Story: Evangelion - Lucid dreams (chapter 2)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 2

Title: Hot water

[Author's notes: The second bit.]


“This is’ in so bad.”

Hikari thought selfishly to herself as the three girls sat in the tub of hot water, washing each other’s backs, except Rei who was up front. Asuka continued to brag about something, even though Hikari didn't really care for Asuka’s braggery, she continued to listen anyway.

“…So I punched him in his stupid face.” Asuka laughed brightly as she pressed her fingers firmly into Hikari’s back.

“Hey! Be careful.” Hikari groaned lightly as she rolled the discomfort from her shoulders.

“Oh, sorry.” Asuka apologized sympathetically as she loosened her fingers a little. The brown-haired girl continued to caress Rei’s back in front of her as she wondered what was up with Rei.

“She hasn't said a word since we got in.”

“Are you ok Rei, I’m not washing you too hard I’m, I.” Hikari asked thoughtfully as Rei just moaned under her soapy fingers.

“No… but you can do it a little harder.” Rei purred with a groan as she worked herself comfortably in between her Hikari’s legs.

“Ok, jus’ let me know if I’m hurting you.” Hikari tightened her massage on Rei's back as Asuka leaned in quietly and whispered.

“She likes it hard, here use some of this.” Hikari jerked a little as a chilly gel hit her neck and shoulders.

“Hehehe, that’s cold Asuka.” Hikari giggled as Asuka leaned over the bashful girl's shoulder with a purple bottle and squeezed out some of its content on the blue haired girl's back. Rei’s reaction was the same as Hikari's as the cool gel dripped down her front and backside. Surprisingly, the cream warmed up quickly on both of their bodies as Hikari shook her head dizzily at the slight hint of cherry blossoms.

“What was that stuff Asuka?” Hikari moaned sweetly as she started to feel a strange warmth washed over her.

“Ohhhh nothing, jus’ some of Misato’s massaging oil, do you like it?” Asuka replied positively as she rubbed her class reps neck tenderly. Hikari felt her breathing getting heavier for some reason as the hot water and rubbing relaxed her to a point of sleep. Hikari noticed Rei was panting roughly as her hands danced over the red-eyed girls warming flesh.

“Uhhh, yeah, but I feel a bit strange.” Hikari whined tunefully as the warmth spread like a wildfire through her body.

“Your too tense Hikari, jus’ lay back and relax.” Asuka’s words felt dreamily numb in Hikari’s ears as she slowly sunk back into the red heads hands and body. Hikari’s wrapped her arms around Rei’s middle section as the brown eyed girl saw clear as day what Rei was panting about.

“She’s playing with herself!”

Hikari didn’t understand why the girl was playing with her peachy mounds so openly in front of her and Asuka, Hikari normal reaction would have been to stop touching…

“Oh, but that feels so good.”

“Asuka…?” Hikari paused as her face reddened. “…Rei is touching herself.”

“Jus’ get out…"


“She’s ok, you’re doing it to her the right way.” Asuka’s carefree tone was weird as then she felt her nipples at the same time as Rei.

“Is she jus’ playing stupid? Her hands are right there…?”

Hikari swiftly did a double take at Rei’s chest.

“…Hold on, her hands are MY HANDS!?!”

Hikari froze in place as she realized what she was doing.

“Then, who is touching me?”

“Hikari? Wake up.” Asuka’s voice purred as the brown-haired girl looked back into the German girl's gleaming blue eyes.

“Asuka is so cute, I jus' want to…”

It felt lucid to Hikari as she leaned forward, closing her eyes and touched Asuka’s wet red lips with hers.

“Hikari!?!” Asuka hollered as she splashed water in Hikari’s face. Hikari awoke instantly from what was dazing her as she wiped her face and spit out soapy water.

“What was that for?!?” Hikari demanded as she glared at Asuka with a furious dislike.

“You kissed her.” Rei spoke up, covering her chest as she looked just as surprised as Asuka.

“Your crazy, Rei was, I…” Hikari couldn't make up her mind as she looked at both girls shamefully. Then a horrible guilt washed over her.

“My first kiss was with…?”

“Excuse me.” Hikari went completely red as she swiftly got to her feet and jumped clear out of the tub.

“I’m sorry, I didn't mean to…” Hikari stopped herself from rambling as she bowed sharply at the two Evangelion pilots and hurried out the door. Asuka and Rei both watched the girl disappear and then looked at each other strangely.

“I’m not that bad of a kisser I’m, I?” Asuka pouted seriously as Rei giggled and leaned into her fellow pilot, smiling.

“I think she’ll get used to it, after all she's is going to be…” Rei explained knowingly as Asuka palmed Rei’s mouth.

“Shhhhh, Misato told us not to say anything about that.” Asuka hushed as she looked at the door, grinning enthusiastically.

To be continued…

[End notes: The third is on the way.]

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