Story: What my sister taught me. (chapter 1)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 1

Title: What my sister taught me( one shot- first of three stories)

[Author's notes: I own all of the characters, plots and all. It is a purly a thing of fiction.  Contains graphic sexual content and situations.]

What my sister taught me



I stepped into my house at just before four o’clock. After a long day in school, I found myself kind of glad to be home finally, leaving the boringness of Grade Nine behind me until tomorrow- but bringing home the homework, I had was not going to make it as restful of an evening as I wanted it to be.

The house was quiet for a change, as I found my younger brother Kenny sat blankly on the sofa in the living room, watching the televison. I just hung up my coat and hurried upstairs to my room, totally ignoring the little twerp as was norm. He did not notice me, and that was alright by me.

I threw my load of books on to my bed, and looked through the doorway of my shared bathroom to the other room see if my younger sister was home yet from school. I am only fourteen months older than her, but I was always in charge of my siblings. What a drag, being the oldest kid in the family.

I spied her sitting on her bed, her nose stuck in one of her celebrity magazines she always read, her long blonde pigtails drooping on to the pages. I giggled at her, noting that she was so intent on reading that gossip rag of her’s, that she had not even noticed me come in to my room.

" Hi Chandra." I called out, loudly in fun.

Chandra jumped and looked over at me with a stare, then took a deep breath when she saw it was me.

" Didn’t hear you come in, Amy." She said with a soft voice, putting her magazine down on the bed.

" Obviously not." I giggled, looking at her shocked expression on her face. " You were reading that magazine like it was the bible..."

" Is Mom home yet?" She said, ignoring my teasing.

I shrugged my shoulders.

" I only saw Kenny downstairs glued to some tv show." I said. " Did you see any note mom left?"

She shook her head and went back to her book. I shrugged and hurried downstairs to grab a soda, and to see if Mom had left any instructions to pop something into the microwave for supper or not. That was alright by me, I was not really in the mood for doing my homework anyways.

Mom and Dad came home not long after, and then we had supper. The had thankfully brought pizzas from Fabian’s (our favorite family restaurant) on their way home from work. I had found no note of any kind in the kitchen, so them getting the pizzas was a really good thing.

Kenny was a pain as usual, making pig noises in an attempt to bother me. I ignored my ten year old brother, opting to just pretend he was some sort of irritating shadow, but my sister bless her heart, always did react to him. Mom and Dad yelled at the both of them, saying they were both acting like orangutans.

I just kept eating, quietly enjoying the other’s getting into trouble for a change. I was no angel, but it was nice not to be on the receiving end of Mom and Dad’s frustrations for a change.

The evening went slow, and about eight, I headed upstairs to do my homework and then sleep. With Kenny already up in his room, and hopefully asleep, I could get away from the little rat for the night. I love the little pest, he was my youngest sibling, but he was still a pest.

I closed my door and immediately shucked off my clothes. It felt so good to get naked, as my bra had been hurting my boobs for a while... probably since I had grown a little. Good, shopping time, I told myself in a giggle. That was my favorite thing to do on the weekends, naturally.

I decided just to slip on one of my longest tee-shirt to wear to bed, making sure it was long enough to hid the fact that I hated wearing underwear to bed. Mom hated the habit I had gotten into, but she simply ignored my quirk. She would not admit it, but she was the same way.

Slipping into my bed, I leaned back against the headboard and opened my books, hating the fact I had algebra homework coming out of my ears. Looking at the assignment list i had copied off of the blackboard, I could see this might take mor than just a little while. I turned on the radio to listen to while I studied, and then simply got to work, knowing the faster I did it, the sooner I was done.

Around forty five minutes later, I looked up from my textbook. I could hear my sister from inside her room, even though my side of the bathroom was closed and locked. I could hear strange noises coming from her room, so I listened to figure out just what the hell she was doing. They were very odd noises that came to my ears, and I could not figure out why she was making the noises.

No very curious, I got up and went to the bathroom door and opened it, wanting to see just what my sis was up to. Crossing through the bathroom, I found her room’s door was still open.

Chandra sat dressed in her very frumpy looking long billowing poet shirt styled nightgown that looked like it had came from another century. I always hated them, yet mom had usually bought us both them over the years... but I had decided to ‘graduate’ myself to more modern sleeping attire. I had a few still, but they were stashed away in the back of my closet.

She was staring down at a piece of paper on her desk in front of herself, and grunting away like mad. I knew she was frustrated as all hell, but I had never seen Chandra this frustrated ever.

" What are you doing?" I asked.

" Trying not to flunk out of grade eight!" She sarcastically spat.

I eyed my little sister, a bit shocked at her answer. She was not usually sarcastic like this, so I knew something was up.

" What the heck?" I said, in reflex.

She held up a xerox copy from her binder and gave me a frown that was a sight to see.

" I have to memorize this for Health Class for a test in two days, or I just might flunk grade eight." She said.

" You cant flunk grade eight just because of not doing well in Health Class?" I said, then stopped to do a little bit of thinking. " ...Or is it that your not doing very well in other subjects too?"

My sister looked at me so sheepishly, and I knew that was the reason for her stressed outlook. She was failing other subjects. I shook my head.

" You need a good grade to bring up your curve, right?"

" Yes..." she sighed. " A lot!"

I knew I needed to help her any way I could. I took the paper, to see just what she was up against with all of this subject. I knew from experience, our parents were never happy to see bad grades. She might end up being grounded until sometime in her grade ten year... and that was not a long shot statement.

The paper had a very crudely drawn picture of the outer parts of a vagina, with lines noting the different parts on it.

" Lemme guess, you have Miss Hammerstoke?" I said, remembering the picture from my Health Class. " What’s the big deal?"

" It’s impossible... I can’t memorize it all in such a short time..." She gasped. " I have to remember all of this about our... parts?" She said, seemingly embarrassed at what she was studying.

" We have to learn about our... ‘parts’ in Health." I said, knowing the embarrassment factor of what was being taught. " I took it with your teacher last year."

" I know..." She sighed, then looked at me with a glint of hope in her eyes. " How did you do it when you had Miss Hammerstoke?"

I blushed uncontrollably, thinking back on how I actually had helped myself on this particular assignment To make things clearer and help me memorize, I had used a mirror to look at my own cunt, and in seeing the different parts really, it helped me memorize . One of my friends had came up with that idea. It was unusual, but it did work... I ended up with a ‘B-‘ on that particular assignment.

" It’s kind of weird how I did this assignment." I said, hesitant to tell my little sister.

" Come on, Amy.... help me out or I am dead meat.." She pleaded. " You know... If I get a bad report card, Mom and Dad will kill me!"

I sighed and told her how I did it, trying not blush while I did. Her response was a total open mouthed stare.

" You looked at your own... it?" She said.

" Yes..."

She shook her head and took back her paper, saying nothing else. I turned and headed back to bed, knowing full well that the Algebra homework would not finish itself. Resigned to that, I needed to finish it so I could get some sleep for myself.

I was nearly done my homework after a long time, when I heard the bathroom door slid open so softly.

My sister came in, a small mirror still in her hand. I eyed Chandra, as her expression from earlier had not changed in any way.

" Did it work?" I asked, spying the mirror.

" Feels weird looking at my... self..." She said, her face showed it did not do very well.

" It was not working?" I asked, reading that was true on her face.

Chandra sat down on the bed and looked at me.

" I got the mirror where I could see... you know... myself... but I could not look at the picture, see where the different things were and stuff.. then look at mine at the same time." She sighed.

I did not know what to suggest for my sister. She looked so frustrated at the fact that multitasking was not her strong point yet, or if it ever would be. I pondered her situation carefully, thinking of just what I could do to lend a little bit of help. I had to help, Christ, she was my sister.

An idea did come to me... it was a rather stupid one at that. One that really was out there... and one I should never have hit upon, but did.

" There is one thing I could do..." I said.

" There is... what?" Chandra asked excitedly.

" Um.... be kinda like your model... so you can see, and look at your picture at the same time" I hesitantly said.

" You mean... show me?" She said, shocked that I had came up with the plan.

" Yeah..." I said, blushing

My sister seemed to think the idea over, but could see many conflicting emotions that came with such a plan. Heck, even I was having those too. The thought of showing my own pussy to her to learn from was one of the most crazy idea I had ever had, but it also seemed to be the only logical one too.

" If we do... you’ll be able to match up the picture, and hopefully pass the class..." I said.

" You would do that... for me?" She said.

" It will between you and me though..." I pointed out, amazed that I still would do this for my sis. " We wait until Mom and Dad are asleep, so they wont know or walk in on us, you look. do your homework, then we will never speak of it again."

" This seems so wrong... so weird." My sis said, brushing her long blond locks out of her face. Without her pig tails, it was clear how long her hair was. " Odd!"

" I have no other ideas to suggest." I said... adding. "You could just try and memorize it like normal...."

Chandra thought on it, and saw the two options. She looked at me, almost with a look of puzzlement.

" I will try and just do it on my own..." She said, showing her frustration again in her eyes. " If I find it hard, we might have to do it."

" I know..." I said, happy that she was going to try the other way. " Good luck with that."

She looked at me and nodded.

" Thanks." Her voice did not hold much confidence in it.

My sister went back to her room to keep on trying, I returned to my homework- pushing this conversation out of my head.

I had to admit, in order to help Chandra, I would do that for her. What is a sister for? The answer was to do things that you would never do for anyone else.



I had finished my homework, and was laying in bed, trying falling asleep. I had heard my Mom and Dad look in on us already, and now they had retired downstairs to their room for the night about twenty minutes ago. I had not heard anything more from my Sister, and thought she had worked something out on her own. I layed there, waiting for sleep to come to me, but found that was coming not quickly.

I heard the sliding door of my bathroom open, and the padding of bare feet towards my bed came soon after.

" Amy..." Chandra whispered. " You awake?"

" Yeah?" I said.

" I tried, and I think I have got a little..." She said.

" Do you think you got it enough to pass that test?" I asked point blank.

There was a long pause. It was obvious she was not wanting to answer me, but she always was a honest person.

" Maybe!"

I turned on the light, and saw her standing there with the papers in her hands. She did not look convinced of even her own ‘maybe’ statement. I knew that there was only one option left. I looked at her sleek face, noticing that puberty was now setting in and she was becoming very pretty, and that showed the sadness she was feeling over her schoolwork.

It was very clear, I was going to have to become her ‘model’, if she had any chance to pass this class.

" Sit on the end of the bed, on your knees facing me." I said.

She did as I asked, and I flipped my covers off and brought up my legs up little. I spread my legs apart and lifted the long hem of my t-shirt away, rolling the garment up past my waist. Without wearing anything else, I now was showing her my cunt fully to her. She looked down and gasped.

" Take your time there..." I said, feeling embarrassed to be doing this, but reminding myself that I needed to.

" I thought you would have... you know... some hair down there?" She said, then blushed. " I am getting a little... you know..."

" I shave it..." I admitted, blushing.

" Oh..." She said.

She nodded, and said nothing to that. She leaned in to look closer, and I just layed there and purposely stared up to the ceiling, trying not to think of this happening. I must love my sister, in doing this, I said to myself. It was true... who else would I show my most personal body area too?

I felt her touching my folds with a light touch, moving them to be able to see the different parts. I shivered, as the contact was so slight. I found myself shivering with it, and I was mortified. The touches were starting to turning me on, touches that were coming from my sister. I closed my eyes again, hoping to ignore them.

Chandra suddenly opened my sex with two fingers, and I could not help but let out a groan. Her fingertips were brushing against the opening, the very end of her one finger was just against the muscles of my channel. I found myself wanting her to insert her finger in there, to probe my recesses deeper. I was felt of shame flood me with this, but it was tempered by my heightened arousal state. I forced myself to think nothing of it, but that was becoming next to impossible.

Chandra’s voice came at a good time, so I could concentrate.

" Amy..." She said.

" Yeah?" I replied, my voice was wavering a little.

" Can I ask you a question?"

I agreed, as the distraction was helping.

" Do you... you know... sometimes rub yourself?" She said, meekly. " you know... Masturbate?"

I was blown away, my little sister had just asked me if I masturbated. I knew, I needed to be a big sister, and to be truthful. That did not mean I was not embarrassed.

" Yes... I do." I said

" I... I do to..." She admitted.

"It’s natural..." I said.

" I’ve been told that..." Said Chandra, going quiet.

At that moment, I felt her finger suddenly move and she was now touching the little button at the top of my pussy, a place I knew all too well. I gasped, not wanting to react but every fiber of my body did anyways. I tried to calm myself, but she was now drawing quick circles around it. I felt my pussy start to gush, the familiar tingles were there.

" What are you doing?" I asked.

" I want to do this with you for so long..." She said. " I know your little secret... that your gay."

I froze, no one could possibly have known that. Only a one person actually knew that, and it was not my sister. I wondered how she had found out my little dark secret.

" I heard you talking to May a while ago... I did not do it on purpose, but I heard you tell her." She explained.

I had only told my best friend in the whole world that I was gay. I had revealed it to her, after wrestling with it for awhile. My friend replied back that she knew sort of, and all that... but it was so surprising that my sister had heard that conversation.

" Your doing this because I am gay?" I gasped, still conscious of her finger still ringing my button.

My sister’s voice became serious at that point of time.

" I also have been attracted to girls...and finding myself having you help me with my homework... I wanted to see if I was gay or not." She took a breath. " With you, I feel comfortable, I don’t want to find out with someone else...not yet anyways..."

I was going to respond, bit she sunk her finger into my pussy. I gasped and thrust my hips against her hand in reaction. I wriggled my butt, feeling her finger now sliding in and out of me, deliciously hitting spots that were sending me into orbit. I just sighed, opened my legs wider. Whether this was evil or bad, I was not sure- but those thoughts were being moved out of my head by the pure pleasure I was getting.

I pulled Chandra up through my legs to lay on me. I kissed her on the lips, feeling the softness of her very willowy built body. She whimpered a little, but never once did she pull away, melting on to me instead. Her hand still was in between my legs doing what it was, but it was now staggered, as my kisses had interrupted her timing.

Soon, She was kissing me back, and sighed into my mouth. She was turning me on even more, and I seemed to be doing the same to her.

" This is so wrong..." I gasped, having to admit that, but loving the feelings as well..

" I know..." She sighed.

She sat up and whipped off her nightgown, throwing it off the bed. I saw that my sister was budding, but unlike me who had sprouted quickly into a 34-b, she just had a little over strawberry sized boobs. I reached up and rubbed the little boobies, feeling the hardened nipples stiffen even more. She moaned under my touches, as she stopped her own hands playing to try and pull my nightshirt off of me.

I lifted up a little, and she pulled off the garment. She threw it in the vicinity of where she had thrown her own nighty, and looked down at me with wide eyes anticipation.

My boobs were rock hard as well, my nipples felt so alive, and they became even more so when she began to touch them. I shivered, as her soft skin had a marked reaction on me. I put my hands down on her hips, noting that she was curving already.. and nicely also. I ran my hands slowly down to her ass, and felt her solidness under the little panties she wore, as I cupped both cheeks.

She leaned a little, offering for me to take off her undies. I accepted and slipped them over her hips, downward. She rolled to the side, and let me drag them off her still spindly legs and right off of her. She seemed not to be very shy now, but watched me as I finished undressing her.

I looked down and saw her little pussy, and smiled. It was pink and wet, a little blonde hair was showing around her pubic area, but I also noted that she was opened slightly with her growing lusts. I could smell her fresh smell, from her very wet little puss, and found it was actually turning me on even more than what it had been. She slid back down my body, and I waited for her fingers to return to where they had been, to continue their work..

To my surprise, she lowered her head, her tongue now flicking out to lap on my excited pussy. I gasped and lifted my hips as her tongue was sending a rush of sensations through my whole body. I spread my legs as far as they could go, wanting her to use her tongue in any way she wanted to right then. She obliged and began lapping me with great exuberance, but it was clear it was her first time too. I sighed, I did not care right then, it felt so wonderfully pleasing.

I writhed like a wiggly snake on the end of her tongue, as she drew circles around my nub rapidly. I could only gasp and breath deeply, as she was already causing my orgasm to build and grow with great speed. I could only whimper softly, my sister continuing to bathe my lower lips with her saliva, driving me steadily ever closer to the brink with each lap that she took of me.

I had made myself orgasm many times on my own, but this growing one felt like it would eclipse all of them even if they were rolled up into one. I could not help but to arch my body upwards and squeal a little harder with ever passing second. I knew from how it was building and growing, it would not be very long before it woud explode and grip me in a way I had never dreamt of.

She thrust her tongue right into my slit, and that triggered everything all at once. My orgasm flowed over me like a rocket, my body shook and twitched as it shot through me with so much intensity and griped my very soul. I was literally bathed in sweat, as she lapped my now oozing cunt to bring out even more shivers of it, heightening the orgasm ten fold. I cried out as softly as I could to not have the whole family hear what we were doing, but her tongue was relentless in pulling ever last dregs of the orgasm out of my body..

I felt so spent after it subsided, but I was aware that it was now my turn. I looked at her smiling at me, and I could only take but a second to plan what I was going t do to her- she was going to have a ‘super’ orgasm, even if I had to try all night long.

I sat up quickly and flipped her on her back. She giggled, her face still glistening with my juices all over it. I slipped down her body and reveled in the sweet aroma that was coming from her pussy, it was obvious that in her licking me out- had turned her on so very much.

I took a lap of her pussy and tasted her already running juices, and found it to be sweeter than what it smelled like, and I could not help but continue to probe her insides with my tongue. I felt her gasp, her legs flashed open wide and I just fully stuck my tongue in as far as it could go. Her pussy was literally vibrating al around my tongue, and that made want to lick her with even more enthusiastic laps.

She was moaning and gasping, as I rung her little nub, like she had to me. Her hips pushed her pussy against my face, and I returned her little hole’s closeness with enthusiasm. She gasped, as my tongue now was able to sink even deeper into her. She cooed and kept mashing herself against my face. I had ‘other’ ideas to do to her, one of which would be easily done.

I reached out my hand to my beside table. I fumbled in one drawer, knowing what I sot was inside. I did not let on what I was doing, just letting it be a surprise. I knew this was going to be a very big surprise for her.

I puled out my little pink vibrator, a gift I had gotten from my friend May. She was not gay herself, but she had acquired it for me to have, so I could express myself better. It was sweet and all, but now I was so very glad that I even had it. This could be interesting, I thought to myself.

I brought the little six inch long pink thing between her legs and turned it on. It felt good even in my hand.

" What are you doing..." Gasped Chandra hearing the noise as I activated the vibrator, her body still quivering under my tongue attack.

" Just trust me, Chandra..." I said, lifting my head from her twitching treasure.

I slipped the toy in to her hole, turning it up only half way. She gasped, but her legs widened even more. She gripped the covers on the bed with her hands, as I eased it into her slickness, until almost all of it was inside her. I moved it around, making a calculated guesses where her sensitivities were in side of her.

By her moans and the spewing forth of a huge amount of juices, it seemed I was hitting the right places every time. I settled into a beat, pumping the six inch, well rounded little toy into her. I incorporated my tongue onto her now very perked nub while I used my little toy on her- and that cause her to fully shutter and gasp in ecstacy. I could not help but smile into her puss.

It was not long before I heard her low squeal, her body tense all over and then her hips flash with great speed against my face. Her orgasm had hit, rocking her from head to toe. I could feel the intensity it was hitting her with, as she vibrated all over. Her pussy had tightened around the vibrator, while her puss juices shot out like if a dam had broke in her. She shuttered and moaned, her hips fucking the vibrator for everything it was worth as she babbled incoherently in the climaxes haze. This was a very intense orgasm she was having. I was glad... she had done the same for me.

When it had finally passed, she collapsed on her back, sweat pouring off of her face and her little breasts were heaving with her gasping. She looked at me and smiled.

" Wow and double Wow!" She said. I could not disagree with that statement.

We curled up beside one another, covering ourselves with the blankets as the sweat made it feel rather cool in my room. I kissed her on the head, feeling her little body against mine.

" You think this helped your memorization of the diagram?" I said with a giggle.

" I think it has burned it into my brain..." She smiled. " Forever." She giggled then said. " The chapter coming on masturbation and everything else will be much more fun too."

I laughed a little at her... she was probably right on that one. I was not even in the class anymore, and it was in my mind too.

We put our arms around one another and slipped off to sleep, hoping that we would wake up before our mother would come in to wake us up. Finding the both of us in bed, and naked would be a little hard to explain.

We may regret what we had done in the morning, but I think we won’t. I have never felt so close to anyone, much less my sister. This might have been so very wrong, but I am glad that I could help my sister out and get back something in return. Something that is way better.

She did teach me something... sisterly love gone to another ‘step’ was a good thing.

The End

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