Story: Naruto {Unleashed} (chapter 8)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 8

Title: Playing "House"

[Author's notes: Sakura and Ino roleplay]

"Say it again Sakura or I won't let you." Ino giggled happily as she pushed her tall black heel of her boot into Sakura's puckered asshole and pulled her leash. Sakura moaned longingly as the heel slid deeply inside her as the water in her pussy swirled and ached painfully. Sakura and Ino had loved playing "house" it was their favorite, but not limited to other little sex games. They had started "playing games" with each other as they explored their bodies inside and outside. The two girls also made sure not to let anyone find out about their little sex acts, not even their closest friends knew anything.

"Mommy, I need to go pee pee, my lala hurts." Sakura begged feebly on her hands and knees as she stared at a glass bowl a foot in front of her. She wanted nothing more then to fill it so badly with her piss she could taste it. Ino twisted her heel again and pulled it out as she walked to the bowl and kicked it between her friend's legs.

"Yes, you may." Ino smiled wolfishly as she lifted the girl's leash, forcing Sakura to the ball's of her feet as the short pink-haired curled her ass inward and aimed for the bowl. Sakura sighed immensely as her hot urine started to fill the bowl.

"Good doggy." Ino leaned down and kissed the pissing girl as she ran her fingers through Sakura's short pink hair. Sakura giggled around the blonde's lips as she shuddered the last few drops into the bowl. Both girls leaned back smiling as Sakura knew they were going to switch. Ino's eye's knew very well as she unclipped the leash from Sakura's collar to her own and dropped to her knee's. Sakura's naked form got up as she looked down at Ino's.

"May I drink from your bowl master?" Ino asked tenderly as she bowed her head down. It was Sakura's turn to grin as she moved the bowl in front of Ino.

"Yes you may sweetie." Sakura couldn't help the smile growing on her face as she watched Ino lower her face into the bowl of watered down piss and started to lap it. Ino's hair started to soak up piss as her mouth did the same. Sakura cracked her neck as she watched the blonde continue her sick act. Sakura liked to play keep-up, but sometimes Ino was just well...


"That's enough, I got something sweeter for you." Sakura jerked the chain up, pulling Ino's head out of the bowl forcing her to face her mistress. Ino licked her lips as urine dripped from her hair and mouth.

"Lick my pussy until I tell you to stop." Sakura lead Ino to her wet snatch with the leash in one hand and gripped the slutty blue-eyed girl's hair in the other. Ino wasted no time as she slid her tongue deep into her friend's sopping fuck-hole.

"Oohhhhh, Ino." Sakura's leg twitched spasmodically as she went to the balls of her foot again, her tongue cruised her lips hotly as Ino's did the same. Sakura could feel her cunt burning in hot arousal as her warm teenhood cream started builting inside her. Ino licked and sucked every inch of her friend's slippery cunny until it exploded in her face, drenching her face and mouth with Sakura's sweet juices.

"You are so good at that." Sakura lifted Ino to her feet as she watched her friend's face glistened like a plastic doll's in the light. A shy smile touched Ino's face as her favorite feeling flushed over her, humiliation. All of a sudden a light knock came at the door.

"Ino, Sakura, are you two in there?" Ino's mom asked tentatively as she tried the doorknob. Locked, thanked the two girls as they watched the doorknob try to open.

"We're jus doing girl stuff, what do you want?" Ino asked carefully as she looked over at Sakura, guiltily.

"Hinata called, she'll be over in a little bit." Ino's mom said as she slowly moved away from the door and back downstairs.

"Well, better get cleaned up." Sakura laughed as she tugged on the leash. Ino grinned as Sakura lead the blonde into to Ino's private bathroom and turned on the shower.

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