Story: Evangelion - Lucid dreams (chapter 3)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 3

Title: First time fight

[Author's notes:

Get ready for a curveball


Enjoy and R&R for more


"I can't believe I actually did that." Hikari hurried into the Asuka and Rei's room as she dried herself swiftly. She had kissed Asuka and felt up Rei at the same time, but why was'in it a big deal to them?

"They didn't even care, it's like they..."

"...liked it."

Hikari flashed back to Rei moaning in front of her as she could still tasted Asuka on her lips. The class rep touched her fingers to her mouth as she remembered how soft the wildly red head's lips were. A deep blush filled her face as she sat on the edge of the girls bed and sighed.

"They sleep together in this one bed?"

Hikari's curious nature got the better of her as she moved to the middle of the bed and laid down. She felt a strange tinkle throughout her body as she rolled onto her stomach and struck her face into the covers. The brown-haired girl inhaled deeply as she could smell both Rei and Asuka's scent on the red and blue blankets.

"I wonder what they do in here..."

"Tired Hikari?" Asuka interrupted Hikari's thoughts as the red head smiled playfully with Rei next to her in the doorway.

"I-I was jus' relaxing, it's nothing." Hikari lied as she was'in going to ask outright, that would have been embarrassing and awkward. Rei and Asuka stepped into the room, glaring seductively at her friend wrapped in a matching towel.

"There's that crazy look again."

Hikari squirmed uneasily on the bed as both girls leered forward and climbed on to "their" bed and straight for Hikari.

"Your so cute sitting there all naked on our bed like that Hikari-chan, your making me all wet inside, how about you Rei?" Asuka whispered hotly as the blue-haired nodded and inched closer to Hikari. Hikari was surprised and a little shocked by what Asuka had just said as the red head also reached out and touched her thigh.

"Rei told me how gentle you were with her, but I’m afraid no one touch's my little wonder-girl without touching me too." Asuka sneered slyly as she started making small circles on the brown-eyed girl's leg.

"W-what d-does that m-mean?" Stuttered Hikari as both girls were almost on top of her.

"It's simple Hikari." Asuka grunted as she grabbed the surprised girl's left hand and pulled it to her chest, but just as Asuka finished placing the girl's hand, Rei swiftly grabbed Hikari's other hand and stuck it to her breast as well.

"So, who has nicer breasts Hikari-chan? Rei! Stop cheating!" Rei paid little attention to Asuka's protests as she gripped the girls's hand, forcing her to unwillingly grope her chest. With her eyes closed in complete bliss, Asuka and Hikari just glared at Rei as she started moaning low and slow.

"Why are you two actin..." Hikari asked softly as Asuka cut her off by pushing Rei back from Hikari.

"You had your turn, you greedy bitch!" Asuka snapped harshly as Rei snarled aloud and pounced on top of the red head.

"You kissed her first, you slut!" Rei barked back as both girl's attacked each other ruthlessly. Asuka pulled a handful of Rei's short blue hair as Rei slapped Asuka hard across the face and roll next to Hikari.

"Hey you two, cut it out..." Hikari begged mercifully as she tried to break the two up, but caught Asuka's elbow to the nose. Hikari saw stars instantly as she fell back on the bed, her eyes rolling around in her head. She could feel the blood ready to start streaming as she pinched her nose quickly. Asuka and Rei continued to fight as they rolled off the bed, screaming and exchanging blows.

"Why does this feel... great?"

Hikari felt a sexual surge jolt her body as the pain felt so real it made her insides boil. She'd never been in a fight before, afraid more then anything of it, but getting hit just now was unbelievably awesome.

"I got you now!" Asuka yelled spitefully as she brought her fist to bear on poor Rei, pinned under the red head. Hikari quickly climbed off the bed and kicked Asuka off Rei. After rolling a couple times, Asuka looked up with a snarl.

"Hey what the...?" Asuka barked sharply as her and Rei both looked up at Hikari in disbelief. The girl stood panting heavily with blood running from her nose as her fists trembled wildly.

"Hit me again...." Hikari gnarled, jumping on top of Rei, her nose dripping blood on Rei's chest as Rei just stared up at Hikari, unsure what to do. Asuka got to feet giggling and wiped her own bloody nose.

"I didn't know you were into pain and pleasure Hikari-chan." Asuka smiled as she stood over Hikari and grabbed a handful of the girl's hair. The brown-eyed girl moaned loudly, grinding her bald crotch into Rei's tight stomach as Asuka pulled back on Hikari's hair and smacked her in the face. Hikari turned and tackled Asuka to the ground as the back of Asuka's head bounce off the floor.

"I'm fighting, I'm really fighting."

Hikari's body and mind shook at the thought as she slapped Asuka again. Rei quickly jumped on the brown-haired girl's back and wrapped her into a headlock. Asuka some how got her feet up and kicked both girls off her. Rei and Hikari stumbled back on their feet as they both hit the wall, with Rei still holding Hikari in her arms.

"Do you really think you could beat us up?" Asuka got up in a hurry and darted forward, her fist leading the way as it connected with Hikari's mid-section. Spittle and blood shot from Hikari's mouth as she slumped over Asuka's fist.

"Yeah, I do!" Hikari yelled harshily as she threw her head back and caught the corner of Rei's eyebrow, which burst with blood instantly. Rei let go of Hikari, holding her eyebrow but not before Asuka punched her in the left eye. Hikari returned the favor to Asuka but nailed her in the right eye instead. The smell of sweat and blood filled the room as the three all looked at each other, panting, with evil smiles, but just before they could continue, an angry voice shook the room.

"What on god's green earth is going on in here!?!" It was Misato's voice as she stood in the doorway with the most dumbfounded look she muster. The three girls all looked at Misato as the older woman tried to figure out just what the hell she was looking at.

All three were naked, cover in each others blood and sweat. They all had bloody noses, Asuka and Hikari had black eyes on opposite eyes, Rei's lower lip and and eyebrow were split open. The room on top of this was a complete mess, looking as if someone was murdered in it.

"Would someone mind explaining this to me?" Misato tried to keep her voice calm as the three remained quiet, still, and bleeding.

"Never mind, go get cleaned up and Rei come with me your eye is a mess." Misato slapped her own face and walked out.

"What I'm I going to do with these crazy girls? I'm going to have to split them three up and get a bigger place if there going to fight like that."

Misato asked herself as she rubbed her temples and walked into her room.

To be continued...

[End notes: Told yea']

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