Story: Naruto {Unleashed} (chapter 7)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 7

Title: Don't fuck with the fifth

[Author's notes:

A violent piece I had laying around.


"No, please DON'T! Arrrrgggg!!!" A young girl screamed as blood spatted from her mouth. Tsunde wiped the bit of blood from her cheek as she slowly dug the blade deeper into the gurlging girl's chest and pulled down. The brown-haired girl's chest fountained with blood as she gagged in her last few breaths before Tsunde ripped into her lungs. The girl's body laxed, her eye's staring in horror as her body continued to leak. Tsunde could smell piss as it strained from her victims body. Behind Tsunde stood Shizune chuckling as Sakura turned around and threw-up.

"What's for dinner, Tsunde?" Shizune grinned sadistically as Sakura continued to vomit. Tsunde igroned her as she reached inside the rapidly cooling girls body and ripped out her heart and threw it infront of her dark-haired assitant.

"One Sound ninja spies heart." Tsunde replied firmly as she licked the blood from her fingers.

"That "Sounds" good to me." Shizune kneed down with a sly smile, picked up the heart and took a bite. Blood streamed down the sides of her mouth as she chewed the warm flesh roughly. Sakura gagged aloud as she looked away from Shizune to Tsunde.

"Why do you make me watch you do this?" Sakura moaned groggily as she wiped her mouth the back of her hand.

"To show you what happens to those who cross me, even you Sakura." Tsunde smiled darkly as she slowly walked to the pink-haired girl and leaned forward.

"Would you beg me to stop too?, would you beg for life? as I reached inside your hot body and ripped your beating heart out." Tsunde purred into Sakura's ear as she tasted the girl's cheek.

"Go to hell!" Sakura sneered as she spit in blonde's face.

"Cheeky little shit is'in she?" Shizune laughed heartily as she took another bite of the bleeding organ.

"You kids these days." Tsunde shook her head and pointed a finger at Sakura's right collar bone. A sharp spike of charka shot from her fingertip into Sakura's shoulder.

"Aaagghhhh." Sakura screamed painfully as her collar bone shattered under pressure of Tsunde's charka spike. Sakura continued howling as she wrapped her small hands around Tsunde's extented arm. The green-eyed girl's body flinched convulsively as Tsunde gripped her cunt in her other and sqeeezed.

"I love the smell of..." Tsunde paused as Sakura pissed herself from the pain and suffering that jolted through every inch her body.



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