.

Ichiko nodded. She quickly returned to the room to dress up and head out to the supermarket to buy two box meals from the deli, which didn't taste as good as her cooking but it was sufficient enough for a quiet and enjoyable experience between mother and daughter. They would stare longingly at one another, and even giggled as they consumed their dinner. Even after they finished, they did not turn on the television, radio, or the Internet-enabled notebook computer. They just sat with elbows on their table and chins resting on their palms staring at each other's beauty.

"Oh, what time is it?" Ichiko asked. "I should be going."

"Going back to your own foster family?" asked Rei.

"They're still legally my guardians. I don't want to throw away their love and generosity they showered onto me."


Rei helped Ichiko gather her things into her backpack, but the notebook computer was left for the mother's pleasure.

"Hey," said Rei when Ichiko stepped out of the door. "Did you forget something?"

"You can use the laptop and my extra phone."

"I meant..."

"A kiss then?"

"Yeah. If you want to."

Ichiko spun around and gave a titillating peck in the cheek. Then after staring at one another for a moment, they merged their lips for a long kiss and a passionate embrace.

"They could be watching," said Rei.

"I don't care."

Ichiko kissed Rei again, and finally hurried off home to sleep.

Her family became foster and even stranger to her in the morning, more so than the revelation of her real mother's existence. Despite all her apparent delinquency, they all remained nice to her, and even Rin forgave her stepdaughter for refusing her offer of a shopping date. Today though she persisted, and even suggested that they bring along the whole family.

In her smile, Ichiko replied, "I'm visiting someone."

"Is it your girlfriend?" asked Kenji, her little brother.

"Something like that."

In all immediacy, she headed out of the house with her key belongings and with her family's worried eyes following her until she disappeared from view. She was literally running to Rei's apartment with elated urgency, and did not hesitate to enter using the key given to her.

The apartment interior was a bit of a mess, but it could not spoil the sight of beautiful Rei who emerged from the bedroom in a cyan blouse and jeans. After closing the door, Ichiko dropped her bag, kicked away her shoes, and then met her mother in the small living room in a loving and kissing embrace. Even if had been almost twelve hours ago, Ichiko had missed Rei very much.

Practically the entire day was spent with Rei. From breakfast to sleep, Ichiko did not bother to go home and fortunately no phone call from her other family beckoned her to go back. Between meals, she spent her time in Rei's embrace, and sometimes it was the other way around. Sometime after dinner they attempted to make love only to find difficulty in the discomfort of the tiny bedroom and the crowded living room. Twice each Ichiko and Rei had accidentally bumped their heads, and with the mood destroyed the simply lay down with one another half-naked.

"This place feels more like those coffin rooms downtown," said Ichiko.

"I did stay in one of those," said Rei. "It's comfy if you use a fluffy mattress. The downside is you can't keep a lot of porn, and when you masturbate someone's bound to watch you."


"It might be risky, but we can go to a Love Hotel."

"A lot of people know us."

"I know, but maybe if we drive out to the next town no one will recognize us."

"You don't have a car."

"I don't, but I have ways of acquiring transportation."

Rei enlisted the assistance of the transgendered landlordess's motorcycle she was granted permission to use however she wished due to the untold favors Rei had instilled to her. Dressed for the road, Rei and Ichiko headed west at high speeds whilst narrowly avoiding accidents, rival bike gangs, and the police. Such a dangerous stimulus was actually arousing to Ichiko, especially when she was granted to grip Rei's breasts if needed.

They arrived in an idyllic small city or large town too nice for their own good, and went straight into the only Love Hotel they had. Or rather, the majority of the citizens would deny they had a love hotel or simply were not aware they had one. No one had recognized them so far, and to further obscure their identities, both wore jackets with hoods and dark sunglasses and paid in cash. Due to Ichiko's tomboyish looks, Rei would convince the receptionist that "he" was really eighteen. Then again, Ichiko was somewhat tall for her age, and growing still.

They couldn't hold it within them any longer. Right as they entered they immediately threw off their jackets and began making out. One of them, it was hard to tell which, pushed the other onto the bed and furiously began running each other's hands and fingers under their shirts or blouses and panties. With so much room to make love in, they had no qualms rolling over and about, and even tossed away their clothes they stripped from each other with expected disregard.

Ichiko took the aggressive edge in pleasing her Rei through and through, and made sure that she pleasured her as well. Hours later they ended with Ichiko on top straddling and riding Rei's pelvis so that their vulvae were in full contact. She had a perverse grin when she saw her lover scream out in orgasm, and likewise Ichiko followed suit. She threw herself onto Rei's body, clutching her shoulders and then her breasts as she shared more kisses. They wrapped their legs and arms around each other and lay on their sides staring once more at their beautiful eyes.

"Shouldn't you be home?" asked Rei.

"I'd rather be with you," said Ichiko.

"I am surprised we did it again. Knowing that we're..."

"Yes, it is wrong, and yet I don't feel any fear or worry. Rather, it's just this numbness in the back of my head prodding me once in a while that our love for each other is wrong in the face of society. And yet when I am with you, all worries are thrown off and feel a sense of warmth that's just too heavenly. Tell me, why did you fall in love with me?"

"I just thought you're just a beautiful flower. And you?"

"A rough yet beautiful gem." Ichiko stirred so that she was resting on Rei's breasts. "I have always been lesbian as long as I can remember. You're not exactly the first. It happened at my last year in middle school when I confessed my feelings to a girl in the same class as me."

"Was it Kazuko?"

"No, it was someone different. Kazuko caught us when we were making out in the gym storage, and she told everyone, including my father. We were then lectured by everyone about how it was just a phase that it was woman's responsibility to bear children and become the pillar of the nuclear family. The girl I fell in love with was transferred way out of my reach, and went into a fit of depression for weeks until Kazuko comforted me. Back then, I should have realized that Kazuko was in love with me the whole time, and yet why didn't she confess her feelings to me? Now that I think about it, it was also the same time we stopped being friends with Sumiko, and..."

"Perhaps she liked one of you?"


"Honestly, I would have been relieved if you settled with Kazuko if it hadn't been with her 'problem'."

"Mother, I don't just fall in love with the gender. It's the person I am after."

"I'm not that different from Kazuko. I want to protect you as well."

"That is true, but you at least allow me the freedom to become what I want."

"A sexy girl sexing her own sexy mother."

"That was very blunt."

"Yeah, I know."

"And I don't care. I want to be with you forever if I must."

It worried Rei a bit, and she wondered if this was a roundabout way for she and her daughter to become one again. But as Ichiko had implied, Rei had fallen in love with the person instead of the gender, let alone the blood. The infant she had given up and the girl she held in her arms were in all senses different people.

Rei gripped her Ichiko's cheek and pulled up for a long kiss, and then they slept for the night.

Hand-in-hand, she escorted her daughter down the street closer to her house of her foster family, but not so close or that any of the Nikkì family would notice the presence of Rei.

"I don't want to let you go," said Ichiko.

"I don't want to either."

"But people will find out."

"I know."

Their hands parted and lingered in the sunrise morning. Finally, Ichiko turned around and after a stroke of Rei's cheek and hair she kissed her.

"I am still a rational being," Ichiko declared. "And what I rationalize is that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with our relationship."

There was a strong and determined fearsomeness in Ichiko's eyes the likes of which impressed Rei so much that she grinned perversely.

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