Story: Kigo Drabbles (chapter 1)

Authors: Kiyohime

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Chapter 1

Title: Drabble 1


"What's up girlfriend?"

"I need your help!"

"Anything for my BF. Need Advice? Dress tips, boy trouble?"

"If only! Oh god Monique! I can't believe- this is so insane! How could this happen? This is stupid, I'm losing my mind. I need a vacation, a long one. Far, far away, no interaction-"

"Whoa, back up there, hun, take a chill pill. If only? If only what?"

"If only it were boy trouble! Please tell me I hit my head."

"What are you going on about!? You've totally lost me."

"I'm attracted to, to- don't make me say it! They're insane! I can't fall for them, it's against everything!"

"Kimmie, from all that I'm going to assume, since the word he was never used that you're talking about a girl."

"Why me? You're not gunna freak right? I mean I'm freaking, especially cuz it's her."

"Who? Please tell me it isn't Bonnie."

"BONNIE!? What? Are you insane?"

"Thank god, Tara, that new girl? What's her name..."

"No, no one at school. Please kill me now, what am I going to tell my parents. Oh no, what am I going to tell Ron? He'll flip this is so, so the drama. Wait! What do you mean 'thank god' it wasn't Bonnie? That wasn't an 'oh thank god it's not that bitch' that was so, SO, an 'oh thank god you don't like her too.' Wasn't it?"

"What, Kim, you're crazy. This is about me this is about what the hell you've been rambling about for the last five minutes!"

"Oh no, this is major, you have a crush on Bonnie!"

"I do not! Besides you have a crush on, on- Oh snap girlfriend, you're totally in lust with Shego!"

"Not so loud! Please knock me out, give me amnesia! I cannot have feelings for her!"

"Kim, calm down. I mean it sort of makes sense."

"It makes as much sense as you liking Bonnie."

"Will you quit it with that, I never said I liked her, and it so makes sense! All that fighting, never getting anywhere, no major damage, the pet names, its all there!"

"You never said you didn't like her."

"Will you stop changing the subject!?"

"I can't this is freaking me out too much! First I freak out because I'm in love with my enemy and then-"

"Wait love? This just took a whole new spin GF-"

"Shut up, let me finish! Then my best girl-friend tells me she has a crush on my most hated, annoying, stupid-"


"-ignorant enemy in high school! How can I not continue to freak out?"

"We're hopeless."



"So…Bonnie huh?"

"You know that one time, she wore that choker, I got this picture of her in a collar, with a leash, and I was holding it…"

"Kinky much?"

"And Shego?"

"She's so sexy in that outfit when we fight and the way she moves-"

"Droolage much KP?"

"We need help."

"So not the drama."

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