Story: Kigo Drabbles (chapter 7)

Authors: Kiyohime

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Chapter 7

Title: Drabble 7


“Blue or green?”


“You better hope no one sees me here.  Blue.”


“Don’t worry Bon-bon, this place doesn’t exist.  Purple it is!”


“Purple!? That wasn’t even a choice! Why the hell did you even ask me if you weren’t going to pick one?”


“Because I felt like making it seem like you had a choice.  Now shut up or I won’t get you that BSC.”


“BS-what?  Mon, hun, I love you to death but your obsession with acronyms is insane.”


“Black studded collar.  And why should I waste more breath than I need.  Careful with those big words Bon-bon, someone might actually think there’s a brain in that cheerleading head of yours.”


“I thought you weren’t supposed to insult the person you’re dating.”


“Stop huffing, I’m just practicing for that week you owe me.”


“Just remember it’s for only one week.  I won’t agree to it longer than that.”


“You’ve already done it twice; why not let it be a regular thing?  You know I love the way it looks.  And you love the way it feels, as well as actually having no control what so ever.”


“There’s only so much of playing roles I can take.  Why don’t we switch?”


“Girlfriend, we do this my way or no way, got it?”


“No way-“






“That’s better.  Now come on we have to meet up with Kimmie and GS.”


“GS?  No better yet, why do I have to play nice with Possible?  I can’t stand her! I don’t care if she is your ‘BF’, I’m your damn ‘GF’ shouldn’t I get a say in any of this!?”


“You can say all you like, but that doesn’t mean it will get you anywhere.  Kim isn’t that bad Bonnie, and you secretly have a thing for her anyway.”


“Wha-what!? How did- I do not have a ‘thing’ for Possible!  You’re insane!  Which is so ‘duh’ considering you want your girlfriend to be your dumb ass pet!  Fuck you Monique.”


“If you want I can ask Glowstick to let us watch.”


“Who the hell is Glowstick!?”


“Shego, duh.”


“She’d let us watch?”


“Well Kimmie probably will have no idea, but I could probably set it up that way.”


“So, if I agree to this, pet thing for one week, we could…”


“See GS and Kim do the nasty and fulfill one of my many, and your, sexual fantasies.”




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