Story: Kigo Drabbles (chapter 8)

Authors: Kiyohime

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Chapter 8

Title: Drabble 8

[Author's notes: Yay the next random thing! Took me a bit to think of this, which is actually courtesy to Nodrogs. If he hadn't written a little piece of his own in response to these drabbles I don't know how long it would have taken me to come up with something lol If ya want to read it visit the KP slash forums [link] and go to the Mature Fiction topic and it's titled Kigo Drabble Response :)

I felt like making Bonnie feel sorry for herself, got to add a little bit of depth to this. Just comedy gets kind of repetative after a while XD; Besides It's quite challenging to portray certain things with just dialogue, so I'm having fun :D

Kim Possible and Characters belong to Disney.]


“Yo, Bon-bon-”


“Don’t call me that!”


Bon-bon, did you enjoy yourself?”


“As entertaining as that was, I would prefer if it were me my girlfriend was fantasizing about so often and not the two of you.”


“Aw, little puppy Bon-bon is jealous.”


“Shut up, Glowstick!


“Don’t even think about ever using that name again.”


“Shit! Get that green glowing crap away from me!”


“Now listen here Bon-bon, let’s get one thing straight.  Kimmie doesn’t like you, which entitles me to not like you.  But Queen of Sheba for some strange reason loves you.  Kimmie likes Queenie, and I don’t mind her presence either, which means we ‘should’ tolerate you.  But you see I don’t follow the rules of friendship.”


“Cool your damn self down, Greenie.  Why don’t you all just go and fuck each other and leave me out of it, I’m apparently not wanted.”


“Cut the ‘no one wants me’ crap, pup.  What the hell is wrong with you anyway?  You had a night a HLS and you don’t think you’re wanted? What sick twisted world are you living in?”


“She obviously likes to fantasize more than being around me or with me.  How else should I feel if someone I cared for spent their time conjuring up shit instead of doing anything she wanted to me?”


“You’re a dumb piece of work, pup.  I don’t know why I should tell you, seeming as I could get a lot of satisfaction out of seeing you get your sorry ass handed to you, but Queenie fantasizes about you more than anything, Princess and I are just added bonuses.  Besides aren’t you the one harboring lusty feelings towards your supposed enemy?”


“Why can’t she do those things instead of just think of them!?  And I do NOT have feelings for Possible.”


“Why don’t you ask her you dumb ass!?  Stop this pity party it’s fucking annoying.”


“Stop making sense, damn it!  Can’t I just sit here and be depressed?  God, can’t do anything anymore without everyone giving me crap.”


“Why aren’t you wearing your ugly collar anyway?”


“She won’t let me.”


“Ah, the reason for all this dumb crap you’ve been spewing.  What did poor Bon-bon do?”


“I don’t know how Possible can stand you; you’re a god damn bitch.”


“And you aren’t?  Come on pup, why’d your mistress cut ya loose?”


“She felt guilty.”


“Can you say that any quieter?”


“Monique feels bad about ordering me around.  She said something about being too submissive and it wasn’t right.”


“So switch places, doy.  You two are hopeless.  Bunch of stupid teenagers.”


“Hey, you’re dating a stupid teenager.”


“She’s a lot brighter than you are pup.”


“Will you stop calling me that? Can’t you just use people’s names for once?”


“Can’t you?”


“Hell no.”


“Then why should I?”



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