Story: Evangelion - Lucid dreams (chapter 4)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 4

Title: The 4th child

[Author's notes: Misato wants some answers...]

After getting cleaned up a second time, the three girls found themselves in front of an pissed Misato.

“I would like an explanation for what I saw earlier, but I don’t know if I’ll get the truth.” Misato glared at all the girls but mainly Asuka as they all looked at their hands folded in their laps.

“Sooooo Rei, Asuka, go to your room and start cleaning it. I need to have a word with Miss Hikari alone.” Both girls got up and looked at Hikari. Rei smiled softly as Asuka looked at her with a “you tell, you die” look in her eyes and held it.

“Now Asuka!” Misato raised her voice at the red head as she stormed off with Rei in tow. Misato waited for their door to close, then turned to Hikari sitting nervously in front of her.

“Miss Hikari Horaki, I have a few questions for you so please answer them to the best of your ability, ok?” Hikari nodded rapidly as Misato smiled.

“It’s ok, your not in trouble. I know how troublesome them two can be.” Misato leaned froward, lifting her suitcase to the coffee table and opened it. Hikari sat perfectly still, but against her will her hands started to tremble. Misato didn't even have to look up to know what state Hikari was in.

“I told you your not in trouble now jus’ relax.” Misato lifted a clipboard up and looked over at the girl.

“I’m sure Asuka started what happened earlier so don’t worry about her, she’ll get what’s coming to her and that’s a...” Misato assured sternly, but was suddenly cut off by Hikari.

“I-It was’in h-her Miss Katsuragi.” Hikari spoke up raggedly as Misato’s face filled with confusion.

“If it was’in Asuka? Then Rei? No, Rei wouldn’t... it couldn’t be.”

“It w-was me.” Hikari admitted, while Misato flipped through the clipboard, hiding her shock.

“Ritsuko doesn't have anything in here about this girl being violent? So what set her off?”

Misato shook her head of the building thoughts in it as she just wished Ritsuko would have done this; she was terrible at this kind of thing.

“Why can’t someone else do the recruiting.”

“Ok, I’m sorry I jus’ dazed for a minute. I’m just going to ask you some simple things like where you live and how’s school going, nothing too serious.” Hikari nodded as Misato’s eyes drifted over her cute frame and face. The questioning continued for about 20 minutes until Misato cleared her voice.

“Now Miss Horaki, what I’m about to tell you is top secret and is punishable by death if repeated, understand?” Hikari swallowed deeply as she forced herself to focus in on Misato’s hard eyes.

“Yes, I understand.” Hikari confirmed.

“You are to be the 4th child.” Misato was straightforward as Hikari’s jaw dropped.

“We at NERV feel it’s time to start improving our pilot ranks, and you have been selected to fight the angel’s along side Rei and Asuka.” Misato continued as she kept her tone devoid of emotion.

“You are to start training ASAP, you’ll be piloting unit-05...” Misato could feel the girl’s mounding fear and worry as she knew the worse was still to come.

“But what about my sisters and school, what about...” Hikari began to panic as Misato raised her hand slowly.

“You don’t have to worry about school and for your sisters.” Misato sighed lowly. “You don’t have them.”

This broke Hikari’s heart to hear as she just didn't understand.

“Your sisters are...” Misato swallowed hard this time as she had more to tell her.

“Clones of you.”

Hikari’s eyes when wide with shock as she stared completely stunned at Misato.

“W-What do you m-mean c-clones of m-me?” Hikari fumbled.

“They are you Hikari, jus’ an older and younger version of you.” Misato really cursed Ritsuko for making her do this to such a sweet, young, innocent girl.

“That’s n-not true!” Hikari voiced loudly as Asuka and Rei cracked open their door and listened in.

“I’m sorry to tell you this, but it’s true. You were born 3 times Hikari, in a lab in NERV HQ at different times.” Misato felt a sharp pain in her heart as she watched the bewilderment build in Hikari’s face.

“But my parents they...” Hikari looked fearfully at her shaking hands.

“Made up, basic brainwashing, your memories were created by NERV, then we put you with your other selves to live what we or anyone would call a normal life.” Misato frowned as Hikari jumped to her feet.

“It’s a lie, YOUR LYING!!!” Screamed Hikari with tears in her eyes as she started hyperventilating.

“No, no she’s lying, there’s no way, my parents love me and my sisters too!”

“Calm down Hikari.” Misato got up with an out stretched hand to comfort her.

“Don’t fucking touch me, you lying bitch!” Hikari slapped Misato's hand away then cried into hers.

“Hikari please understand this, you were made to pilot an Eva like a lot of your classmates. I know you don’t want to hear this but you have to and you have to learn to accept it.” Misato looked over to see Rei and Asuka standing in the hall, watching. Hikari quickly toned down her sobbing as she looked up to Asuka and Rei standing next to Misato.

“So, I’m not real I’m I? I’m j-just some test tube baby with fake memories of a loving family, is that right?” Hikari stared at all three girls.

“Yes, I’m sorry Hikari, but...” Misato forced a smile as she put her arms around Rei and Asuka. “...Maybe we can be your loving family now.”

“I-I...” Hikari tried to smile like the others but couldn’t. “...Wish I was DEAD!!!” Hikari yelled vacuously as she ran to the kitchen.

“Hikari, STOP!” Asuka made a B-line after Hikari with Rei next to her. The disturbed girl started to yank open draws left and right, spreading their contents on the floor blocking the two for only a moment. On the counter Hikari found what she was looking for and grabbed it.

“Hikari don’t!” Asuka and Rei jumped Hikari as she tried to turn a kitchen knife on herself.

“I don’t want to live! I’m just a damn clone, no one will ever love me!” Hikari struggled insanely as she cut Asuka’s arm and slashed wildly at Rei. Asuka screamed gripping her bleeding arm, but held fast as Rei pinned Hikari’s arms down and looked right into her wet brown eyes.

“That not true...” Rei’s voice was soft as a tear fell from her eye. “I’m a clone too, but I've found someone to love me Asuka and Misato have seen past my imperfections.”

Hikari slowly dropped the knife as a new wave of tears burst forward. Both Asuka and Rei held Hikari on the floor as they too started crying. Misato held her mouth with tears flowing as she stared at the three girls laying on the floor wrapped together emotionally and physically.

“Damn you Ritsuko, goddamn you!”

To be continued... 

[End notes: I like updating these, more stuff to put in and take out.]

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