Story: Time Passes or "We're not in Kansas anymore" (all chapters)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 1


Disclaimer: I own none of the characters from Revolutionary Girl Utena, I'm just borrowing them.

Time Passes, or, “We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.”

“She’d doing WHAT?” Utena Tenjou blurted, the pink haired woman nearly falling out of her chair in surprise.

Miki Kaoru smiled wryly from where the young musician was working on a piece of sheet music and repeated, “She’s running a brothel out in Nevada.” He pushed blue hair out of his eyes, “Surprised me, too.”

Utena sat back in her chair, shaking her head in pure disbelief as she asked him, “How did THAT happen?”

“I’m not entirely sure,” Miki admitted, “except that it happened sometime after she left Ohtori.” He looked at Utena, “Where have you been?! You just disappeared without a word.” Even stranger, she had initially left them with no memory of Utena’s existence, the knowledge only seeping back gradually to those who had once called her friend or foe.

“It’s too long of a story to get into now,” Utena shook her head as she got up, determination in her blue eyes. “Guess I’m going to Nevada.”

Miki sighed softly, getting up and walking over to his personal computer as he pointed out, “An address might help?”

“Oh yeah,” Utena meekly followed him over.

“So, where were you?” Miki asked as he typed away.

“You aren’t going to let that go, huh?” Utena asked wryly.

“Nope,” Miki shook his head.

“I was trying to find out the truth about Akio and Anthy,” Utena admitted, “who they REALLY were and what they were.”

“So what did you find out?” Miki asked as he went to a website.

“Not much I can prove,” Utena admitted. “Ohtori academy has been around WAY longer than I ever suspected, over three hundred years. I found a painting of the architect who designed the place, guess who?”

“Akio?” Miki raised a eyebrow.

“A few cosmetic changes but yeah,” Utena agreed, “I lost them trying to trace back much farther than that.”

Miki printed up a sheet then passed it over, “Here’s the address.” A snmile, “Give me what you’ve found on them, I’ll look into it too.”

“I was hoping you’d say that,” Utena flashed a smile while reaching into a bag slung over her shoulder and pulled out a bundle of documents then she exchanged them for the location of the brothel.

“Thanks,” Miki took the papers. He looked up at her thoughtfully, “Do the others know you’re around?”

“No,” Utena said, folding the pint out up and putting it in her bag, “I knew they’d have questions I couldn’t easily answer.”

Miki hesitated, “Juri, especially, was really worried about you. Would you like me to let them know?”

“They’re going to be upset,” Utena warned.

“I can manage,” Miki reassured her.

“Then go ahead,” Utena said cheerfully as she strode from his living room, “but be ready for yelling.”

“Good luck,” Miki called as she left.

Utena strode down the steps to the driveway, the pants and t-shirt clad woman climbing onto the waiting motorcycle. “Damn,” Utena murmured to herself, “how the heck did Anthy get from Tokyo to Nevada, of all places?” Reving the engine she smiled wryly, “Guess I’ll have to find out.”

Arriving at McCarran International Airport Utena mostly noted the heat, as well as the slot machines. Taking a quarter she put the coin in one and pulled, unsurprised by the loud ka-ching sound and money spilling out to fill the tray. Since acquiring the Power to Revolutionize the World Utena had discovered fortune smiled on her in obvious and not so obvious ways.

Heading outside Utena flagged down a cab then climbed inside. “Where to, mac?” the dusky skinned young man asked.

“Here,” Utena passed over the sheet of paper Miki gave her.

He casually took it, blinking as he studied it. “No problem,” he handed it back, “but you sure? You don’t look like a working girl.”

“I’m going out there to visit a old friend,” Utena said dryly as she sat back tiredly.

“Well, good luck,” he grinned impishly , “I understand the Ramblin’ Rose Ranch does some very good business. If you just wanna talk to your friend, you might be waiting around a pretty long time.”

“I think she’ll make time to see me,” Utena said dryly.

They went past Las Vegas and away from the city, nearly 50 miles of driving to reach the county where the Ramblin’ Rose was based. The cab pulled in through a wooden gate carved with roses and up a long drive way, pulling up to what looked like a old fashioned mansion.

“You want me to wait,” the cabbie asked as Utena got out with her over night bag, “or do you want to call another cab back?”

“I think I’ll call another cab,” Utena said, using most of her slot machine winnings to pay him for the trip.

“Good luck,” he waved as he drove off.

“Here’s hoping I don’t need it,” Utena muttered as she walked towards the front door.

Before Utena could knock or ring the bell the door swung open, a tall blonde woman standing in the doorway. “Welcome,” she smiled, seemingly unconcerned that she was only wearing a sheer nighty, bra and panties.

“Urgl,” Utena managed to eloquently say.

“Come on,” the tall girl looked amused by Utena’s reaction, “the parlor’s this way.” Hips swaying gently as she led the way she said, “And don’t worry, most of our girls swing both ways. A cutie like you won’t have trouble finding company.”

“Well, thank you but...” Utena started.

The woman smiled as they reached the end of the hallway, “In fact I almost hope you’ll pick me, handsome.”

“Ah...” Utena opened her mouth to speak then closed it, realizing she couldn’t come up with anything to say.

“Welcome to the parlor,” she purred, “pick anyone you like.”

Entering the room Utena saw seven young ladies posed in different chairs, each dressed in the skimpiest of night wear and gazing with sultry eyes. There were brunettes and redheads, Asians, dark skinned ladies, a albino girl as pale as a ghost and, surpruisingly, two very familiar young ladies.

“Damn,” Shiori Takatsuki sat up from her provocative pose, her purple hair carefully mussed, “false alarm, girls.”

Kozue Kaoru nodded glumly, the blue haired girl getting up to stretch, “She’s a friend of Anthy’s, not a customer.”

“Aww,” the busty blonde who had escorted Utena there pouted. Putting a hand on Utena’s arm she purred, “If you DO decide to have some fun look me up, I’m Eristin.”

“I’ll do that,” Utena said weakly.

“Come on,” Shiori grabbed Utena and tugged her through another door, “the way she’s looking at you she may just do a freebie.”

“How did you... I mean, why are you...?” Utena asked.

They reached a unmarked office door, on which Shiori rapped gently. “Because I’d hate to see my natural talent go to waste?” she joked, waiting for an answer.

“Yes?” a voice called from inside.

“We have a guest, Miss Anthy,” Shiori smiled.

“Oh?” the door opened, and Anthy looked up, wearing an almost old fashioned red dress and without her trademark glasses. Her eyes widened as she saw Utena then she slowly smiled and said, “It’s about time.”

“About time?” Utena echoed as she was tugged into a comfortable office.

Anthy guided Utena to a couch as she said, “I spent years chasing you, Utena, but you were always one step ahead of me. So...”

“So?” Utena asked dazedly.

“I decided to stay still,” Anthy sat beside her, “and picked the one job that would have all the former duelists talking.” She smiled as she reached out to stroke Utena’s cheek, “Which one did you hear about this from?”

“Miki, actually,” Utena admitted.

“I rest my case.”

Utena had a faintly shell shocked look on her handsome face. “So you started a brothel to get my attention?” she asked.

“That,” Anthy smiled gently, “and it’s something I’ve never tried before, Utena. Still, I think the allure is wearing thin.”

“Oh good,” Utena shook herself visibly.

Anthy smiled, “Though we could stick around if you like, Utena-sama.” A wicked smile, “I think Kozue was always curious about...”

“Oh no,” Utena sweatdropped.

“Just kidding,” Anthy winked.

“This is a side of you I haven’t seen before,” Utena noted warily.

“It has been a few years,” Anthy smirked as she leaned close, “and we have a LOT of catching up to do.”


Notes: I owe a tip of the hat to Strife Aileron, since this was an idea we’d discussed on AIM. However, since he’s not using this idea currently I thought I’d take a shot at it. Some details were taken from Wiki but a lot is also made up. :) I may do a “lemon” continuation, we’ll see.

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