Story: Sunflower Mama (chapter 7)

Authors: StarCross

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Chapter 7

Title: Deflower

Sunflower Mama
Petal 07 - Deflower
by StarCross

She was struck at the head once. And then twice. At the third time she woke up in a confused daze, and Ichiko looked down to see three cartoony "super-deformed" versions of popular giant robots or mecha toys on the floor. The mecha-loving history teacher was fuming, and after a brief fit of laughter from the other students he finally resumed the lesson until the end of the class period.

Alas, Ichiko went back to sleep. Kazuko to her left sighed in exasperation, while Sumiko sitting at the head of the class rolled her eyes.

The three of them sat together during lunch in the classroom. Ichiko reviewed the notes Kazuko took down and while she ate the lunch cooked by her grandmother she furiously began completing her homework assigned to from previous class periods.

"There is a reason why they call it homework," said Sumiko.

"I don't want to waste a minute of my life," said Ichiko.

"So you can sleep in the evening and sneak out in the middle of midnight?"

"Sumiko!" snapped Kazuko.

"I'm not saying that she does this. I am merely giving fair warning of the rash of vigilantism happening the unsavory parts of our lovely city. I heard from my brothers that members of the local gangs and mob groups were found beaten up in the alleyways and their women--prostitutes most likely--vanishing in thin air. Not that I care for their lot. If you think about it though, it's al good for us since they would be policing their own rat hole."

"You can't really mean that."

"It is my opinion, even if it is wrong. Well anyway, my time limit is up for you guys. I have to meet my clique before they start to get suspicious."

"I think they already are."

"I'll be the judge of that."

Sumiko coolly waved goodbye as she left the classroom.

"How long has it been since Sumiko been hanging out with us?" Kazuko asked.

"More than a week," yawned Ichiko.

"I guess you are right about her still being friends with us, and it's almost as if we never broke up. Maybe I should apologize to her."

"She does not expect it."

"You're right. She has that kind of attitude handling such things, which I still don't like."

Ichiko yawned again.

"I really don't want to complain about you," said Kazuko, "and that's because you're still at the top of our class. But Ichiko, Sumiko and I are getting suspicious about you. Are you really sneaking out at night?"

Ichiko grinned. "Of course I am. I am a costumed crime fighter protecting our city from evil and bad womanizing from every damsel in distress to much success."

Kazuko chuckled. "You're kidding?"

"I'm not."

"All right, all right, it's a joke. I admit though that even though you're still shorter you're starting to become like your mother Rei."

"I suppose I am."

"How is she doing anyway? We haven't seen her during lunch or after school. And your environmental club president and vice president say she stopped attending their excursions. Everyone misses her."

"Considering her reputation, she has a good reason to not come."

"I guess you're right."

Ichiko closed up her notebooks and books, and stuff them into her bag.

"I'm starting make good timing," she said. "Now I can sleep... In the next class."

Ichiko cleared off her desk and leaned forward to bury her head into her arms. She didn't fall asleep right away, for she felt a hand holding hers.

"I still love you," said Kazuko.

Ichiko sighed, and moved her eyes to her friend's face.



"Would you still love me if I was dating a different girl every night?"

"You know you would never do that. I know you. You're the purest girl I have ever laid my eyes on."

"You shouldn't love a monster like me."

"I'm the monster!"

"You could get corrupted."

"Then I'll become corrupted for you!"

"But you have so much going on for you. You're the star player of the team, everyone likes you, and after me you have the best grades. You also have to study to become a lawyer in college and there's your father to take care of."

"Ichiko, I'll give up everything for you. I am sure my father can take of himself."

Ichiko gently pushed her friend's hand away, and then she stood up to head over to the bathroom. She stopped at the doorway to say this:

"Another week then."

"I won't give up on you," said Kazuko.

"You know I don't like doing this to you."

"I am a patient woman."

When school ended, Ichiko nearly missed her Environmental Club. She politely rejected the secretary position offered by the president and vice president due to her own supposed problems at home, and the fact that every meeting since she made up with Rei she focuses solely on finishing her homework and sleeping intermittently.

This was the eighth time, and Motoko and Haruko had enough. When they adjourned their meeting, they took Ichiko aside as the rest of their members had been going home.

"I have been hearing from Kazuko that you have been staying up at night," said Motoko.

"Yeah," yawned Ichiko. "Fighting evil in the moonlight and winning love in the daylight is no cakewalk."

The club president and vice president looked at each other with uneasy frowns.

"We're not amused," said Haruko. "We appreciate you coming here every meeting, but if you don't stay awake and stop doing your homework you'll make our club look bad."

"Just as long as I do my volunteer work I should be well awake," said Ichiko.

"I find your change in behavior a bit appalling," said Motoko. "If you're not going to be serious about this, I may have to ask you to resign from the club."

"When my mother was here, she wasn't serious."

"True," said Haruko, "but at least she wasn't sleepy."

"And also," added Motoko, "you were there to keep her in line, kind of a yin-yang relationship. It has become apparent to the both of us her personality is manifesting within you, and there is no other 'Ichiko' to correct it."

"So you're saying that you can't function without my mother being around?" asked Ichiko. "You realize that she nearly got us killed once when she took for our drunk bus driver."

"No, I don't mean that. It's just you that's causing our current problem."

"In that case, I apologize for my behavior. I shall resign effective immediately."

"You didn't have to go that far," said Haruko. "Maybe you can take a break from your duties for a month, or join the club next year."

"You know Ichiko," said Motoko, "Haruko and I were planning on making you the president."

Ichiko wasn't too surprised. The president and vice president fawned over since her induction, and the very reason they had confronted her like this was that they really cared.

"I shouldn't really," said Ichiko. "There many second year students vying for the top positions."

"You are the most qualified," said Motoko.

"I am flattered, but I prefer to wait until I am in final year to become president. Chances are I'll be the school council president if I work hard enough. In any case, I'll take your advice and take a break."

"Even though it wouldn't be permanent, we'll miss you," said Haruko.

"Say hello to your mother for us, will you?" said Motoko.

"I will," grinned Ichiko.

Feigning normalcy, Ichiko went directly home and had dinner with her little brother and her grandparents. She had her shower and then pretended to do her already finished homework by sleeping for a few hours until everyone was asleep. At around 10:10 PM, she snuck out of the house through the front door all dressed up for another night out.

Such was not the case when Ichiko would meet her mother at the bus stop, for Rei decided to surprise her daughter at the corner of the street not far from the house. However, Ichiko had already spotted the long shadow of Rei cast by the street lamp, and continued to walk normally as if she had not seen her mother. Rei, however, got ready to pounce and hug her daughter, but she quickly prevented herself from doing so, knowing well that her breasts would rub onto her daughter's back and her neck. Ichiko stopped right there so she could turn towards her mother, who stood stupidly frozen as if she was trying to scare someone.

"You almost forgot," said Ichiko.

Rei finally moved and scratched the side of her head. "Yeah, I know. I'm not supposed to do that kind of thing since you have a fondness for boobs."

"That doesn't mean we still can't hug. On second that, we'd better not. Our breasts would rub. I mean, I'll get hot. I mean, let's just go."

"Okey dokey."

Ichiko knew well that she really wasn't supposed to hang out with her mother, especially when the attraction was still residual. The very reason she was with her was because Rei in her street wisdom knew of many places that were secret, public, and in-between where women who have a romantic or sexual interest with other women would gather. And Rei, in all her responsibility, was obligated to have her daughter meet these women in order to wean off the attraction she held for her. Rei was quite open of her daughter's sexuality, for after all both liked beautiful creatures, and in particular it would be women. She wasn't too anxious about Ichiko meeting older women, some of whom were older than thirty years of age. Ichiko herself would not be allowed into such adult-only occasions without Rei's sponsorship and supervision. She only attended these meetings to look after her daughter. Plus, she would have some fun with the other women attracted to her.

"So are we going to the same place?" Ichiko asked when they waited for a taxi.

"We can't since those mob thugs were found beaten to near-death at that alleyway."

"I see. We'd better watch ourselves next time."

"It'll be at a mansion up north. The wife of a well-known businessman is holding a women-only party in the guise of a baby shower for her daughter."

"I hope her husband doesn't find out."

"Oh, he already knows. He won't tell though in exchange that she doesn't tell anyone outside of his frequent fling with foreign mistresses--some of which are actually cross dressers and transsexuals."

"The richer people are, the more their eccentricities show."

"It what makes live interesting."

The mansion they arrived in was a blend of western and eastern architectural styling. Ichiko and Rei's taxi rode around a roundabout surrounding a fountain and dropped them off at the front door. The cross-dressing maids in butler uniforms opened the doors, and a special announcement of their arrival was made especially for them although it was mostly done for Rei's sake and ego. Rei's appearance was always a sign that the party truly started, and the addition of her biological was a welcome addition, for Ichiko was viewed as a beautiful, budding, and coveted flower.

For this occasion, live music and dancing was offered in the cavernous dining hall, and special dancing shoes were offered for all guests so as not to dirty up the pristine white carpets, tatami mats, and the white marble tiles.

At that point of their entrance, Rei and Ichiko would immediately split up. Then, two groups of women would gravitate towards them. Rei would entertain her group of younger women with dirty jokes and exaggerated stories of her exploits, and in contrast Ichiko would discuss with the older and more powerful women about her political ideals and her thoughts of the nation's role in the world stage, particularly in her strong views in protecting the world's environment. It was fortunate for her that Rei had introduced her to such women, many who had connections to the country's government and major business conglomerates through their husbands, relatives, clients, and constituents. Half at least assured Ichiko that her wishes for a better world would be brought to the people in power, but even Ichiko knew well that it would come to fruit. Still though, Ichiko had to keep trying for someday her ideals might pass through.

Despite being fifteen turning sixteen, Ichiko carried herself like an adult, and even had the intelligence that surpassed at least half the party guests twice or three times her age in the various gatherings she attended. All the women knew about her age and relation to her mother, but it did not prevent them in courting her, and in some instances grope her discreetly. Not once though did Rei come to her rescue, because Ichiko insisted that she should keep her distance. "I can defend myself, thank you very much," Ichiko had said. Then she remembered that she said a similar thing before to her estranged best friend.

She was often asked out to dance, and inevitably asked out on dates that she agreed to on occasion. A few professed their love for her, and unfortunately for them she would smile in a flattery and thank them for their honesty. She would then say to them that the feeling was mutual, and Rei had often stated that her daughter was such a blunt heart breaker.

"I still haven't broken many hearts than you have," Ichiko said to Rei.

"True though," winced Rei. "I guess mine is double since a lot of boys are after me and my boobs."

Despite Rei's best efforts, Ichiko wasn't happy. Was it because she had not found the perfect woman for herself? Was Rei too imposing? Or is it that she was still attracted to her own mother? In truth, Ichiko forced herself to attend these women-only gatherings so she could forget her forbidden lust, but with Rei so close it was becoming impossible. Even if she wasn't present, the feeling would still linger almost dangerously. She was worried, and she wondered if she should date boys instead of girls.

With her throat so parched from talking, Ichiko retreated to a bar for a glass of juice. As she drank, she noticed a sad woman sitting at the end, and in her pity she shuffled over to comfort her.

"Are you okay miss?" Ichiko asked.

The woman sighed. "I'm still not over her."

"I guess we're in the same boat. I'm not over the woman I'm in love with, but I can't be with her due to great barrier separating us."

"Indeed. Mine dumped me because she was getting to some rich man. The gall of her. She said that we'd be together forever. We stuck it out since high school!"

"I don't think we have talked yet. My name is Ichiko Nikk├┤."



"You're Ichiko?"

"That's right."

The woman lifted her head and faced Ichiko with utter shock.

"Is something wrong ma'am."

"Ah, no! It's nothing! Will you excuse me?"

"Yo Yukiko!" Rei called out.


"Fancy seeing you here. I thought you dropped off the face of the planet since your breakup."

"Technically I didn't since I am a public figure. It's just that I wanted to meet someone, but instead I see my own student here."

"Yukiko..." said Ichiko. "Principal Himawari?"

"Hello Ichiko," said Himawari.

Ichiko completely didn't recognize her. Her hair was a different color, and she had on makeup and clothing that contrasted her reserved look at Sunflower Academy. Then again, Ichiko didn't exactly see the Principal on a daily basis, and it was likely she washed off the reddish dye beforehand to reveal her dark hair.

"Let me guess," frowned Ichiko. "You knew her since you were kids."

"Of course not," said Rei. "We met in a gathering like this a few years ago."

"And what exactly did you do with them?"

"Nothing! Okay, so I helped make a sex video of them."

"Sachiko!" whined Himawari. "Why do you do this to me?"

"Surely you didn't watch that video over and over when she got married."

Himawari sniffed. "I have."

"If you want, I can hand my daughter over to you."

"No, you can't," said Himawari. "It's improper for me to have relations with a student."

"This is a private gathering Yukiko, and you and Ichiko know this. You have to throw out your public personas and have fun with one another."

"But this is your own daughter you're talking about. I'm just as old as you."

"I don't mind having a daughter-in-law the same age as me. Ichiko, you should ask the woman for a dance. That way, you'll get to know the real Yukiko."

"Um, okay," said Ichiko.

Taking her principal's hand, Ichiko led Himawari to the dance floor where there was enough space for two of them to slow dance in their world to the sounds of half-disco ballads. Nervously they held one another, hands and bosoms and all.

"Principal," said Ichiko.

"Just call me Yukiko."

"Okay. Are you doing okay?"


"I want to do all that I can to make you feel better."

"You don't have to push yourself dear Ichiko."

"I am really sorry that you broke up. When did it happen?"

"Before you entered high school."

"You didn't look depressed whenever I saw you."

"I hid it well, for despite my orientation I had obligation to take care of the students. It was the responsibility handed over from the one who founded the school. I am in debt to his never-ending charity that continues even after his death. That man happens to be your grandfather. As in, Rei's mother."

"My grandfather founded the school?"

Himawari nodded. "It was his best intention to have a school where students are not encumbered by familial reputation and lineages. I found it ironic that you entered, though at first I did not believe Rei had a daughter like yourself."

"Then my father and grandfather had their best intentions when they enrolled me here."

"I believe their reason was selfish on their part since they cannot erase their ties to the syndicate, but in the end they did it for you."

"Then perhaps my mother moving here was no coincidence."

"Perhaps, but when I met her she carried a heavy weight of sadness behind her facade. She may get along with everyone, and she may be universally loved, but your mother is very lonely."

"She has been traveling a lot, but I don't know where she had gone ever since she left me in my father's hands."

"She is still a mysterious woman. If I hadn't been so into my lover, I might have fallen for her. Speaking of which, do I happen to know the person you're trying to get over?"

"I think you know."

"So it's Kazuko then. You two were quite close."

"Childhood friends."

"You two do look perfect."

"Too perfect."

"How so?"

"I just can't explain it, but I feel that I feel so smothered when I am around her. Maybe that's why I can't return her feelings."

"I am sorry to say."


"Say Ichiko."


"I have to confess that I had a crush on you when I first saw you."

"I didn't know."

"And if you don't mind, I'd like to ask you out for a date."

"I don't mind."

Himawari hugged Ichiko tighter. "I think I'm falling for you."

Ichiko heard it many times from a different woman during past parties and dances, all of which she turned down in the end. She had to follow through though, in order to give Himawari a chance, and to give herself another chance at a new potential lover.

They continued their slow dance into the night, and it was then she saw Rei's sad eyes gleaming back at her. Rei looked away ashamedly, and asked the female bartender for another drink that she began drinking down. She was looking pale, lifeless even, and she brushed away all the young women who tried to talk to her.

It was too much for Ichiko to bear. Suddenly, but gently, she pushed Himawari away.


"I am sorry Principal," said Ichiko. "I don't think it'll work out."

"I see. It probably isn't a good idea anyway."

"At least I got to know you better, and I don't mind if we just became friends."

"That would be sufficient."

"I have to go home now, and you should too considering we both have school tomorrow."

"You are right about that. I still have to set an example for the students."

"I will see you then."

"Take care."

Ichiko swiftly flew over to the bar and tapped the shoulder of a resting Rei.

"I want to go home," said Ichiko.

"Did something happen?" Rei asked. "Did she touch you inappropriately? Or asked for sex?"

"It's none of the above. I just want to go home."

"Go on ahead."

"I want to go home with you."

Rei blinked. "Okay."

Taking their purses and their shoes, they boarded a waiting taxi and head back to their neighborhood. As they got off though, the pace of their walking was slow, and the distance between them, however short, was too far in their hearts.

"At the very least you can fake being happy and perverted," said Ichiko. "Maybe even get drunk off your ass."

"What do you mean?" asked Rei.

"You know what I mean. You looked pathetic back there."

"What do you expect? My daughter is growing up, right? A parent, especially a mother, is bound to be sad when they are to be taken away by their significant other."

Ichiko stopped and turned around.

"You've been acting this way since we started this thing."

"Not initially though."

"If you're not going to enjoy this through and through then don't bother coming with me. I can get into those gatherings by myself. As a matter of fact, I'm considering dropping it all together and become a normal straight girl by dating boys."

"You wouldn't..."

"I know I wouldn't, because what I'm really doing is threatening you. Mother, I don't like seeing you like this. You're not shedding tears of joy because I am growing up. You're only sad because you don't want to let me go."

Rei turned away, but she cannot take off her eyes from her daughter's face.

"The truth is mother, I miss those times we shared in that apartment, even if you were perverse slob. I had a sense of purpose. No, it was a love from me when we were together. I want to return to that time."

"Ichiko," said Rei, "that's the very thing we're trying to avoid."

"I know, but I know I can fight the attraction. I am a rational being."

"You keep saying that Ichiko, but it's impossible to rationalize everything. The truth is that both of us are irrational monkeys. Sooner or later we are going to cross the line. Are you prepared for that consequence?"

Ichiko kept silent.

"Are you?"

"I am."

"Good. Wow, the way we talked felt like we were going into a battle something."

"Doesn't really match the mood."

"In any case bring your computer back when you visit. I have to catch up with all the porn videos I have missed. Don't worry though; it'll go on in my USB keychain thing. Oh, and bring some snacks. And some cleaning supplies."

"I'm coming back for that?"

"Hey you wanted to."

"Okay, okay, I'll try to get what I can for tomorrow. I guess I can bring my anime video discs there when I got bored."

"Not anime again! You've seen that New Era thing like two times."

"I have, but you haven't."

"Of course I have!"

"Then do you remember all the girls who had crushes on the main characters?"

"I can name a few... but that's geek knowledge!"

"If I have to put with you, you have to put with me."

"Ichiko darling!"

"Don't whine! Now go home and clean your place up for my arrival, but why do I bother telling you this? You'll just fall asleep instead, and I end up doing the majority of the work."

"Oh, okay."

"Well, I'll see you."

Ichiko walked off, but sensed that her mother was still steps behind her. She turned around and faced a somber Rei instead of the happy Rei.

"Did I forget something?" Ichiko asked.

All of a sudden, Rei drew her into a tight intimate hug that increased her heartbeat tenfold. Rei was essentially sniffing up Ichiko's being from her hair, neck, her shoulders, and her breasts collided with her daughter's. Ichiko was blushing. She could smell her mother, which was sweet and addicting. Her mother's knee was up her groin, as was Ichiko's knee up her mother's. She was becoming wet, but slowly though, and though they shouldn't have done this, she wanted to prolong the embrace by gripping her mother's shoulders and back.

Eventually they snapped back into reality, and after separating smiled uneasily at the awkwardness of their hug.

"Sorry," said Rei. "I shouldn't have done that."

"Spur of the moment thing?"

"Yeah. Um, I guess I'll go now."


Resuming her regular visit to her mother meant that she didn't have to do her homework in class or right after school. Since that also meant she had dropped all her attendance to the women-only gatherings in various parts of the city, she didn't have to resort to sleeping right after dinner or sleeping during school.

Rei visited her daughter at school sporadically, but not enough to make it a full return. Ichiko didn't even resume her environmental club duties even though Motoko and Haruko insisted on the account of Rei. Ichiko was now acting normally, yet happier.

But she had become somewhat of a truant to her own family. Almost everyday she did not eat with her parents during dinner, and often times during breakfast, including on weekends. On the questions to where she was going, she replied truthfully, albeit brusquely, that she was visiting her real mother.

It became more distressing to her stepmother, Rin. On one Saturday, she wanted to go shopping at the eastern part of the city with Ichiko and no one else.

"I have been planning this for so long," said Rin. "This may not come again given the amount of work piling up on me."

"Sorry, but I don't think I can go."

Rin's face twitched, but forced herself to keep her smile. "Oh, I see. You're going to that woman's apartment again."

"She has a name, and she's my mother."

"But I'm your mother now!"

"I'm sorry, but shopping just to spend money on corporate greed no longer interest me. I'm going now."

Right as Ichiko left the house's premises, Rin would sometimes throw herself into fit, and just once she shattered a vase against the wall. She voiced her complaints to Ken'ichi and her grandparents-in-law, but in reality they could do nothing but say that Ichiko was growing up. Even after calling her own stepdaughter and ungrateful ingrate, she continued her attempts to befriend her.

It did hurt Ichiko knowing that she was causing distress to her stepmother, but at least she was assured by the fact that Kenji was now keeping Rin company considering that he was biologically her son. Her little brother still had no idea that her older sister was only half-related to her, but she began to have some thoughts that he had already found out but had kept his mouth shut for the sake of the family.

Currently her only desire was to see her mother, and such a desire was strong ever since the revisits resumed. The plan for today, besides making lunch and dinner, was to watch all thirteen episodes of an anime called Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito, roughly translated to The Traveler of Darkness, Hats, and Books. They used a second hand LCD TV Rei had finally managed to buy using Ken'ichi's money combined with Ichiko's allowance money.

While Ichiko watched the program intently, Rei slept through most of it save for an infamous masturbation scene and the sad kiss in the end. At the very least, she understood the general plot of the anime and thought it sucked based on the fact that main character, a girl, doesn't quite get the girl, who is an immortal deity.

"Getting her virgin-pregnant by her lover to give birth to her lover is a fucking cop-out," remarked Rei.

"You do have to consider the audience they are making this for," said Ichiko.

"Horny fanboys and whatnot. That last one, Somethingzuki no Miko wasn't all too pleasing."

"You weren't awake after the end credits. I keep telling you that they do reunite in the end."

"All these lesbian anime are a bore. Now the Angel of Depression series is awesome."

"Then why didn't you insist on watching that instead?"

"We already seen it again! And every time we see it you'll always burst into sappy tears, and I end up having to comfort you--without groping you.

"Ah jeez. Watching Yamisomething is gonna have my head spinning if I don't get something to drink. I mean, is that girl gonna shag her own daughter when she grows up?"

The two looked at each other silently, and then turned away in embarrassment.

"Um, in any case, I'm going to start up the shower. You wanna go in first?"

"You go. I'll, um, begin preparing dinner."

"Okay then."

Within the limited space of the apartment home, Ichiko and Rei went their separate ways, with the former arranging the kitchen and starting the oven, and Rei stripping herself in the bedroom not so far off. She had bought a bead curtain to replace the door Ichiko destroyed when she punched her mother, but it did nothing to obscure her beautiful silhouette Ichiko could not take her eyes off.

"Are you in the bathroom now?" Ichiko yelled.

"I am."

"Okay. I'm going into the room to wait."

"Sure thing."

She left the pot on the on the burner, and went in the room to sit in the bed to wait. It should have been wiser for her to just wait in the living room, but she couldn't move from her spot. Ichiko remained only to listen to the shower falling in the bathtub, and imagining the beads of water rolling over Rei's perfect-smooth curves, particularly her breasts onto her nipples, and down across her butt. Her hair would be drenched, and she would be exhaling as if she was in ecstasy.

Ichiko was already wet in her panties, and her nipples were hard. Her arms wrapped around her own body in her attempt to restrain her own illicit thoughts of her mother, and it was closer in becoming useless. She had to fight it off, just for another day, just like all the days before.

I shouldn't even be here, Ichiko thought.


Ichiko looked up, and her mother loomed over drenched, but with a robe loosely covering her.

"The shower's all yours."

Ichiko nodded. She got off the bed and began taking of her clothes right down to her underwear. She could feel her mother staring at her, stunned maybe, at her nubile body, and yet neither did nothing to avoid each other's presence.

"Mother," said Ichiko. "I need help."

"Oh, okay."

Ichiko faced away, and allowed her mother to unhook her bra. She then covered her breasts, and slowly turned around.

I just need to get past her. It's all I need to do.

"You want me to move?" Rei asked.

Ichiko stared up to her mother, and the two were now frozen in their moment. Taking one step forward, Ichiko craned her mother's head down and locked her lips with her. Their tongues wrestled, their hands moved across their backs and down to their butts, and their naked breasts cushioned one another as they moved towards the bed.

Ichiko was on her back, and her mother continued to kiss her and fondle her left breast. Ichiko mustered all her strength to push her away, and stare in her desperate eyes.

"You don't have to satisfy me just to make me happy," said Ichiko.

"What if I want to do this?" asked Rei. "So that I can be happy."

"I won't forgive you if you hold back."

"I won't."

Rei pressed her body onto Ichiko so that their breasts wrestled with one another, and resumed kissing. A minute of making out had passed. Rei threw off her robe and pulled the panties of Ichiko's body. With no space on the bed to do proper cunnilingus, Rei propped Ichiko up so that she was on her shoulders and that her vulva and legs were in the air. Her butt was now comfortably resting on Rei's breasts, and Rei proceeded to lick and suck the entirety of Ichiko's labia and clitoris. Ichiko wailed, and thrashed within herself in all her pleasurable trembling. She rubbed her own breasts to increase the overall pleasure in her own body, but she wanted Rei's hand to touch her. She forced at least one onto her breasts, and finally smiled.

Rei eventually finished, and she scooted back to spread her legs for Ichiko to see.

"Now you do me," said Rei. "It's just like those videos we saw--and those anime lesbian pictures."

Ichiko nodded. She bent over and began licking.

"That's good!" Rei moaned. "It's perfect!"

Sometime in her midst of pleasing Rei's vagina with her tongue, Ichiko thought, deep in the back of her head, that this was where she came from, for there was no sign of cesarean scars on Rei's pure body. The place of her origin, she soon realized, was the most beautiful sight, and she sensually devoured it with gusto.

Just like how she came into Rei's mouth, Rei also came similarly into Ichiko's mouth. She scooped up every thread of her ejaculate into her mouth before she shared it with Rei in one long sloppy kiss. Then Ichiko spun Rei and pounced her onto her back on the bed, where she proceeded to suck at each of her breast and her nipples.

This is where she fed me from, Ichiko thought. She did not bite, as it would be improper, but she used her tongue to give it a proper cleaning as well as pleasure. Rei did not lactate on the spot, fortunately, and Ichiko was grown up enough to survive without the life-giving milk her mother bestowed on her.

Amidst heavy kissing, the two sat up, and then they wrapped their legs around each other in a way that their vulvas and their breasts were pressed against one another. Tightly they held each other, and their kissing continued as they began their final stages of their lovemaking where they would come together by rubbing their vaginas in mutual pleasure.

They kept on humping, and soon Rei's back against the wall to absorb the shock for Ichiko. Even as they kissed they continued to stare deeply into each other's moaning and pleasuring faces, and did not want to break eye contact lest they lose intimate sight of each other. Both knew what they were doing was wrong in the society at large, and yet they couldn't stop. Or rather, they did not want to stop. The relationship between mother and daughter and girlfriend and girlfriend were dissolved into each other, and the two individuals who were once one body became one again after years of separation.

"Don't ever leave me again!" Rei moaned.

"I won't!"

"I love you so much!"

"I love you too Rei... mother!"

And finally they ejaculated into one another in unified cry. The continued kissing as they slowly fell onto to the bed with their bodies still in full contact. Then they allowed themselves to stare lovingly at one another, with Ichiko stroking her mother's long damp hair on occasion.

Ichiko closed her eyes, and saw the sunflower within her, totally deflowered, and has withered and passed away.

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