Story: Evangelion - Lucid dreams (all chapters)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 1

Title: Thrill of the Chase

[Author's notes:

I can't remember who threw me this idea so if that person reads it I hope you like it. Also I hope this one does as good as my other Evangelion stories, I really like writing them.






“You’re invited!!!”

Hikari just stared down at two silly looking cats smiling up at her as she shifted her sight to Asuka and Rei beaming at her just over the cartoony card. The classroom was filled with chatting, laugher and giggles as no one paid the three girls no mind.

“So?” Both girls grinned lusciously as they put their hands on their class rep’s desk and leaned in closely. 

“I… don’t know, it’s kind of short notice, and my parents really don’t approve of boy/girl parties anyway.” Hikari frowned as she sat the invitation down and looked restively at the two girls still smiling.

"Ohh don't be silly, we know your parents are always on business trips." Asuka laughed aloud, slapping her hand to her forehead as Rei giggled into her hands, blushing. The brown haired girl sat back, trying to understand what she was seeing before her.

“Asuka and Rei have been acting strange lately, they’re acting like friends or….”

“There aren’t going to be any boys there anyway, it’s going to be jus’ us girls.” Asuka assured brightly, picking up the invitation and opened it.

“It’s a sleepover, see?” Rei pointed at the two cartoon pussycats together in a sleeping bag.

“Who’s going to be there?” Hikari asked curiously as she took the card back, glancing over it as if it had a hidden secret.

“Jus’ me, Rei, you, and maybe Misato.” Asuka ran off the names, tapping her chin as Rei smiled cheery, nodding at each name.

“That’s not a lot of people for a sleepover.”

“Well, I guess it could be fun.” Hikari finally gave her consent; both girls squeaked with glee as they grabbed each other, and jumped up and down. Hikari smiled unsurely at the girls sudden reaction to her answer and she was about to ask them something else, but before she could the two ran off.

“See you tonight.” A lusty grin grew up the side of Rei’s face over her shoulder and held it until Asuka dragged her out of the classroom.

“That was weird, very weird.”
Class was about to end like always, as everybody got ready to go home and enjoy the sunny friday afternoon. Hikari just stared out the window for a moment as Rei and Asuka’s smiling faces kept her thinking.

“I thought they hated each other, I guess I was wrong, but still...”

The bell rung and waves of students flooded in to the halls as Hikari fell in line. At her locker, she placed her books in as something felt it’s way up her skirt, causing her to yelp abruptly. Turning, she found no one responsible for the unfriendly advance as teachers and students passed by, talking and laughing.

“Probably some pervert just getting his kick’s.”

The old black cloud dawned over Hikari’s head at this though as she slammed her locker shut and headed for the afternoon sun smecking away outside. The sun blazed hotly, forcing her to shade her eyes as she scanned the school grounds.

"Boy, it's a hot one today."

Hikari didn’t even get to the last step when Asuka stepped from a small group of girls and stood in front of her.

“Hey Hikari are you ready for tonight?” Hikari nodded at Asuka’s face, vibrant with a hidden joy of some sort as she stepped off the bottom step.

“Good, here’s the way to get there, it’s pretty easy but there's a phone number in case.” Asuka held up a folded piece of paper for Hikari when Rei suddenly flashed from nowhere at full speed and snatched it. Hikari just watched in slow motion as she caught Rei’s sensuous smile from early as she passed.

“Come on, she’s getting away!” Asuka jerked Hikari quickly by her arm as they both raced after Rei sprinting ahead.

“Rei! Get back here right NOW!” Asuka screamed wildly after the blue haired girl as she was at a full speed run with Hikari next to her.

“Why are we chasing her? Asuka could of jus’ made up a new one, without all this running around.”

Hikari didn’t bother Asuka with her questioning, not now anyway.

“I think I know where she's going, Hikari, you keep following her and I'll cut her off at the next pass.” Asuka spoke swiftly as she split down an empty alley, her feet never slowing. Hikari nodded as she picked up the pace and continued after Rei.

“Thank god I run track.”

Hikari panted lightly as she paced her breathing and kept her body movement stable. Rei smirked, hurdling some bushes into the park as Hikari ran around them.

“Rei, stop messing around!” Hikari called out as Rei looked back and smiled. The two we’re coming up on the large fountain in the middle of the park, passing people with sickening speed. When out of the corner of Hikari's eye she saw Asuka cutting across the park from a different angle. Asuka’s red hair flowed like a river of molten copper in the wind as her blue eyes looked dead set on Rei. Rei looked back at Hikari again, not paying any mind to the red head seconds from blindsiding her and halfway across the fountain, it happened.

"Got ya'!" Asuka tackled Rei at full speed, lifting them both over the short edge of the fountain and into it's deeper region. With a huge splash both girls disappeared underwater as Hikari slowed herself. Hikari watched Asuka wrestle Rei for the wet piece of paper as other people turned and watched.

“Not good enough Rei-Rei.” Asuka kicked the back of Rei’s leg out as she grabbed the paper and watched Rei crash underwater again. Rei came up in a hurry for breath as Asuka worked her way back to the edge of the fountain, soaking wet.

“Sorry about that, she can be a pain in the ass sometimes.” Asuka assured as she climbed out and shook herself off. Rei snaked quietly to the edge still in the water as she gave a hurt look to Asuka.

“Can you give her a hand, I think she may have twisted her ankle in the fall.” Asuka asked Hikari caringly as she wringed out her hair.

“Yeah.” Hikari came to the edge of the fountain and held out her hand out for Rei as the red-eyed girl took it.

“You look a little hot Hikari-chan, why not cool off little.” Asuka laughed cleverly as she pushed Hikari. Rei yanked the off-balanced Hikari in the fountain as the class rep hit the water face first. Hikari finally got her feet under her as she coughed and wiped water from her face.

“What was that for, now I’m all wet!” Hikari yelled swinging her arms and then held her wet skirt out in front of her.

“So are we.” Rei said slowly, dripping wet as she could see the anger in Hikari’s brown eyes.

“It was fun, it’s a nice day Hikari you’ll be dry in a half hour, tops.” Asuka smirked as she looked to the sun then to Hikari still standing in the water, her face contorting suddenly.

“What time is it?” Hikari’s panicky voice made both Asuka and Rei giggle as Asuka brought up her wrist and told her.

“5 after 4:00.” Asuka announced as both Rei and Hikari got out of the water.

“I missed my bus! it’ll take forever for me to get home and get ready now.” Hikari looked around as she tried to think where she could still catch her bus.

“Jus’ come home with us, it's not that far and I’ll buy you a drink too.” Asuka simply smiled as she threw her wet hair back over her shoulder. Hikari felt the angry flames snuff out instantly inside her as it hadn’t been a big deal in the first place. Asuka was right, it was fun, giving the thrill of the chase and it’s watery end. Both girls waited on edge as Hikari smiled to herself and sighed.

“Yeah, that sounds good to me.” Hikari grinned shyly as the other two joined her. The three wet girls started walking and talking about what had jus’ happened and their day.

“I would of got away.” Rei started as Asuka chimed in rudely.

“No way, even if you had rockets tied to your feet you wouldn’t be able to get away from me.” Hikari shook her head slightly as she let Rei and Asuka continue to argue to the fact of who was faster. After a short walk and flight of stairs, the three stood in front of Misato Katsuragi’s apartment.

“Shoes off and straight to our room.” Asuka whispered as she unlocked the door and stepped in.

“Our room?”

The apartment was dim and silent as Asuka hit the lights and called out for Misato. When no answer came back Asuka halted the other two.

“Change of plans, let get undressed now so not to get anything wet.” Asuka suggested offhandedly as she started to unbutton her shirt. Rei nodded in silent agreement, zipping down her skirt as Hikari made a funny noise in her throat. Hikari was truly stunned as her two classmates started stripping down next to her, their clothes were almost completely dry now and…

“Come on Hikari.” Asuka egged on as she leaned up from dropping her panties and smirked. Asuka’s naked body froze her class rep in place as Hikari's mouth drpopped open.

“Do you want some help?” Rei offered nicely, closing in behind Hikari as her breath danced across the brown haired girl’s neck.

“I think I can manage by… Uh sorry!” Hikari assured unsurely as she turned around and accidentally brushed the back of her hand across Rei’s blue pubic hair.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean…” Hikari blushed darkly as Rei looked down at her crotch then back up, and grinned.

"Hehehe, no problem." She was caught between her naked classmates as they waited for her to join them.

“This is too weird.”

Their eyes seem to stare right through her clothes as they were already admiring her firm shape and curves.

“This is a little embarrassing for me, could you look away for a minute?” Hikari stomach flipped despairingly as the two nodded and turned away wordlessly. That eased her mind a bit but not much.

“Something in their eyes…”

Hikari stuffed the crazy ideas pooling in her head as she got undressed and leaned up in her birthday suit for all to see.

“Okay.” Hikari mumbled as the two turned back around and quickly snatched her by her wrists.

“You take forever Hikari-chan, come on I’ll wash your back for you.” Asuka declared as she drug Hikari down the hall with Rei in tow. Even if Hikari refused she didn’t think she could get away.

"Well, not naked anyway."

“I’m really not too sure about all this.” Hikari protested weakly as Rei laughed sweetly at Asuka.

“We’re just taking a bath together Hikari, where’s the harm in that?” Asuka looked back, opening the bathroom door as she let go of Hikari and let Rei lead her in.

“I-it’s not that, I…” Hikari covered herself as Rei let go of the trembling girl and turned on the taps.

“…worry too much, we know.” Asuka finished intently as she closed the door and walked to the cabins for soap and bubbles. Hikari blinked at this comment as the two girls worked in unison and without bother.

“Except me whining and crying.”

Hikari knew better, she was at someone else’s house, not hers and she was acting very rude about it.

“How’s does that make me look?”

Hikari took deep breath and sighed.

“So whose back do I get to wash?” This brought grins to Rei and Asuka’s faces as they looked at each other in silent debate of Hikari’s offer.

To be continued…

[End notes: I hoped you liked it and I'll be happy to take your R&R for more direction]

Chapter 2

Title: Hot water

[Author's notes: The second bit.]


“This is’ in so bad.”

Hikari thought selfishly to herself as the three girls sat in the tub of hot water, washing each other’s backs, except Rei who was up front. Asuka continued to brag about something, even though Hikari didn't really care for Asuka’s braggery, she continued to listen anyway.

“…So I punched him in his stupid face.” Asuka laughed brightly as she pressed her fingers firmly into Hikari’s back.

“Hey! Be careful.” Hikari groaned lightly as she rolled the discomfort from her shoulders.

“Oh, sorry.” Asuka apologized sympathetically as she loosened her fingers a little. The brown-haired girl continued to caress Rei’s back in front of her as she wondered what was up with Rei.

“She hasn't said a word since we got in.”

“Are you ok Rei, I’m not washing you too hard I’m, I.” Hikari asked thoughtfully as Rei just moaned under her soapy fingers.

“No… but you can do it a little harder.” Rei purred with a groan as she worked herself comfortably in between her Hikari’s legs.

“Ok, jus’ let me know if I’m hurting you.” Hikari tightened her massage on Rei's back as Asuka leaned in quietly and whispered.

“She likes it hard, here use some of this.” Hikari jerked a little as a chilly gel hit her neck and shoulders.

“Hehehe, that’s cold Asuka.” Hikari giggled as Asuka leaned over the bashful girl's shoulder with a purple bottle and squeezed out some of its content on the blue haired girl's back. Rei’s reaction was the same as Hikari's as the cool gel dripped down her front and backside. Surprisingly, the cream warmed up quickly on both of their bodies as Hikari shook her head dizzily at the slight hint of cherry blossoms.

“What was that stuff Asuka?” Hikari moaned sweetly as she started to feel a strange warmth washed over her.

“Ohhhh nothing, jus’ some of Misato’s massaging oil, do you like it?” Asuka replied positively as she rubbed her class reps neck tenderly. Hikari felt her breathing getting heavier for some reason as the hot water and rubbing relaxed her to a point of sleep. Hikari noticed Rei was panting roughly as her hands danced over the red-eyed girls warming flesh.

“Uhhh, yeah, but I feel a bit strange.” Hikari whined tunefully as the warmth spread like a wildfire through her body.

“Your too tense Hikari, jus’ lay back and relax.” Asuka’s words felt dreamily numb in Hikari’s ears as she slowly sunk back into the red heads hands and body. Hikari’s wrapped her arms around Rei’s middle section as the brown eyed girl saw clear as day what Rei was panting about.

“She’s playing with herself!”

Hikari didn’t understand why the girl was playing with her peachy mounds so openly in front of her and Asuka, Hikari normal reaction would have been to stop touching…

“Oh, but that feels so good.”

“Asuka…?” Hikari paused as her face reddened. “…Rei is touching herself.”

“Jus’ get out…"


“She’s ok, you’re doing it to her the right way.” Asuka’s carefree tone was weird as then she felt her nipples at the same time as Rei.

“Is she jus’ playing stupid? Her hands are right there…?”

Hikari swiftly did a double take at Rei’s chest.

“…Hold on, her hands are MY HANDS!?!”

Hikari froze in place as she realized what she was doing.

“Then, who is touching me?”

“Hikari? Wake up.” Asuka’s voice purred as the brown-haired girl looked back into the German girl's gleaming blue eyes.

“Asuka is so cute, I jus' want to…”

It felt lucid to Hikari as she leaned forward, closing her eyes and touched Asuka’s wet red lips with hers.

“Hikari!?!” Asuka hollered as she splashed water in Hikari’s face. Hikari awoke instantly from what was dazing her as she wiped her face and spit out soapy water.

“What was that for?!?” Hikari demanded as she glared at Asuka with a furious dislike.

“You kissed her.” Rei spoke up, covering her chest as she looked just as surprised as Asuka.

“Your crazy, Rei was, I…” Hikari couldn't make up her mind as she looked at both girls shamefully. Then a horrible guilt washed over her.

“My first kiss was with…?”

“Excuse me.” Hikari went completely red as she swiftly got to her feet and jumped clear out of the tub.

“I’m sorry, I didn't mean to…” Hikari stopped herself from rambling as she bowed sharply at the two Evangelion pilots and hurried out the door. Asuka and Rei both watched the girl disappear and then looked at each other strangely.

“I’m not that bad of a kisser I’m, I?” Asuka pouted seriously as Rei giggled and leaned into her fellow pilot, smiling.

“I think she’ll get used to it, after all she's is going to be…” Rei explained knowingly as Asuka palmed Rei’s mouth.

“Shhhhh, Misato told us not to say anything about that.” Asuka hushed as she looked at the door, grinning enthusiastically.

To be continued…

[End notes: The third is on the way.]

Chapter 3

Title: First time fight

[Author's notes:

Get ready for a curveball


Enjoy and R&R for more


"I can't believe I actually did that." Hikari hurried into the Asuka and Rei's room as she dried herself swiftly. She had kissed Asuka and felt up Rei at the same time, but why was'in it a big deal to them?

"They didn't even care, it's like they..."

"...liked it."

Hikari flashed back to Rei moaning in front of her as she could still tasted Asuka on her lips. The class rep touched her fingers to her mouth as she remembered how soft the wildly red head's lips were. A deep blush filled her face as she sat on the edge of the girls bed and sighed.

"They sleep together in this one bed?"

Hikari's curious nature got the better of her as she moved to the middle of the bed and laid down. She felt a strange tinkle throughout her body as she rolled onto her stomach and struck her face into the covers. The brown-haired girl inhaled deeply as she could smell both Rei and Asuka's scent on the red and blue blankets.

"I wonder what they do in here..."

"Tired Hikari?" Asuka interrupted Hikari's thoughts as the red head smiled playfully with Rei next to her in the doorway.

"I-I was jus' relaxing, it's nothing." Hikari lied as she was'in going to ask outright, that would have been embarrassing and awkward. Rei and Asuka stepped into the room, glaring seductively at her friend wrapped in a matching towel.

"There's that crazy look again."

Hikari squirmed uneasily on the bed as both girls leered forward and climbed on to "their" bed and straight for Hikari.

"Your so cute sitting there all naked on our bed like that Hikari-chan, your making me all wet inside, how about you Rei?" Asuka whispered hotly as the blue-haired nodded and inched closer to Hikari. Hikari was surprised and a little shocked by what Asuka had just said as the red head also reached out and touched her thigh.

"Rei told me how gentle you were with her, but I’m afraid no one touch's my little wonder-girl without touching me too." Asuka sneered slyly as she started making small circles on the brown-eyed girl's leg.

"W-what d-does that m-mean?" Stuttered Hikari as both girls were almost on top of her.

"It's simple Hikari." Asuka grunted as she grabbed the surprised girl's left hand and pulled it to her chest, but just as Asuka finished placing the girl's hand, Rei swiftly grabbed Hikari's other hand and stuck it to her breast as well.

"So, who has nicer breasts Hikari-chan? Rei! Stop cheating!" Rei paid little attention to Asuka's protests as she gripped the girls's hand, forcing her to unwillingly grope her chest. With her eyes closed in complete bliss, Asuka and Hikari just glared at Rei as she started moaning low and slow.

"Why are you two actin..." Hikari asked softly as Asuka cut her off by pushing Rei back from Hikari.

"You had your turn, you greedy bitch!" Asuka snapped harshly as Rei snarled aloud and pounced on top of the red head.

"You kissed her first, you slut!" Rei barked back as both girl's attacked each other ruthlessly. Asuka pulled a handful of Rei's short blue hair as Rei slapped Asuka hard across the face and roll next to Hikari.

"Hey you two, cut it out..." Hikari begged mercifully as she tried to break the two up, but caught Asuka's elbow to the nose. Hikari saw stars instantly as she fell back on the bed, her eyes rolling around in her head. She could feel the blood ready to start streaming as she pinched her nose quickly. Asuka and Rei continued to fight as they rolled off the bed, screaming and exchanging blows.

"Why does this feel... great?"

Hikari felt a sexual surge jolt her body as the pain felt so real it made her insides boil. She'd never been in a fight before, afraid more then anything of it, but getting hit just now was unbelievably awesome.

"I got you now!" Asuka yelled spitefully as she brought her fist to bear on poor Rei, pinned under the red head. Hikari quickly climbed off the bed and kicked Asuka off Rei. After rolling a couple times, Asuka looked up with a snarl.

"Hey what the...?" Asuka barked sharply as her and Rei both looked up at Hikari in disbelief. The girl stood panting heavily with blood running from her nose as her fists trembled wildly.

"Hit me again...." Hikari gnarled, jumping on top of Rei, her nose dripping blood on Rei's chest as Rei just stared up at Hikari, unsure what to do. Asuka got to feet giggling and wiped her own bloody nose.

"I didn't know you were into pain and pleasure Hikari-chan." Asuka smiled as she stood over Hikari and grabbed a handful of the girl's hair. The brown-eyed girl moaned loudly, grinding her bald crotch into Rei's tight stomach as Asuka pulled back on Hikari's hair and smacked her in the face. Hikari turned and tackled Asuka to the ground as the back of Asuka's head bounce off the floor.

"I'm fighting, I'm really fighting."

Hikari's body and mind shook at the thought as she slapped Asuka again. Rei quickly jumped on the brown-haired girl's back and wrapped her into a headlock. Asuka some how got her feet up and kicked both girls off her. Rei and Hikari stumbled back on their feet as they both hit the wall, with Rei still holding Hikari in her arms.

"Do you really think you could beat us up?" Asuka got up in a hurry and darted forward, her fist leading the way as it connected with Hikari's mid-section. Spittle and blood shot from Hikari's mouth as she slumped over Asuka's fist.

"Yeah, I do!" Hikari yelled harshily as she threw her head back and caught the corner of Rei's eyebrow, which burst with blood instantly. Rei let go of Hikari, holding her eyebrow but not before Asuka punched her in the left eye. Hikari returned the favor to Asuka but nailed her in the right eye instead. The smell of sweat and blood filled the room as the three all looked at each other, panting, with evil smiles, but just before they could continue, an angry voice shook the room.

"What on god's green earth is going on in here!?!" It was Misato's voice as she stood in the doorway with the most dumbfounded look she muster. The three girls all looked at Misato as the older woman tried to figure out just what the hell she was looking at.

All three were naked, cover in each others blood and sweat. They all had bloody noses, Asuka and Hikari had black eyes on opposite eyes, Rei's lower lip and and eyebrow were split open. The room on top of this was a complete mess, looking as if someone was murdered in it.

"Would someone mind explaining this to me?" Misato tried to keep her voice calm as the three remained quiet, still, and bleeding.

"Never mind, go get cleaned up and Rei come with me your eye is a mess." Misato slapped her own face and walked out.

"What I'm I going to do with these crazy girls? I'm going to have to split them three up and get a bigger place if there going to fight like that."

Misato asked herself as she rubbed her temples and walked into her room.

To be continued...

[End notes: Told yea']

Chapter 4

Title: The 4th child

[Author's notes: Misato wants some answers...]

After getting cleaned up a second time, the three girls found themselves in front of an pissed Misato.

“I would like an explanation for what I saw earlier, but I don’t know if I’ll get the truth.” Misato glared at all the girls but mainly Asuka as they all looked at their hands folded in their laps.

“Sooooo Rei, Asuka, go to your room and start cleaning it. I need to have a word with Miss Hikari alone.” Both girls got up and looked at Hikari. Rei smiled softly as Asuka looked at her with a “you tell, you die” look in her eyes and held it.

“Now Asuka!” Misato raised her voice at the red head as she stormed off with Rei in tow. Misato waited for their door to close, then turned to Hikari sitting nervously in front of her.

“Miss Hikari Horaki, I have a few questions for you so please answer them to the best of your ability, ok?” Hikari nodded rapidly as Misato smiled.

“It’s ok, your not in trouble. I know how troublesome them two can be.” Misato leaned froward, lifting her suitcase to the coffee table and opened it. Hikari sat perfectly still, but against her will her hands started to tremble. Misato didn't even have to look up to know what state Hikari was in.

“I told you your not in trouble now jus’ relax.” Misato lifted a clipboard up and looked over at the girl.

“I’m sure Asuka started what happened earlier so don’t worry about her, she’ll get what’s coming to her and that’s a...” Misato assured sternly, but was suddenly cut off by Hikari.

“I-It was’in h-her Miss Katsuragi.” Hikari spoke up raggedly as Misato’s face filled with confusion.

“If it was’in Asuka? Then Rei? No, Rei wouldn’t... it couldn’t be.”

“It w-was me.” Hikari admitted, while Misato flipped through the clipboard, hiding her shock.

“Ritsuko doesn't have anything in here about this girl being violent? So what set her off?”

Misato shook her head of the building thoughts in it as she just wished Ritsuko would have done this; she was terrible at this kind of thing.

“Why can’t someone else do the recruiting.”

“Ok, I’m sorry I jus’ dazed for a minute. I’m just going to ask you some simple things like where you live and how’s school going, nothing too serious.” Hikari nodded as Misato’s eyes drifted over her cute frame and face. The questioning continued for about 20 minutes until Misato cleared her voice.

“Now Miss Horaki, what I’m about to tell you is top secret and is punishable by death if repeated, understand?” Hikari swallowed deeply as she forced herself to focus in on Misato’s hard eyes.

“Yes, I understand.” Hikari confirmed.

“You are to be the 4th child.” Misato was straightforward as Hikari’s jaw dropped.

“We at NERV feel it’s time to start improving our pilot ranks, and you have been selected to fight the angel’s along side Rei and Asuka.” Misato continued as she kept her tone devoid of emotion.

“You are to start training ASAP, you’ll be piloting unit-05...” Misato could feel the girl’s mounding fear and worry as she knew the worse was still to come.

“But what about my sisters and school, what about...” Hikari began to panic as Misato raised her hand slowly.

“You don’t have to worry about school and for your sisters.” Misato sighed lowly. “You don’t have them.”

This broke Hikari’s heart to hear as she just didn't understand.

“Your sisters are...” Misato swallowed hard this time as she had more to tell her.

“Clones of you.”

Hikari’s eyes when wide with shock as she stared completely stunned at Misato.

“W-What do you m-mean c-clones of m-me?” Hikari fumbled.

“They are you Hikari, jus’ an older and younger version of you.” Misato really cursed Ritsuko for making her do this to such a sweet, young, innocent girl.

“That’s n-not true!” Hikari voiced loudly as Asuka and Rei cracked open their door and listened in.

“I’m sorry to tell you this, but it’s true. You were born 3 times Hikari, in a lab in NERV HQ at different times.” Misato felt a sharp pain in her heart as she watched the bewilderment build in Hikari’s face.

“But my parents they...” Hikari looked fearfully at her shaking hands.

“Made up, basic brainwashing, your memories were created by NERV, then we put you with your other selves to live what we or anyone would call a normal life.” Misato frowned as Hikari jumped to her feet.

“It’s a lie, YOUR LYING!!!” Screamed Hikari with tears in her eyes as she started hyperventilating.

“No, no she’s lying, there’s no way, my parents love me and my sisters too!”

“Calm down Hikari.” Misato got up with an out stretched hand to comfort her.

“Don’t fucking touch me, you lying bitch!” Hikari slapped Misato's hand away then cried into hers.

“Hikari please understand this, you were made to pilot an Eva like a lot of your classmates. I know you don’t want to hear this but you have to and you have to learn to accept it.” Misato looked over to see Rei and Asuka standing in the hall, watching. Hikari quickly toned down her sobbing as she looked up to Asuka and Rei standing next to Misato.

“So, I’m not real I’m I? I’m j-just some test tube baby with fake memories of a loving family, is that right?” Hikari stared at all three girls.

“Yes, I’m sorry Hikari, but...” Misato forced a smile as she put her arms around Rei and Asuka. “...Maybe we can be your loving family now.”

“I-I...” Hikari tried to smile like the others but couldn’t. “...Wish I was DEAD!!!” Hikari yelled vacuously as she ran to the kitchen.

“Hikari, STOP!” Asuka made a B-line after Hikari with Rei next to her. The disturbed girl started to yank open draws left and right, spreading their contents on the floor blocking the two for only a moment. On the counter Hikari found what she was looking for and grabbed it.

“Hikari don’t!” Asuka and Rei jumped Hikari as she tried to turn a kitchen knife on herself.

“I don’t want to live! I’m just a damn clone, no one will ever love me!” Hikari struggled insanely as she cut Asuka’s arm and slashed wildly at Rei. Asuka screamed gripping her bleeding arm, but held fast as Rei pinned Hikari’s arms down and looked right into her wet brown eyes.

“That not true...” Rei’s voice was soft as a tear fell from her eye. “I’m a clone too, but I've found someone to love me Asuka and Misato have seen past my imperfections.”

Hikari slowly dropped the knife as a new wave of tears burst forward. Both Asuka and Rei held Hikari on the floor as they too started crying. Misato held her mouth with tears flowing as she stared at the three girls laying on the floor wrapped together emotionally and physically.

“Damn you Ritsuko, goddamn you!”

To be continued... 

[End notes: I like updating these, more stuff to put in and take out.]

Chapter 5

Title: Who will love me?

[Author's notes: When the levee breaks...]

“How did it go?” Ritsuko asked slyly over the phone.

“How do you think it fucking went? I jus’ told a young girl she was a goddamn clone and she didn't have a real fucking family, I mean she almost killed herself! How would you feel if someone told you some shit like that?” Misato barked over her cellphone as she felt like reaching through the phone and breaking the good doctor’s neck.

“Yes, it's terrible but she's going to pilot Unit-5 right?” Ritsuko’s voice hardened.

“Didn't you hear what I just said? She almost killed herself!” Misato yelled and kicked a pile of cloths on the floor.

“I jus' told you it was terrible I know, but Yui wants a report. Is she going to do it?” Ritsuko ordered as she typed away at her computer. Misato slapped her face, as her words didn't’t seem to concern Ritsuko in the least.

“I don’t know she hasn't said a word in the last couple of hours, Asuka and Rei are comforting her.” Misato looked over to the girl’s room and sighed.

“You got 2 hours to get an answer out of that girl and Misato...” Ritsuko cleared her throat. “...Be quick about it.”

“You!” Misato started to complain as Ritsuko just hung up on her.

“That rotten bitch!” Misato gripped her phone tightly and looked at her door again.

“Poor Hikari, I hope she’s doing ok.”

In Rei and Asuka's room the three sat on the bed. Rei sat behind Hikari and combed her hair as Asuka painted her toenails.

“How’s that look Hikari-chan?” Asuka asked sweetly, lifting the girl’s foot up slightly. Hikari just stared at the wall, as she didn’t even look down.

“Hikari?” Asuka asked softly as Rei leaned over the girl’s shoulder. Hikari’s eye’s started watering again as she covered her face. Both girl’s hugged Hikari tightly as she sobbed.

“Hikari, please stop crying you have nothing to be ashamed about.” Asuka whispered softly as she kissed her on the neck.

“Stop it Asuka, Jus’ leave me alone!” Yelled Hikari as she pushed the red head back.

“You are what you are Hikari-chan, and you need to deal with it, all me and Asuka want to do is help you.” Rei rocked Hikari slowly as Asuka crawled back to the distressed girl.

“What would anyone want with a clone? I-I’m just a worthless piece of trash.” Hikari groaned as she let Asuka into her arms.

“We’ll be your family, we’ll be your sisters, and we’ll be…” Rei said caringly as she took a deep breathe. “…Your lovers.”

“R-Really?” Hikari sniffled loudly as she looked into Asuka’s smiling face. Asuka nodded as she leaned in again and kissed Hikari squarely on the lips this time.

“Yeah silly, we’d do anything to you… I mean anything for you.” Asuka joked as she licked the tip of Hikari’s nose.

“You two really are… strange.” Hikari moaned with embarrassment as Rei cupped her breasts from behind. Asuka and Rei quickly laid Hikari to their bed and began to strip down as Hikari shyly followed suit. Soon the three girls all laid naked together, kissing and touching each other sensuously. Asuka and Rei held Hikari under their frisky fingers and smooth tongues as the brown haired squirmed lovingly.

“What’s wrong Hikari? You’re trembling? Rei looked up at the girl’s contorting face as she flicked her tongue over Hikari’s stiff nipple.

“Hehehe it’s your first time is’in?” Asuka giggled as she pulled at the brown-haired girl’s pubic hair, causing her to squirm.

“Y-yes, s-so please... be gentle.” Hikari groaned meekly as she looked up at both girls grinning down at her.

“It’s that look again.”

Hikari remembered the strange look from early as she flashed back to both Asuka and Rei constantly flashing it at different times.

“I thought you liked it rough, don’t tell me your going soft on me Hikari-chan?” Asuka licked her lips and yanked on Hikari’s pubic hair, making the enthralled girl yelped.

“But Asuka, it’s her first time maybe we should go easy on her.” Rei retorted as she drilled her tongue in the red head’s ear. Suddenly a twisted smile crept up the side of Asuka face.

“How about good girl, bad girl?” Asuka suggested brightly as Rei purred her approval.

“Please hurry, I-I’m going crazy.” Hikari’s body started to burn for attention of the two girls as she reached up and cupped both of their faces in her hands.

“Your so cute Hikari-chan.” Asuka gripped Hikari's chest roughly as Rei dropped swiftly between her legs and began sucking on the girl’s already soaking gap. Asuka pinched Hikari’s nipples harshly, pulling one and sucking on the other then alternating back and fore as Rei sunk her tongue and fingers deep, but gently into Hikari's lower orifices passionately.

Asuka and Rei switched off continuously on Hikari’s body as they covered her in sweat and sex. The unbridled lust and bliss was like a heavy blanket over them as they breathed and tasted in each other’s unique scents and flavor.

“I-I’m going to…” Hikari moaned hotly as she held her legs apart for Asuka as the blue-eyed girl pumped her fingers violently into her drenched twat and tight asshole.

The pain and pleasure rocketed Hikari’s body to new heights as she felt her first orgasm given to her by another person smashed into her like a tide wave.

“Ohhhh my GOD!!!” Screamed Hikari as she came so hard, her body tensed to the point as she crammed in several different places at once. Both Rei and Asuka leaned back panting and sweating as Hikari body twitched.

“Was it good for you?” Asuka joked as she wiped a bit of sweat from her forehead. Rei just watched cum pour out the brown haired girl’s slit and stain her sheets.

“Hehehe when was the last time you “took care” of yourself Hikari?” Rei smirked as she scooped her fingers up Hikari’s drenched gap.

“I-I-I.” Hikari was speechless as she stared at the ceiling.

“So cute…” Rei smiled as she stuck her wet fingers into Asuka’s mouth.

“…And tasty.” Asuka groaned as she sucked the blue haired girl’s fingers dry. Hikari looked dazed at both girls as she slowly blinked.

“Hey, your not passing out on us are you Hikari-chan?” Asuka slapped Hikari’s face lightly as the exhausted girl awoke abruptly.

“W-What do you mean?” Hikari slowly leaned up as the door opened.

“Room for one more?” Misato asked as she stood stark naked equiped with a strap-on in the doorway and smiled. Both Asuka and Rei smirked lustfully at the woman as Hikari sighed lowly and fell back onto the bed.

To be continued…

[End notes: Update soon.]

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