Story: Evangelion - Lucid dreams (chapter 1)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 1

Title: Thrill of the Chase

[Author's notes:

I can't remember who threw me this idea so if that person reads it I hope you like it. Also I hope this one does as good as my other Evangelion stories, I really like writing them.






“You’re invited!!!”

Hikari just stared down at two silly looking cats smiling up at her as she shifted her sight to Asuka and Rei beaming at her just over the cartoony card. The classroom was filled with chatting, laugher and giggles as no one paid the three girls no mind.

“So?” Both girls grinned lusciously as they put their hands on their class rep’s desk and leaned in closely. 

“I… don’t know, it’s kind of short notice, and my parents really don’t approve of boy/girl parties anyway.” Hikari frowned as she sat the invitation down and looked restively at the two girls still smiling.

"Ohh don't be silly, we know your parents are always on business trips." Asuka laughed aloud, slapping her hand to her forehead as Rei giggled into her hands, blushing. The brown haired girl sat back, trying to understand what she was seeing before her.

“Asuka and Rei have been acting strange lately, they’re acting like friends or….”

“There aren’t going to be any boys there anyway, it’s going to be jus’ us girls.” Asuka assured brightly, picking up the invitation and opened it.

“It’s a sleepover, see?” Rei pointed at the two cartoon pussycats together in a sleeping bag.

“Who’s going to be there?” Hikari asked curiously as she took the card back, glancing over it as if it had a hidden secret.

“Jus’ me, Rei, you, and maybe Misato.” Asuka ran off the names, tapping her chin as Rei smiled cheery, nodding at each name.

“That’s not a lot of people for a sleepover.”

“Well, I guess it could be fun.” Hikari finally gave her consent; both girls squeaked with glee as they grabbed each other, and jumped up and down. Hikari smiled unsurely at the girls sudden reaction to her answer and she was about to ask them something else, but before she could the two ran off.

“See you tonight.” A lusty grin grew up the side of Rei’s face over her shoulder and held it until Asuka dragged her out of the classroom.

“That was weird, very weird.”
Class was about to end like always, as everybody got ready to go home and enjoy the sunny friday afternoon. Hikari just stared out the window for a moment as Rei and Asuka’s smiling faces kept her thinking.

“I thought they hated each other, I guess I was wrong, but still...”

The bell rung and waves of students flooded in to the halls as Hikari fell in line. At her locker, she placed her books in as something felt it’s way up her skirt, causing her to yelp abruptly. Turning, she found no one responsible for the unfriendly advance as teachers and students passed by, talking and laughing.

“Probably some pervert just getting his kick’s.”

The old black cloud dawned over Hikari’s head at this though as she slammed her locker shut and headed for the afternoon sun smecking away outside. The sun blazed hotly, forcing her to shade her eyes as she scanned the school grounds.

"Boy, it's a hot one today."

Hikari didn’t even get to the last step when Asuka stepped from a small group of girls and stood in front of her.

“Hey Hikari are you ready for tonight?” Hikari nodded at Asuka’s face, vibrant with a hidden joy of some sort as she stepped off the bottom step.

“Good, here’s the way to get there, it’s pretty easy but there's a phone number in case.” Asuka held up a folded piece of paper for Hikari when Rei suddenly flashed from nowhere at full speed and snatched it. Hikari just watched in slow motion as she caught Rei’s sensuous smile from early as she passed.

“Come on, she’s getting away!” Asuka jerked Hikari quickly by her arm as they both raced after Rei sprinting ahead.

“Rei! Get back here right NOW!” Asuka screamed wildly after the blue haired girl as she was at a full speed run with Hikari next to her.

“Why are we chasing her? Asuka could of jus’ made up a new one, without all this running around.”

Hikari didn’t bother Asuka with her questioning, not now anyway.

“I think I know where she's going, Hikari, you keep following her and I'll cut her off at the next pass.” Asuka spoke swiftly as she split down an empty alley, her feet never slowing. Hikari nodded as she picked up the pace and continued after Rei.

“Thank god I run track.”

Hikari panted lightly as she paced her breathing and kept her body movement stable. Rei smirked, hurdling some bushes into the park as Hikari ran around them.

“Rei, stop messing around!” Hikari called out as Rei looked back and smiled. The two we’re coming up on the large fountain in the middle of the park, passing people with sickening speed. When out of the corner of Hikari's eye she saw Asuka cutting across the park from a different angle. Asuka’s red hair flowed like a river of molten copper in the wind as her blue eyes looked dead set on Rei. Rei looked back at Hikari again, not paying any mind to the red head seconds from blindsiding her and halfway across the fountain, it happened.

"Got ya'!" Asuka tackled Rei at full speed, lifting them both over the short edge of the fountain and into it's deeper region. With a huge splash both girls disappeared underwater as Hikari slowed herself. Hikari watched Asuka wrestle Rei for the wet piece of paper as other people turned and watched.

“Not good enough Rei-Rei.” Asuka kicked the back of Rei’s leg out as she grabbed the paper and watched Rei crash underwater again. Rei came up in a hurry for breath as Asuka worked her way back to the edge of the fountain, soaking wet.

“Sorry about that, she can be a pain in the ass sometimes.” Asuka assured as she climbed out and shook herself off. Rei snaked quietly to the edge still in the water as she gave a hurt look to Asuka.

“Can you give her a hand, I think she may have twisted her ankle in the fall.” Asuka asked Hikari caringly as she wringed out her hair.

“Yeah.” Hikari came to the edge of the fountain and held out her hand out for Rei as the red-eyed girl took it.

“You look a little hot Hikari-chan, why not cool off little.” Asuka laughed cleverly as she pushed Hikari. Rei yanked the off-balanced Hikari in the fountain as the class rep hit the water face first. Hikari finally got her feet under her as she coughed and wiped water from her face.

“What was that for, now I’m all wet!” Hikari yelled swinging her arms and then held her wet skirt out in front of her.

“So are we.” Rei said slowly, dripping wet as she could see the anger in Hikari’s brown eyes.

“It was fun, it’s a nice day Hikari you’ll be dry in a half hour, tops.” Asuka smirked as she looked to the sun then to Hikari still standing in the water, her face contorting suddenly.

“What time is it?” Hikari’s panicky voice made both Asuka and Rei giggle as Asuka brought up her wrist and told her.

“5 after 4:00.” Asuka announced as both Rei and Hikari got out of the water.

“I missed my bus! it’ll take forever for me to get home and get ready now.” Hikari looked around as she tried to think where she could still catch her bus.

“Jus’ come home with us, it's not that far and I’ll buy you a drink too.” Asuka simply smiled as she threw her wet hair back over her shoulder. Hikari felt the angry flames snuff out instantly inside her as it hadn’t been a big deal in the first place. Asuka was right, it was fun, giving the thrill of the chase and it’s watery end. Both girls waited on edge as Hikari smiled to herself and sighed.

“Yeah, that sounds good to me.” Hikari grinned shyly as the other two joined her. The three wet girls started walking and talking about what had jus’ happened and their day.

“I would of got away.” Rei started as Asuka chimed in rudely.

“No way, even if you had rockets tied to your feet you wouldn’t be able to get away from me.” Hikari shook her head slightly as she let Rei and Asuka continue to argue to the fact of who was faster. After a short walk and flight of stairs, the three stood in front of Misato Katsuragi’s apartment.

“Shoes off and straight to our room.” Asuka whispered as she unlocked the door and stepped in.

“Our room?”

The apartment was dim and silent as Asuka hit the lights and called out for Misato. When no answer came back Asuka halted the other two.

“Change of plans, let get undressed now so not to get anything wet.” Asuka suggested offhandedly as she started to unbutton her shirt. Rei nodded in silent agreement, zipping down her skirt as Hikari made a funny noise in her throat. Hikari was truly stunned as her two classmates started stripping down next to her, their clothes were almost completely dry now and…

“Come on Hikari.” Asuka egged on as she leaned up from dropping her panties and smirked. Asuka’s naked body froze her class rep in place as Hikari's mouth drpopped open.

“Do you want some help?” Rei offered nicely, closing in behind Hikari as her breath danced across the brown haired girl’s neck.

“I think I can manage by… Uh sorry!” Hikari assured unsurely as she turned around and accidentally brushed the back of her hand across Rei’s blue pubic hair.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean…” Hikari blushed darkly as Rei looked down at her crotch then back up, and grinned.

"Hehehe, no problem." She was caught between her naked classmates as they waited for her to join them.

“This is too weird.”

Their eyes seem to stare right through her clothes as they were already admiring her firm shape and curves.

“This is a little embarrassing for me, could you look away for a minute?” Hikari stomach flipped despairingly as the two nodded and turned away wordlessly. That eased her mind a bit but not much.

“Something in their eyes…”

Hikari stuffed the crazy ideas pooling in her head as she got undressed and leaned up in her birthday suit for all to see.

“Okay.” Hikari mumbled as the two turned back around and quickly snatched her by her wrists.

“You take forever Hikari-chan, come on I’ll wash your back for you.” Asuka declared as she drug Hikari down the hall with Rei in tow. Even if Hikari refused she didn’t think she could get away.

"Well, not naked anyway."

“I’m really not too sure about all this.” Hikari protested weakly as Rei laughed sweetly at Asuka.

“We’re just taking a bath together Hikari, where’s the harm in that?” Asuka looked back, opening the bathroom door as she let go of Hikari and let Rei lead her in.

“I-it’s not that, I…” Hikari covered herself as Rei let go of the trembling girl and turned on the taps.

“…worry too much, we know.” Asuka finished intently as she closed the door and walked to the cabins for soap and bubbles. Hikari blinked at this comment as the two girls worked in unison and without bother.

“Except me whining and crying.”

Hikari knew better, she was at someone else’s house, not hers and she was acting very rude about it.

“How’s does that make me look?”

Hikari took deep breath and sighed.

“So whose back do I get to wash?” This brought grins to Rei and Asuka’s faces as they looked at each other in silent debate of Hikari’s offer.

To be continued…

[End notes: I hoped you liked it and I'll be happy to take your R&R for more direction]

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