Story: Unsurely in love and hate (chapter 1)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 1

Title: Love?

“Where I’m I…?”

I’m alone again; I know this, for how long? I don’t. I’ve passed in and out of consciousness for days now, vaguely remembering being encased in a glass ball with wires stuck into me, doctors in lab-coats analyzing me, flying over forests, then nothing but complete darkness. I feel like I’ve been beaten within an inch of my life; with the nausea keeping me from totally blacking-out. The floor is cold; it stings my exposed skin as I move in slow painfully agony. I feel naked, but thick belt-like straps cover my more private area; it’s still cold.

“How did this happen?”

My memory is hazy from all the drugs, but I remember… a girl, a vicious one. She is like me, cold, calculating, unemotional, lethal.


The sole surviving “Genocide Angel” She beat me, she actually beat me. I don’t know why but I can’t get her out of my head. Her gray spiked hair, flowing long ponytail. Her vengeful, violet eyes, full chest, flat stomach, firm muscular legs. Bliss and lust flush over me and momentary blanket the pain. I’m beside myself.

“She’s my enemy.”

She attacked me and my friends, but there something more…

“…I think I’m falling for her.”

She seems to know more about me then I know about myself. I can only remember waking up in the back of a broken down bus in some city. That’s where I met her…


Beautiful, clever, caring, she is everything I’m not. Her sapphire, blue eyes sparkle like stars on a clear night. Her long, red hair flows like a molten river of copper. She ran around with homeless kids, pulling two-bit jobs jus’ to keep from starving. After someone took in the kids, we joined together and hunted criminals as bounty hunters. That’s went we met Sai…

“I feel something…”

“It’s her…”

A bright light flashs against my closed eyes. My eyes flicker open to a white, watery light pooling above my head. The image starts to clear as Maria’s face is smiling down at me; my pain seems to bring delight to her as she giggles happily.

“Hello Jo.” Her voice is sweet as venom as her lips peel back into a snake-like grin. From the first time we met I knew we had some strange mental link, something that connected us, something from my pass. I see her smiling like that and the hate rushs through me, giving me the strength to sit up. The pain is almost unbearable but I won’t give her the satisfaction of seeing me suffer.

“Does it hurt a lot?” She mocks as she glares down at me. I want to lash out at the image in hopes of physically hurting her but think better of it.

“Not as bad as you’re going to feel went I’m done with you.” I threaten coldly from the depths of my icy heart.

“My, you are the frisky one.” She giggles again, covering her mouth with the back of her mechanical hand. I’m annoyed, she’s jus’ pushing my buttons, I need to calm down.

“I will find you and when I do…” I try to keep my malice from pouring out, but with no such luck.

“Well I hope so; Meg and I are getting a little lonely.” My view switchs from Maria to an unconscious Meg at her feet.


My thought’s scream for her but I won’t allow myself to voice my concern.

“She is very pretty is’ in she?” I watch Maria gently stroke Meg’s cheek. Jealousy mixes with my hate and anger; a dangerous emotion is the result. “Dark fury” My tattooed arm starts to glow.

“If you as so much as harm a single hair on her head, I’LL!!!” I’m on one knee now as I look down at my balled fist.

“I have no intention on hurting her, I’m jus’ going to have some fun with her, that’s all, anyway why would you want to be with someone so weak? You’re a killing machine Jo, devoid of emotion, years of hard training to craft the perfect killer, You were once like me, cold, uncaring, ruthless, a genocide angel, the strongest, the elite, we were top of are class grade A killers, I heard you can’t remember so I’ll refresh your memory… ” Offered Maria as she forced her way into the deep forgotten thoughts of my mind.

“The last 30 girls were put on a air craft carrier, given weapons of all kinds and told to kill each other, we did it without question, we killed the only people we ever knew, some were closer then others, but I knew you were different, A lone wolf among the sheep as was I, We murdered them all, me, you, and flare, a few others got lucky but we came out on top, I still remember every single girl I killed that day, their faces, their names, rankings, how I killed them, everything, for example; Lace and Victoria…” The names and faces flashed to the front of my mind painfully from the Pandora’s Box thats been opened in head.

“They were lovers, they kept it secret from are superiors but we all knew, quiet kisses, silent screams from their bunks, they were going to team-up and escape on one of the planes, I shot Victoria three times in the chest with my desert eagle .50, she slowly bled to dead in a pool of blood as she watched me strangle Lace slowly with my lynch wire, I enjoyed every scream, every shot, every kill, I wanted to be the best and no one was going to stand in my way, not even you, I did almost get you, all you had to do was stay still and I would have yanked that pretty head of yours off, But Flare tried to kill two birds with one stone, I watched you jump on that plane, the look on your face was…” I feel my face harden as she seems to take pleasure in telling this sick story.

“That’s the one, I seen you smash into that cockpit and grabbed Flare, I fell in love with you in that very instant, you were everything I ever wanted, but I knew it could never be so I tried to kill you, That rocket hit right on, I though for sure you were dead, I didn’t see your body went the plane hit the deck, so I assumed it was quick unlike Flare, Ironic about Flare… and her name, I jus’ stood there as she burned to death, screaming, we were in the middle of the ocean too, we lost a lot of good girls that day, but you know what? Not a single one begged for there life’s, I’m proud of that fact and I hope you don’t disappoint me…” I feel my stomach turn, the story of an unnecessary killing spree I was apart of; I wish now I never remembered.

“I jus’ hope Meg and her little girlfriends didn’t make you soft as they are.” The image slowly grew larger until both girls were in view.

“She smells nice…” Maria leaned over taking a handful of Meg’s hair and inhaled it slowly. My fists start to tremble.

“Feels good too…” Maria’s hand cups Meg’s left breast greedily and began groping her with total disregard. My feelings start to confuse me, I’m mad as hell but I find myself strangely aroused.

“Stop, please don’t.”

“No, keep going.”

“Jo…” Meg moans softly as Maria continued to molest her, not knowing the difference. I watch unable to speak as Maria slid her hand across the gorgeous red head’s stomach and under her exposed panty line.

“I wonder if she tastes as good.” Maria’s eyebrows arched up as she found what she was looking for, her smile never leaving her face. Maria is staring right at me as I watch her hand moving around in Meg’s pants. This is a thin line between taunting and teasing, but I still remain silent.

Satisfied with herself, Maria finally removed her hand. Her finger tips glistened in the light with a clear fluid covering them, then bring them to her lips. She licks them carefully at first for a little sample, liking what she has tasted processes to suck every finger clean.

“Maybe I’ll jus’ kill you and have her all to myself.” Maria grinned lopsidedly as she rubbed her wet extremity across the blue eyed girl’s red lips. I’ve heard and seen enough, I swing wildly at the watery image with no effect.

“I’ll take her from you Jo.” Maria laughed cruelly as
She has finally got me to snap.

“She will worship me and she will love me like she did you Jo.” She continued mockingly, a nightmarish vision of Maria and Meg kissing and loving each other stabs into my mind’s eye.

“You better hurry Jo, before it’s too late.” Maria smiled darkly as her image started to fade.

“I’ll kill you before I ever let you take HER!!!” I scream at the top of my lungs as the image disappears completely. I’m on my feet. My anger, my rage and fury fuel my burning muscles. The pain disappears from my mind and body; I can hear machines moving about. I know it’s not going to be easy but I have to try for Meg, No, do it for her…”

“Or die trying…”

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