Story: Evangelion - Lucid dreams (chapter 5)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 5

Title: Who will love me?

[Author's notes: When the levee breaks...]

“How did it go?” Ritsuko asked slyly over the phone.

“How do you think it fucking went? I jus’ told a young girl she was a goddamn clone and she didn't have a real fucking family, I mean she almost killed herself! How would you feel if someone told you some shit like that?” Misato barked over her cellphone as she felt like reaching through the phone and breaking the good doctor’s neck.

“Yes, it's terrible but she's going to pilot Unit-5 right?” Ritsuko’s voice hardened.

“Didn't you hear what I just said? She almost killed herself!” Misato yelled and kicked a pile of cloths on the floor.

“I jus' told you it was terrible I know, but Yui wants a report. Is she going to do it?” Ritsuko ordered as she typed away at her computer. Misato slapped her face, as her words didn't’t seem to concern Ritsuko in the least.

“I don’t know she hasn't said a word in the last couple of hours, Asuka and Rei are comforting her.” Misato looked over to the girl’s room and sighed.

“You got 2 hours to get an answer out of that girl and Misato...” Ritsuko cleared her throat. “...Be quick about it.”

“You!” Misato started to complain as Ritsuko just hung up on her.

“That rotten bitch!” Misato gripped her phone tightly and looked at her door again.

“Poor Hikari, I hope she’s doing ok.”

In Rei and Asuka's room the three sat on the bed. Rei sat behind Hikari and combed her hair as Asuka painted her toenails.

“How’s that look Hikari-chan?” Asuka asked sweetly, lifting the girl’s foot up slightly. Hikari just stared at the wall, as she didn’t even look down.

“Hikari?” Asuka asked softly as Rei leaned over the girl’s shoulder. Hikari’s eye’s started watering again as she covered her face. Both girl’s hugged Hikari tightly as she sobbed.

“Hikari, please stop crying you have nothing to be ashamed about.” Asuka whispered softly as she kissed her on the neck.

“Stop it Asuka, Jus’ leave me alone!” Yelled Hikari as she pushed the red head back.

“You are what you are Hikari-chan, and you need to deal with it, all me and Asuka want to do is help you.” Rei rocked Hikari slowly as Asuka crawled back to the distressed girl.

“What would anyone want with a clone? I-I’m just a worthless piece of trash.” Hikari groaned as she let Asuka into her arms.

“We’ll be your family, we’ll be your sisters, and we’ll be…” Rei said caringly as she took a deep breathe. “…Your lovers.”

“R-Really?” Hikari sniffled loudly as she looked into Asuka’s smiling face. Asuka nodded as she leaned in again and kissed Hikari squarely on the lips this time.

“Yeah silly, we’d do anything to you… I mean anything for you.” Asuka joked as she licked the tip of Hikari’s nose.

“You two really are… strange.” Hikari moaned with embarrassment as Rei cupped her breasts from behind. Asuka and Rei quickly laid Hikari to their bed and began to strip down as Hikari shyly followed suit. Soon the three girls all laid naked together, kissing and touching each other sensuously. Asuka and Rei held Hikari under their frisky fingers and smooth tongues as the brown haired squirmed lovingly.

“What’s wrong Hikari? You’re trembling? Rei looked up at the girl’s contorting face as she flicked her tongue over Hikari’s stiff nipple.

“Hehehe it’s your first time is’in?” Asuka giggled as she pulled at the brown-haired girl’s pubic hair, causing her to squirm.

“Y-yes, s-so please... be gentle.” Hikari groaned meekly as she looked up at both girls grinning down at her.

“It’s that look again.”

Hikari remembered the strange look from early as she flashed back to both Asuka and Rei constantly flashing it at different times.

“I thought you liked it rough, don’t tell me your going soft on me Hikari-chan?” Asuka licked her lips and yanked on Hikari’s pubic hair, making the enthralled girl yelped.

“But Asuka, it’s her first time maybe we should go easy on her.” Rei retorted as she drilled her tongue in the red head’s ear. Suddenly a twisted smile crept up the side of Asuka face.

“How about good girl, bad girl?” Asuka suggested brightly as Rei purred her approval.

“Please hurry, I-I’m going crazy.” Hikari’s body started to burn for attention of the two girls as she reached up and cupped both of their faces in her hands.

“Your so cute Hikari-chan.” Asuka gripped Hikari's chest roughly as Rei dropped swiftly between her legs and began sucking on the girl’s already soaking gap. Asuka pinched Hikari’s nipples harshly, pulling one and sucking on the other then alternating back and fore as Rei sunk her tongue and fingers deep, but gently into Hikari's lower orifices passionately.

Asuka and Rei switched off continuously on Hikari’s body as they covered her in sweat and sex. The unbridled lust and bliss was like a heavy blanket over them as they breathed and tasted in each other’s unique scents and flavor.

“I-I’m going to…” Hikari moaned hotly as she held her legs apart for Asuka as the blue-eyed girl pumped her fingers violently into her drenched twat and tight asshole.

The pain and pleasure rocketed Hikari’s body to new heights as she felt her first orgasm given to her by another person smashed into her like a tide wave.

“Ohhhh my GOD!!!” Screamed Hikari as she came so hard, her body tensed to the point as she crammed in several different places at once. Both Rei and Asuka leaned back panting and sweating as Hikari body twitched.

“Was it good for you?” Asuka joked as she wiped a bit of sweat from her forehead. Rei just watched cum pour out the brown haired girl’s slit and stain her sheets.

“Hehehe when was the last time you “took care” of yourself Hikari?” Rei smirked as she scooped her fingers up Hikari’s drenched gap.

“I-I-I.” Hikari was speechless as she stared at the ceiling.

“So cute…” Rei smiled as she stuck her wet fingers into Asuka’s mouth.

“…And tasty.” Asuka groaned as she sucked the blue haired girl’s fingers dry. Hikari looked dazed at both girls as she slowly blinked.

“Hey, your not passing out on us are you Hikari-chan?” Asuka slapped Hikari’s face lightly as the exhausted girl awoke abruptly.

“W-What do you mean?” Hikari slowly leaned up as the door opened.

“Room for one more?” Misato asked as she stood stark naked equiped with a strap-on in the doorway and smiled. Both Asuka and Rei smirked lustfully at the woman as Hikari sighed lowly and fell back onto the bed.

To be continued…

[End notes: Update soon.]

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