Story: Kigo Drabbles (chapter 2)

Authors: Kiyohime

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Chapter 2

Title: Drabble 2

"If you keep doing that she'll notice. Or someone else will."

"Doing what?"

"Staring at her like she's a new shirt Club Banana just got in."

"GF, she doesn't notice what anyone does around her, unless it involves cheerleading, boys or you."

"Then join?"

"Oh no, no ra-ra for me. I'm almost jealous of you though, she does spend a lot of time over just you."

"You're freaking me out. I don't even want to imagine she has a crush on me, it's just 'sick and wrong'."

"I'm just sayin' that I see, though I wouldn't mind that fantasy one bit."

"Mo, you're starting to scare me. What is it with you and your fantasies?"

"Hey, you get off beating up on your Shego, I can have my incredible-"


"-fantasies. Besides if it involves you, ninety-seven percent of the time it's you and Shego."

"The other three percent?"

"One percent, you and Bonnie the other two a nice juicy three-"

"Stop, I don't want you to finish that sentence. When did this Lesbian Fantasy World kick into your head?"

"I think when I first saw you and Shego kicking each other's asses. Damn girlfriend, intense sexual frustration will do that to a girl, and then of course when you and Bonnie go at each other. It's only one-sided but that girl has bite. She's like you and Shego put together."

"You're fantasizing again aren't you?"

"Oh yeah."

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