Story: Kigo Drabbles (chapter 5)

Authors: Kiyohime

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Chapter 5

Title: Drabble 5

"Well if it isn't Kimmie, where is your lackey and your green thing?"

"Bon-bon, I don't know where Ron is but Shego is not a thing!"

"That was a pathetic come back Kimmie."

"Oh sorry, but your empty brain seems to try and suck up the brains around it. Can't think for yourself anymore Bonnie?"

"What's that supposed to mean, Possible?"

"Hmm, I guess pets aren't all that smart anyway."

"What do you know!?"

"I'm sure you wouldn't want it getting around that you loooove spending your time playing doggie to your mistress."

"Possible! You'd rat out your friend too, just to get to me? That's shallow. That's something I would do. I'm so proud!"

"N-no! I would never do that to Monique!"


"Um, wha-what's it like?"


"Pretending to be a pet?"

"Mmm, it's exciting, sexy, dirty and incredibly hot."

"Why do you do it?"

"Did I not just tell you what it was like? You're such a sheltered little girl."

"I am not sheltered! And don't call me little!"

"You're acting strange, Possible, why do you want to know? Not getting enough excitement from glowing girl?"

"I'll have you know that her plasma is incredible when she uses it to-I'm not telling you!"

"Oh-ho there's much more to you than I thought! I doubt she's better than Monique anyway."

"What? No way! Shego's a hundred times better in bed than Mo!"

"How would you know? You think Monique has just an active imagination, you've never seen what that gir-oh no, woman, can do with her mouth."

"I don't want to know either! Shego's still better, do you have any idea how flexible she is!?"

"My Monique is still better!"

"No! Shego is!"




"Shut up! Someone's coming!"

"What the fuck Possible! Get your hand off my face, you almost killed me!"

"Whatever Bonnie."

"Shego does stuff with her plasma?"

"It feels sooooo good. I get chills just thinking about it."

"Just chills Kimmie?"

"Mmm, and Monique dragging you around on a leash?"

"Ug, you should see her in the dog catcher outfit she bought from Club Banana. Leaves very little to the imagination."



"This conversation is creeping me out."

"What conversation? We were never talking."


[End notes: *giggles* God I love writing these, they're so much fun.]

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