Story: Kigo Drabbles (chapter 6)

Authors: Kiyohime

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Chapter 6

Title: Drabble 6

[Author's notes: I don't particularly like this one as much, but I figured since I had Kim-Monique drabbles, Kim-Bonnie drabble, and of course Kim-Shego drabbles I should at least have a Shego-Bonnie drabble... guess that means I need a Monique-Bonnie drabble >:D]

"Yo, Queen of Sheba, or should I call you Queen of Bon-bon?"

"Queen of-? Do you never call anyone by their name?"

"What's the fun in that? Have a problem with being called queen? I'd think you would like it considering your- eclectic tastes."

"My ecle- what do you know about that?"

"Well, well did I hit sore spot? Oh how tragic. I have just the tiniest bit of respect for you Queenie. Not many can get someone like Miss 'I'm all that' to play such a submissive role. Ya sure you don’t want to try your hand in villainy?"

"Girl, you're out of your mind."

"But you get to wear such provocative outfits, stylish provocative outfits even. Only the evil bitches get that."

"You willing to be my sidekick?"

"You've got a thing for being in control don't you?"

"And you don't, Glowstick?"

"Glowstick!? Do not-"

"Uh-uh, turn that power down just a tad GS, Kimmie might just forbid you to see her if you hurt poor little Monique."

"She won't have to find out!"

"Mm, you are sexy when you get angry. I don't see how that girl can fight you at all. I'd ravish you on the spot."

"If I didn't agree with the sexy part I'd have to agree with Princess that you are scary when you start getting all pervy. Live a sheltered life there Queenie?"

"Oh contraire Glowstick, I just know what I want and will get what I want. Or at least imagine it. Unless you can talk Kim into a threesome…"

"Now you've sparked my interest-"

"Finally! I say any of that to Bon-bon or Kim and they freak out! They don't understand how incredibly sexy-"

"Hot, steamy, sizziling-"
"-passionate lesbian threesomes can be!"

"Well as tasty as that image is, I don't share."

"Are you kidding!? Neither do I! Bon-bon's mine, and mine alone. But oh, can I visualize the fun it would be."

"Well, Queen of Sheba, we don't share but, would you watch?"

"Are you offering?"

"Are you?"

[End notes: Now to think of a Bonnie-Monique drabble >:3]

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