Story: Kigo Drabbles (chapter 3)

Authors: Kiyohime

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Chapter 3

Title: Drabble 3


"Shego! Wh-what are you going here?"

"Well, considering you've just let Stoppable take care of things, and practically ignore me-"

"Feeling left out?"

"No need to be a bitch. Why are you here and- and spying on your friend?"

"I don't understand it! This thing she has for Bonnie! I mean, Bonnie? That is SO wrong. Her and her awk-weird fantasies…"


"Oh yeah. Something to do with collars and leashes. Threesomes, the two of us, Pet Bonnie- oops."

"The two of us!? Now why, Pumpkin, would she be having these fantasies about the two of us? Got something to tell me Kimmie?"

"Wha-what? N-no of course not! Wh-why would I fall in love with an annoying, self-centered, egotistical, beautiful, sexy- kill me now."

"Tsk, tsk Princess. Feelings for lil' ol' me? Aw how precious."

"Shut it, Shego."

"No way-"

"Shh! They're coming!"




"Why did you do that?"

"Well it's just, they were, I mean, Bonique-"


"Er, Bonnie and Monique, they were coming and you wouldn't shut up, and, it's so not the drama, really."

"And kissing me is the only way you figured would shut me up?"

"Well it worked didn't it?"


"W-what is it Shego?"

"You're the one that needs to shut up now."

"I didn't sa-mmffff!"

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